7 Days of Sparkle

I hadn’t really planned on doing this…

But, when I wore my silver sparkly sweater on Tuesday, January 1, I decided it’d be fun to wear something sparkly every day for a full week. Thus, 7 Days of Sparkle was born!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw sneak peeks of all 7 days’ outfits, which I was hashtagging #7daysofsparkle.  Here are the full looks.

1st Day of Sparkle: Silver & Camouflage

The outfit that inspired it all! I wore this silver sweater quite a few times last year, and was looking for a slightly different way to wear it this year.  It was New Year’s Day, and I was getting together for dinner with a couple of girl friends.  I wanted something comfortable, but cute at the same time.  I opted to wear a pair of my workout pants (I couldn’t find clean black leggings) with over the knee grey socks, a grey tank under my sparkly sweater, and my black over the knee boots.  It felt a little plain to me, so I threw on a camouflage vest over the silver sweater, since I couldn’t do a scarf with the cowl neck sweater.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 1

Mission accomplished with this oufit!  It was comfortable but looked great, and you couldn’t even tell I was wearing a pair of workout pants instead of regular leggings, which is great because I hate wearing workout clothes when I’m not working out.

2nd Day of Sparkle: Floral Jeans

I wanted to ease into the sparkles at work. Because my office is more casual, I didn’t want to look over-dressed.  I decided my new sequin front baseball tee would be a perfect top to wear because it was a bit more subtle.  I got it at one of the local thrift shops when they had a 50% off clothing sale and thought it would be a nice alternative to a plain black top.  It worked nicely with my floral Levi’s, fur collar vest from Forever21, and otk boots.  I added a gold “Love” necklace to go with the gold details on the boots.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 2

The sparkle was subtle here, but that was kind of the point.  Overall I liked this look a lot.  I’m looking forward to styling this top more.

3rd Day of Sparkle: Plaid Poncho

Another outfit that was more subtle on the sparkle. But that was partially because everyone focused on the poncho, haha!  It couldn’t have been a more perfect outfit.  Not only did it bring me back to the 90’s a little, when we used to wear tank tops and t-shirts under our dresses, but I was still sick, and just wanted to stay home cuddled into a blanket.  The poncho was the next best thing!  It kept me warm and cozy, and make what would have otherwise been kind of a boring outfit, a little more fun.  I wore a shimmery grey dress (which you probably last saw one random Inspiration Monday) with a black turtleneck under it and black sweater tights.  I wore my wedge knee high booties and the fab poncho, which is Heritage 1981, but I got at a consignment shop in Peoria.  For a little bonus sparkle, I threw on my big chunky rhinestone necklace.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 3

Another great look!  I have barely worn this poncho since getting, but it was just what I needed, and definitely a reminder that I need to wear it more.  Same with this dress, because it really fits me nicely.

4th Day of Sparkle: Olive Sweater

So I had a minor panic and thought I mis-numbered things on Instagram, and skipped a day.  Turns out, I just didn’t take a shot of this… er, well, I did, but I forgot to post it on Instagram.  Oops!  Anyway, I wore a Forever21 sweater (which I found at Goodwill) over a white tee.  I wore black distressed leather-look leggings (also from Forever21, but not Goodwill).  I wrapped my black scarf around my neck (and held it in place with a simple stud earring instead of tying it–a neat little trick), and a very dainty arm party.  I finished it all off with my sparkly boots, because, well, why not?

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 4

I quite liked this outfit too.  Comfortable and pretty, but a little rocker thanks to the boots.  After work, I brought the sweater back to Goodwill… except I wore it there and helped Chrissi and Lee find something for him to wear for their engagement pictures.

5th Day of Sparkle: Colorful Sequins

Last time I wore this dress, I put a sweater over it, and it worked beautifully. So I did it again!  This time though, I put a grey cowl neck sweater on top.  I wore grey sweater tights and my black over the knee boots.  The dress was the perfect punch of color and sparkle, while the sweater and tights kept me warm.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 5

This outfit was a little dressy, perhaps, for my day, which consisted of cleaning up around the house, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend, and returning Christmas presents that didn’t fit.  I’m ok with that though, because it was comfortable and fun.

6th Day of Sparkle: Gold Jeans

I had originally planned a different outfit for this day, but finding these gold jeans at Express changed that. And that’s probably a good thing, because had I worn what I’d planned on wearing, I would have frozen!  I wore gold coated jean leggings from Express (scores on clearance plus another 30% off, which I paid for with store credit) with my unicorn shirt (an old tee from Forever21) and a wine colored cardigan from Target.  On top of that, I wore one of my Poshmark trades, a sweater vest with a faux fur front.  On my feet I wore my wine colored Bearpaw boots.  Not the most fashionable choice, perhaps, but I was going to be outside most of the day helping out on Chrissi and Lee’s engagement photoshoot, assisting Fleur de Lis Photography.  So, warm fuzzy boots (and warm toes) won out over style on this one… though the boots did actually look pretty darn cute with this look.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 6

Don’t worry, I put on my trusty warm leather jacket over this ensemble, along with a hat, scarf and gloves, for wandering downtown Highland Park and playing on the frozen beach.  This look though?  Love.  And these jeans?  Totally fighting wearing them every day.  I love them that much!  I have $7 left on my store credit, otherwise I’d have bought a second pair (I got a top as well, which you’ll see soon enough). This look was actually my favorite of the seven, Bearpaw boots and all!

7th Day of Sparkle: Coated Sweater

I got a lot of complements on this silver coated sweater when I wore it back in October, so I decided it was perfect to break it out again this week. Instead of toning it down by hiding it under a vest, I wore it in all it’s shimmery goodness as a top layer.  I put it over a fab navy and white floral top I got during that 50% off clothing sale at the local thrift shop I mentioned above, and cuffed the sleeves so they were the same length as the sweater.  To add a little bit of color, and avoid wearing plain blue jeans, I wore my olive skinnies, which I tucked into my black wedge boots.

7 Days of Sparkle: Day 7

When I was putting everything together, this outfit made me think of Erin at Loop Looks.  I think it was the patterned collared shirt under the sweater.  I really liked the way the 2 looked together–it was a good mix of soft and feminine and rocker.

This was a fun little challenge!

In fact, I’m thinking it would be fun to do with other things too. 7 days of stripes, perhaps?  Or 7 days of pattern-mixing.  Oh!  7 days of incorporating a specific color into your look–what a great way to celebrate Pantone’s color of the year!  Would you do something like this?  Let me know in the comments!  Don’t forget to tell me what your favorite look was, too.

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