Budget Fashion Fix: Perrin vs. Croft17 & Georgia25

Steve Madden’s Perrin boot is perfect for fall and into winter, especially with it’s 1″ heel.  It’s chic military style is in right now, with laces all the way up the front and a contrasting zipper on the inside (yay for not having to re-lace every time you wear them!).  Heck, you could even rock this boot in spring.  It’s a great, versatile boot that would work with dresses, skinny jeans, leggings, and pretty much anything else.

But it’s only available in brown with a red zipper, and while it’s currently on sale for $83.97, that’s still a pretty penny.  Sure, they’re leather, as many Steve Maddens are, but not everyone does leather.  The measurements are a bit tricky too, especially for those with wider calves.  The shaft measures 15″ high but only has an 11.5″ circumference.  Sure, you could loosen the laces, but that might not work for everyone.

So what other options are out there?
Well, first and foremost is the Bamboo Croft17.  Not only do they have the lace-up front and the contrast zipper, but they’re a much better bargain at only $37.80 at UrbanOg or $36 at MakeMeChic.

The Croft17 is available in 3 colors (black, chestnut, and taupe), and while the chestnut isn’t the same as the Perrin’s brown, it’s pretty close and it features the red zipper.  The black’s zipper is blue, and the zipper on the taupe looks to be dark brown or burgundy.  The shaft is 16.75″ (including the heel) and the top opening circumference is 15.75″, which means this boot will likely be a much better fit for wider calves.  The heel is about 1.25″ high.  They are synthetic.

There’s also Breckelle’s Georgia25 boots.  They’re nearly identical to the Perrin, spare the contrast zipper.  They also have wrap-around laces, which is kind cool.

The Georgia25 is available in black and brown on both UrbanOg for $38.90 (here) and MakeMeChic for $37.40 (black and brown), and is also synthetic.  The shaft is 15″ high, just like the Perrin, and the circumference is a slightly wider 13″ at the top.  The heel height is pretty much the same as the Croft17.

Other Alternates
If you love the look of the Georgia25 but want a shorter boot, you can find them in the Georgia24, with a shaft height of just 10″, a top circumference opening of 12.5″, and a price of just $30.90!  If you don’t already have a pair of basic combat boots, this would be a great choice.

Speaking of shorter boots, if you want something shorter but not quite as short as the Georgia24 you can take a look at the Pisa19.  This boot sports the same lace-up front, without the contrast zipper, but the shaft height is just 13″, with a circumference of 13.5″.  The Pisa19 is available in black, but instead of brown or taupe, you can get it in beige or camel.  The Pisa19 is $30.90 (and synthetic) as well.

And if you dig the contrast zipper on the inside, but aren’t a fan of the full lace up the front, UrbanOg has a great option in the Jamie3.  Just $33.50, the Jamie3 is a knee-high boot that stands 15″ tall and has a 15″ top circumference.  The laces are partial and the zipper, which matches the laces, is full on the inside.  It’s available in 4 great colors: black, brown, nude and navy.  The Jamie is a great alternative to a basic riding boot, with the contrast lacing and zipper adding just a little extra something.

So for the $87.97 you’d spend on the Steve Madden Perrin boots, you could have any two pairs of the above boots, and have a little bit of cash left over.  Not too bad!