Coming soon, the Spring 2013 Fashionista Event!

Spring Fashionista Event 2013 Remember the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event, where I gave away three great prizes to three lucky winners, along with over 100 other bloggers giving away tens of thousands of dollars in fashion prizes?

Well, coming up March 7 is another great week of over 100 bloggers giving away another great batch of prizes work tens of thousands of dollars!

I’ll be participating yet again, with three more great sponsors who’ve provided some incredible jewelry gifts for me to give away!  

I’ll be giving away great items from Tinsel & Timber, Jewels for Hope, and Driftwood!  I’m really excited for this great event.  It’s going to be huge, amazing, and tons of fun, so you should be excited too!

In addition to my giveaway, and the giveaways of the other 100+ bloggers that are participating, there will also be a Lookbook Giveaway, just like last year!  The prize is fantastic, and involves rose quartz and pink sapphire!  That giveaway starts next week already, so get ready to start entering.

Want to see what other Fashionistas are giving away?

Check out the Spring Fashionista Event Pinterest board where everyone is sharing the items they’ll be giving away.  And hey, maybe get a head start on entries by following some of my fellow bloggers over there!

Special thanks to the event hosts Still Blonde After All These Years and ModlyChic, with co-host K-Squared Glamour.


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