Congrats Chrissi & Lee!

And now for the Not So Wordless part of Wednesday!

My best friend Chrissi, who helped me with a blog post on keeping your makeup safe, got engaged Monday night, right at midnight! Normally, that would be awesome in itself, but what’s more awesome is her and her fiance’s story!

The two of them met online. Not really out of the ordinary nowadays (it was when my husband and I met online, 13 years ago), but they met playing World of Warcraft, which I guess is pretty different.  And her fiance, Lee, lives in New Zealand!  They Skyped for quite some time, first building a friendship, and then a romance. In December, Lee came here to visit Chrissi for the first time.  If it was love on Skype, it was true love in person, and they decided to get engaged before Lee left on January 13.

That’s where I came in.

Chrissi filled me in on what was going on and told me Lee would be reaching out for my help to plan the engagement. For obvious reasons, she didn’t want to plan things herself, and Lee needed help finding a ring, figuring out what to do, and anything else that required a ride anywhere.  After a brief Facebook chat, Lee, Chrissi’s mom, and I decided to meet on the 31st in the morning.  Chrissi was working, so we could meet at her apartment and figure out how to make her engagement special, despite the fact that she knew it was going to happen.

We all had ideas…

But every idea we had we knew she’d know right away it was going to happen. And, we decided, that wasn’t really any fun.  We talked about tricking her somehow… a nice dinner out with no proposal, followed by the ring a couple days later.  But the more we talked, the more we realized it had to be done at a totally unexpected moment.  That’s when we decided New Year’s Eve–yes, later that very night–would be perfect.

I’ve power-shopped before, but this was my first time power-shopping for an engagement ring! We did a couple searches online for some places to go, and Lee checked his budget.  I had about an hour and a half before I had to start running errands for the party I hosted, so we had to be fast.  We ended up running to the closest mall and scouring the stores there, hoping that we could find something in Lee’s budget.

And we did! I had stalked Chrissi’s Pinterest boards, and seen what she had pinned as her ideal ring, so we had an idea of what she’d want.  What we found, however, was perfect.  It was similar to what she had pinned, but is super unique.  I’d describe it, but I was smart enough to sneak a photo…

Chrissi's Rings

So pretty, right?

I had it, because we decided it was better that I take it and hide it. That way, there was no worry about Chrissi finding it, or (worse) Lee forgetting it when they headed to my place.  I made sure all the price info was off, and put it into a box that was prettier than the one it came in (actually, the box that my engagement ring came in).  I then hid the ring, texted Lee where it was at, and prepped for the party.

The countdown began…

At about 3 minutes till Midnight, her parents knocked on my door and walked in the house. There was some confusion, but Lee didn’t let her stew on it too long before he took her hand and told her how much she meant to him.  And then, he dropped to a knee and proposed!

The Proposal

Of course she said yes, with tears in her eyes! Pretty sure her mom and I both teared up too.  It was wonderful!  And she was totally surprised too, which made it even better.  It was tricky to plan something unexpected and special for someone who knew what was coming.

She Said Yes

Her parents videoed and took photos, and I managed to get the 2 pics above. It happened really fast, but we popped the champagne (which I forgot to take pics of) and celebrated both the New Year and the engagement.  It was awesome, and I’m so happy for them!  I was honored to be a part of it, and to have such a memorable event happen at my place.

Join me in wishing Chrissi and Lee a fantastic engagement, and a beautiful future together.

And let’s also wish Lee safe travels home, and back here to his future wife. He leaves for New Zealand on January 13, and will return sometime in March or April.  A good friend of ours is taking their engagement photos and I’m in charge of helping with wardrobe and assisting during the shoot, so chances are, you’ll be seeing some of those as well!

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