Random Outfits: January

I can’t believe we’re already a month and a half into 2013! Maybe it’s because I’ve been totally swamped at work, or because things in general have just been really busy, but January seemed to fly by.  February has done so as well, especially with all the stuff we’re dealing with with Trixie right now.  But she’s on the mend so that’s good!  

Anyway, on to January’s Random Outfits!

It’s not as much as I would have liked to share, especially compared to December’s Random Outfits post, but oh well.  With prepping for this trade show at work, I spend January working long hours (10-12 hour days, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks straight), which meant little time to take pics.  And it got to a point where I kinda stopped caring what I wore, haha.  But despite all that, I had some great looks in January and I’m excited to share!

Jan 9: Superhero

When I planned this outfit with a top I picked up at Express thanks to a holiday gift return, I hadn’t realized it would make me feel like it did.  But when I stepped out of the office to enjoy the great weather on lunch and take my pics, I realized I had to do more than just stand there, because my Romwe leggings, the top, and the booties I was wearing totally made me feel like a superhero for some reason.  Probably the leggings, ha!

I wore an oversized teal top from Express, under a cardigan (also from Express).  Both were holiday gifts, though I got the cardigan last year.  On the bottom were my Romwe leggings, my teal booties, and a pair of legwarmers boot covers from Kohl’s.

Jan 9: Superhero

I loved this outfit, and had to fight not wearing variation after variation of it.  It was so comfortable and easy to wear, and looked great.  I’m traveling next week for work and may wear a version of it to travel in even.  While there wasn’t a stack of jewelry or anything, the layers worked really well for the office and kept my tush covered, so the leggings were still work-appropriate.

Style Tip: Since it was kinda chilly out, and the leggings are on the thinner side, I actually wore sweater tights under my leggings for another added layer of warmth.  It was perfect!

Jan 10: Space Cadet

I couldn’t resist subtly pulling the space theme into my outfit on January 10th as well, after feeling so great in my galaxy leggings!  No one really seemed to notice, but it was fun anyway.  I wore a gauzy space print tee from Delia’s over a plain black tank with my gold Express jeans.  I topped it all with a thrifted brown tweed blazer (a great find, as it’s a wool Banana Republic blazer).  I wore my brown military-inspired bootes, threw my hair in a bun, and added a thick silver chain necklace for a little punch of sparkle on top.

Jan 10: Space Cadet

An easy outfit that looked great, made me feel good, and was pretty much perfect for work.  I was comfortable but still felt like I was dressed nice, which is always a plus.  I love the way these gold pants fit and feel on, and really liked pairing them with the blazer.  A nice twist on what was once my style rut look.

Jan 15: Mom’s Scarf

And here’s where I spent most of January: my office.  I was going to take pics in my office, but it was a disaster.  It’s not much better right now, actually.  Anyway, I took this scarf from my mom when I was over there not too long ago, and had been trying to figure out how to wear it.  I had completely forgotten about this mustard sweater until I was doing some reorganizing, but it worked perfect with it.  To tone down the brightness, I threw my black blazer over it.  I paired it with blue skinnies, and my black OTK boots.  I added a long claw necklace because I felt like it was lacking something.

Jan 15: Mom's Scarf

I liked this look for the most part.  I really liked the scarf’s colors with the mustard sweater and the blue jeans.  I may play with this scarf more, as I think it would look great with cobalt and red, both of which I’ve been trying to wear more.

Style Tip: I have been using a plain stud earring to secure my scarves lately, instead of tying them.  It’s easy, doesn’t leave a mark, and is pretty when it shows, but not quite as cumbersome as a pin can be.

Jan 16: Lace Pocket

In an effort to wear things I can’t currently bear to part with yet, and see if the work for me, I styled this fun polka dot and bow shirt.  I wore it with my oxblood coated jeans from Kohl’s and layered a cardigan and a long vest over it.  It was a little on the chilly side, and I regretted not adding a tank underneath, but overall I really liked it.  I wore my wedge knee high boots, and looking at the pics feel like it was a little unfinished without a bigger necklace of some sort (I threw my Ali Oesch wishbone on), but at this point, I was starting to care less and less about what I wore, and more about just making it to work.

Random: Lace Pocket

I liked this outfit a lot, and have actually worn the layered cardi and vest set quite a bit.  I decided to hang onto this shirt and see if I can play with it more in spring and summer.

Jan 19: Layers & Layers

I wore this on a Saturday to meet a friend for lunch.  I’d had to cancel dinner plans the Friday night before because I worked at 12 hour day, but it was nice that lunch worked for us the next day.  I just wanted to be comfortable, but chic as well.  I didn’t have plans past lunch, and actually ended up just going home and vegging, but that’s ok.

I wore my splatter tee from Forever21 under my Buckle pleather motorcycle jacket.  Instead of just going plain, I added my turquoise and rust vest (another Forever21 piece) on top of the jacket, which was a different look for me, and one I quite liked.  Instead of going with skinnies like I have been lately, I wore flared jeans from GAP and my Guess botties (not that you can see them).  I added 3 necklaces… my heart from Target, my thrifted gold chain, and my long claw necklace.

Jan 19: Layers & Layers

Huge fan of this outfit.  I loved the way the splatter tee added texture to the look without being overpowering, and I loved going unexpected and wearing the vest over the jacket instead of just under it like normal.  I don’t wear these jeans enough either, which is unfortunate because they fit me great.  I’ve got to remedy that!

Jan 20: Return of the Vest

I just couldn’t resist going all layer crazy on January 20.  Nor could I resist wearing a short skirt that just doesn’t get worn to work.  I wore my trusty fur collar vest over this short pleated skirt that only makes me think of a cheer skirt… it’s an old Miley Cyrus/Max Azaria piece from Walmart that fits me great (aside from being way short).  I wore a plain black tee under a grey 3/4 sleeve cable knit sweater, and then added my black scarf, my long claw necklace, sheer black tights, olive OTK socks, and my OTK boots.

Jan 20: Return of the Vest

 Another outfit I’m a big fan of!  I wish I could wear this skirt more, as I love it, but it’s just not work-friendly at all, unfortunately.  Aside from the skirt, this outfit was pretty much a repeat of one I work in November and December, so yea… clearly, I adore it.

Jan 21: Plaid & Floral

I’ve had this vest for ages, and wore it quite often years ago when I first got it.  I hadn’t worn it in awhile, but couldn’t bear to part with it, because it’s just so pretty and unique.  When I was looking for something to wear the night of the 20th, the vest was calling my name.  Instead of wearing it over a plain white buttondown, like I used to, I decided I would throw it over my grey plaid tunic, with black leggings and my OTK boots.  I added 2 multi-strand necklaces, both of which are from Forever21, and it all came together.

Jan 21: Plaid & Floral

This outfit totally renewed this vest for me, and I’m looking forward to wearing it more in spring.  I’m not sure I liked it over the long plaid top, as I feel like it kind of messed with my proportions a little, but I had forgotten how nice it fit and that it hit me in such a great spot.  I’m going to be playing with this piece more!

Jan 23: Fair-Isle Tights

From what I recall, January 23 was cold, and I just wanted to be warm and comfortable, but I hadn’t had time to do laundry.  So out came some things that I hadn’t worn in awhile, mainly my fair isle tights from Target.  And my Bearpaw boots.  I threw both of those things on with a wrap dress from Old Navy (similar here or here, though mine is 3/4 sleeve), which I topped with a cardigan (also from Old Navy) and my floral scarf (from Target).  The scarf tied the boots and cardigan into the whole thing, with the shades of purple and green, and the cream in the cardigan worked with the tights.

Jan 23: Fair-Isle Tights

I wasn’t a huge fan of this outfit… it just didn’t feel very me.  I’m sure I could make it more rockstar if I really wanted to but I’m kinda “meh” about it.  It was comfortable though, and worked well for a 10+ hour day at work… but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it again.

Jan 24: Tribal Texture

After being so blah about my outfit the day before, I made a point of choosing something that rocked my face off.  And this outfit did it!  I hadn’t worn this tribal sweater in ages, and decided I’d go all monotone underneath it. I wore my black leggings under a cowl neck dress from H&M that would have otherwise been a little too short for work.  I added my black slouchy wedge boots, 2 chain necklaces, and my long claw necklace, and ended up with one kickass, texturific outfit.  And in case you missed it, I instagrammed this outfit to show off the great texture.

Jan 24: Tribal Texture

This outfit was actually one of my favorites from January.  It gave me a new idea on how to style this dress and make it work-friendly, and reaffirmed that I kept this cardigan for a good reason.  It’s cozy and comfortable, but not boring or drab.  Big big big fan of this outfit!

Jan 26: Layers Galore

January 26th I hosted a hot cocoa party at my place, and had to run errands beforehand.  I wanted to be comfortable, warm, and didn’t want to have to worry about changing for either part of the day.  So I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and found this look and this look.  The first look, I had actually pinned with this tank top in mind.  It’s from Kohl’s and an XL, so it’s huge on me, and I bought it intending on wearing it over the summer, which never happened.  So, I layered it under a cardigan from Anthropologie, topped it with a loose knit infinity scarf from Forever21, and added one of my pleather jackets.  I turned to the second look and instead of going with a bright jean on the bottom, went with these patched GAP jeans–they’re a perfect fit and way comfortable.  I liked the OTK boot with the distressed denim over the bootie from the first look too, and went with that.

Jan 26: Layers Galore

Another favorite look from January, and one I got quite a few complements on.  I liked the muted grey of the tank with the denim blues and the dusty purple, as well as all the textures.  I also really liked that while I was comfortable, I didn’t look or feel like a schlep; I felt chic and cool.

Jan 28: Stripes & Floral

This look was inspired by this pin, which totally called to me when I came across it.  I really liked the stripes with the floral scarf.  So when I was looking for something to wear, I figured I’d play with it.  I had a red cardigan and a striped dress, along with a floral scarf, so I paired them all up.  Instead of just doing one belt at my waist though, I linked 3 skinny belts together and wrapped them, which added another element of texture.  I added sheer grey rights, black OTK socks, and my black wedge knee high boots.  I wore my grey pleather jacket as well, which actually stayed on part of the day because I was a little chilly.

Jan 28: Stripes & Floral

I really liked this outfit, though the dress made me a little nervous at work.  I always forget that for whatever reason, it’s much shorter on the sides, and borderline too short for work.  Wearing such sheer tights with it made me wonder if I was getting the side-eye from some coworkers.  I think next time I wear it I’ll do opaque tights underneath, just to be safe.

So that’s it!

Sorry it took so long to get these up!  But now that they’re up, tell me what was your favorite outfit?

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  1. February 18, 2013 at 3:17 AM

    With so many great outfits it’s really difficult to pick a favourite:)

  2. Christin Connell
    February 20, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    My favorites are Tribal Texture and Layers galore (LOVE the top pic for that one btw!!)

  3. February 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Aww thanks!

  4. February 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    🙂 Thanks!! And yea, those pics came out pretty good!

  5. February 21, 2013 at 12:49 PM

    Jan 9: Superhero: Love – the leggings, the boot covers (I want, BTW), the pose. All great.

    Jan 26: Layers Galore: Also love. You look so effortlessly chic here. This is a look I try for most of the time. (And usually fail…)

    Jan 28: Stripes & Floral: This dress is really flattering on you. Great look.

    BTW, glad to hear your pup is on the mend. I’ve missed your posts.

  6. February 21, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    I got the boot covers at Kohl’s and couldn’t find them online 🙁 I wanted to order another pair, perhaps in grey–they only had black in stores. It’s kinda the one thing I can’t stand about Kohl’s is that their online selection varies so much from their in-store selection.

    Thanks!! 🙂

    And thanks for the positive thoughts about Trixie. It’s been pretty stressful, and scary. It’s still stressful because hubs and I are up every 2 hours or so with her throughout the night because one of her meds makes her drink more and pee more :/ It’s like having a newborn, minus stinky diapers (thankfully LOL).

  7. February 26, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    My favourite is stripes & floral, it looks great and I also love your hair in the photo 🙂
    Tribal Texture also looks great, I love the sweater combined with black!
    Hope Trixie gets well soon 😉

  8. February 26, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    Thanks and thanks!! 🙂 We’re hoping she continues to get better too!

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