Random Outfits: December

Well, December was a good month in terms of my outfits, haha.  There was a lot going on, with the holidays, parties, vacation, and more, so there’s quite a bit of variety here!  This is also my 12th Random Outfits post, which is kinda cool too–by the post numbers, it’s a full year of posting monthly random looks… though I did combine March & April, so technically it’s over a year I’ve been doing this now.  Either way, yay!

Before I start, I have changed my photo format again!  I didn’t really plan to, but when I was editing pics for the first look, I made the decision to.  Some of my shots didn’t work with the new format all that great, but now that I know I’m doing it this way, I can plan better for it.

Anyway, on with the outfits!

Dec 1: Fur Collar

Remember last month how I said I’d already worn an outfit similar to the first one I wore November 1?  Well, I did, and I wore it on the first of December!  There were some differences between this outfit, and Novembers.  Mainly, this outfit wasn’t work-friendly, because it didn’t have to be.  Instead of wearing leggings, I wore sheer tights, and instead of snapping the vest and tying it, I removed the tie and just snapped the top button.  I also added a black scarf, and actually took shot with my supercute red and pink bag.  I also had an arm party on, which included my lovely Raymond Weil watch (a gift from hubby).

Random Outfits: December 1: Fur Collar

Clearly, I’m a fan of this look.  I was conscious of wearing the Target t-shirt dress and this fur vest together again in December though, and didn’t do it (and haven’t done it yet in January, so don’t worry, you won’t be seeing this look again in next month’s Random Outfits!).  Hubs and I had run some errands together, and this was a good outfit for it.  I felt a little festive too, with the teal booties and the red in the bag, which was a nice way to start December.

Dec 6: Picture Day

distinctly remember fretting over what to wear on picture day all through grade school, middle school, and high school.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t change when you have corporate headshots to do either.  This outfit was tough… in my bio, I mentioned being passionate about fashion, and I wanted to reflect that from the shoulders up.  It’s hard, I tell you!  Fortunately, I work for a casual company where I am able to express myself.

I wore a light blue Old Navy buttondown over my black lace top (with a black tank under it to keep things work-appropriate).  I rolled the sleeves of both shirts up, but let the lace peek out.  On the bottom, I wore fantastic grey and black floral pants and basic black wedges.  I topped it all off with a denim vest, because I wanted another layer on (I knew I’d be chilly at work), and added my huge rhinestones for some sparkle.  I wore 2 different socks because they were all I could find with any black in them, and I needed black socks for these shoes.

Random Outfits: December 6: Picture Day

It was a pretty good outfit… but I’m regretting not taking the vest off for my headshot.  I’m not a fan of the way it looks.  But I’m not a fan of the picture in general (much like the vast majority of my class photos… funny how that works).  Oh well.

Both the jeans and the light blue top are newer, and I’m looking forward to styling them both!

Dec 9: Hanukkah Party

I snagged these great Valentino knockoffs at DSW for $8 (ok, ok, I had a giftcard that I used as well, and the $8 was what was left after the balance, but still… only $8 out of my pocket!).  I was really excited to find them, even though they don’t have the studs, because I missed out on getting a pair similar to the Valentino Rockstud heels at Shoedazzle, and regretted not snagging them.  I am, however, glad I got these for so cheap!  I figure if I really want the studs, I can DIY it no problem.  But right now, I’m actually diggin’ them without the studs.  I couldn’t wait to wear them though, after finding them, so I planned on wearing them for our Hanukkah party, December or not!

I had originally had on a dress for our family Hanukkah party and while I liked the outfit quite a bit, I felt really over-dressed.  Hubs was wearing jeans, and I knew the rest of the fam would be too.  So I changed into something a little more casual.  Boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater, with a black scarf to tie in the shoes.  I kept my cream lace tights on though, because I loved the idea of them peeking out of my cuffed jeans and adding some texture.

Random Outfits: December 9: Hanukkah Party

During our Hanukkah party, this happened.  It’s my cousin’s youngest and my oldest the dog begging for scraps!  How freakin’ adorable is that?!  Also, we have a Bat-Menorah.

Anyway, I quite liked this look, and may be trying more tights/socks under jeans with strappy heels in the spring.  It just adds a little something extra to an outfit.  And the shoes?  I love them, and am mad it’s too cold now to wear them more.  You’ll be seeing them more shortly…

Dec 10: Coated Denim

And by shortly, I mean now!  Yea, I couldn’t resist wearing them again, without socks even, the very next day!  This time, I paired them with red coated Rock & Republic jeans I got on sale at Kohl’s (because why would you buy anything at Kohl’s that isn’t on sale?).  On top, I went with a cream and black striped long sleeved tee hubs got me for the holidays, and added a jean jacket for a little extra warmth.  I added my Ali Oesch wishbone necklace and a couple other random little necklaces for some sparkle.

Random Outfits: December 10: Coated Denim

I’m a huge fan of these jeans, but because they’re so unique I have to space out wearing them.  But they fit me perfect, and chances are, I’m going to be trying out other Rock & Republic pants next time I need a pair.  Finding jeans that fit?  I probably would have bought 3 other pairs of these if they’d had them in other colors.  So it’s probably good they didn’t, haha!

Dec 14: Work & Play

Friday the 14th was a busy day for hubs and I.  We both worked all day, and then I had a gallery/studio open house for Robert Tolchin, a photographer friend of mine.  After I went to the gallery/studio shindig, I met my husband at our friend’s holiday party in Schaumburg, where I made a brief appearance before heading home to nurse the cold I still have.  I wanted something that would work for both work and the party, and would be an easy change from one to the other.  I settled on this…

Random Outfits: December 14: Work & Play

It’s the same shimmery dress I work to a wedding in July, but I paired it with black tights, wedge knee high boots, and topped it with an oversized BCBG sweater (which I got for a steal when one of the outlets was closing a couple years ago).  I added a pile of necklaces to kind of dress it down a little bit, and sported a little midi ring for some extra sparkle.  My nails were a great shimmery red that was very festive without being too over the top.  After work I changed into higher, nicer heels.  I regret not getting a shot of the back of this sweater–it’s got an exposed zipper all the way down the back–and my pics of the other shoes didn’t come out as it was too dark outside.  You can see them here, along with some of Robert’s work.

It ended up being a perfect outfit.  I took the sweater off when I got to the party and fit right in with everyone else.  It was a black tie optional charity event, so yea, I wanted to be a little dressier.  The quick sweater removal in the bathroom before heading into the party was the best way to do it.  Definitely something I’ll be keeping in mind the next time I have somewhere to go after work.

I could have sworn I took a picture of my traveling outfit on December 18, but there weren’t any shots in my camera. Bummer.  It was really cute, and perfect for traveling.  Oh well, I loved it, so you’ll be seeing it again at some point.  There are a couple sneak peek shots on Instagram though.

Dec 19: Dinner at Mario The Baker

Mario the Baker has long been a favorite spot of ours when down in Florida, and when hubs and I went there with my parents, it was a must-visit place again.  They have the best garlic rolls I’ve ever had.  Anyway, after a day of being out and about (and my dad photoboming me), it had cooled off a little and I changed into jeans and a cardigan over a cute white Princess by Vera Wang tank.  Talk about a deal… it was on sale for $3, but I probably would have got it if it was more.  How could I resist a tank with a puppy dreaming about shoes?!  With it, I wore my worn-in Seven skinnies (still my best fitting skinnies, and the ones that set the bar for skinny jeans for me) and my Audrey Brooke shoes.  I put a gold band around my neck for a little bling, without going over-the-top with sparkle, since there was so much on the shirt.

Random Outfits: December 19: Dinner at Mario The Baker

Despite my initial worries that I’d leave the restaurant covered in tomato sauce, that didn’t happen.  This outfit was way cute, and definitely something I’d wear again.  It would be a cute going out outfit for spring, though I’m not sure I can make the tank work for work.  It was the only one left, and is a large, so it’s a bit oversized on me (especially on the sides).  Maybe with a black tank underneath and a blazer on top it would work.  I’ll have to try it out in spring.

Dec 20: Revisiting the Stripes

I wore this same shirt earlier in the month, with the same shoes, but couldn’t resist bringing them both to Florida and pairing them together again.  This time, though, I nixed the jean jacket and went with olive skinnies, which I cuffed.  I just wore my Fossil butterfly watch with it.  A simple, easy outfit that was great for a cool Florida evening.

Random Outfits: December 20: Revisiting the Stripes

Another outfit I’m all over, but one I’m again conscious of, so you probably won’t be seeing this shirt/shoes combo again in January.  Instead, I’m going to figure out other ways to wear this striped top.

December 21: The 90’s Called…

I hadn’t really planned on wearing this dress this way when I packed it, but it was a little cooler than wearing it without the cardigan would allow, so I added it.  I wore it with my DIY glitter boots and a pile of fun necklaces that made me feel totally 90’s when combined with my high pony, bangs, and smudgy eyeliner.  On this day, we went to Boynton, Florida and did lunch at Flakowitz Deli (which was on Diner’s Drive-Ins & Dives).  Hubs and I try to hit up DDD places whenever we can, and my mom had actually seen that particular episode, so it was a fun adventure for all of us.  And a tasty one!  Affter that we hit up the Sample Road flea market.  I played “name that designer knock-off” and found these scary things, but didn’t buy anything.

Random Outfits: December 21: The 90's Called...

I got this Forever21 maxi dress one clearance last year, at the end of summer.  It was buy one get one free, and I got this and another dress.  I love this maxi, but don’t wear it nearly enough.  The floral print (which isn’t done any justice here) is a great color on me and isn’t too “gramma”.  I liked it with this cardigan and the boots, and is definitely something I’ll revisit in springtime.  I have a couple sweaters I may put over this towards the end of winter too… in fact, I’m dying to throw a bug, oversized sweater over it for winter.  So you’ll probably be seeing this one again soon.

December 22: See Ya Later, Gator!

The 22nd was our coldest day in Florida, with the high only reaching the mid 60’s (I know… boohoo, it was freezing in Chicago and there was supposed to be a foot or more of snow).  Since it was chilly, we decided to take a drive to the Everglades.  Hubs had never been, I hadn’t been since I was a kid, and my parents hadn’t been in awhile either.  We opted to do a tram tour instead of biking the route, because we thought the narration would be cool, and it was.  We saw a lot of cool stuff too, including an alligator eating an otter, a turtle going for a swim, and quite a few gators that let us get up close and personal.  Turns out, going on a cool day was a good choice, because gators need to strictly regulate their body temp, so they were more likely to be out sunning.  Overall, it was an awesome trip and I’m really glad we went!

Random Outfits: December 22: See Ya Later, Gator!

Oh, right, I’m supposed to be talking about what I wore!  This day was all about layers, since I wasn’t sure how warm or cold I was going to be.  I wore a grey t-shirt under a red cardigan, which I topped with my denim vest.  I added my skully scarf and topped it all with my moto jacket.  On the bottom I wore my olive skinnies and awesome wedge sneakers (similar here).  It ended up being a perfect outfit, and while I was a little chilly when I sat on the outside of the tram, in the shade, it was ok.  We walked around Lincoln Road in Miami later on, and it was a great outfit for that too.  I felt a little wintry in terms of my color palette, but it was ok (and besides, even if it wasn’t snowing in FL, it was still technically winter).  I loved this look… I felt very me in it.

Dec 23: Dinner With Hubs

Our last night in Florida, hubs and I decided to grab dinner ourselves and walk around the Galleria mall that was across from the place we stayed at.  My outfit was fantastic, and probably one of the only ones that you’d see where I got the inspiration from if you remember my Florida Moodboard.  The only thing I’d do different with this look would be to wear a belt… but guess what I forgot to pack?  Yea… on the plus side, the dress is long enough to wear to work when it’s not belted.

Random Outfits: December 23: Dinner With Hubs

Anyway, the dress I’m wearing is a Jovovich-Hawk dress from Target.  I cut the sleeves off though, because I love the dress but couldn’t ever wear anything over it because of the big, sheer, belled sleeves.  So off they came (while I was packing, actually)!  Now it’s great, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it.  I wore it over sheer grey tights topped with black OTK socks and my great sparkly boots.  On top I wore a ruffled cardigan, which my parents bought me at Neiman Marcus Last Call a “secret” store my mom loves.

Dec 24: Travel & Christmas Eve

When I was choosing my outfit to fly home, I wanted something that I could wear while traveling and easily convert to something to wear to Christmas Eve dinner with hubby’s fam.  Enter my thrifted BCBG dress!  I knew it would be perfect to travel in because it’s that fab bouncy material that was so popular in the mid-90’s and doesn’t wrinkle.  But I didn’t want to just wear that by itself and be done, so I topped it with my cropped “Love Never Dies” top.  Since both were sleeveless, I took the cardigan and vest combination from the 22nd and added that.  On the bottom I did black tights (textured with stripes, though you can’t tell in any of the pics) and dark grey OTK socks.  For traveling, I wore my wedge sneakers, but for Christmas Eve I switched into my flat OTK boots because they were a little nicer.

Random Outfits: December 24: Travel & Christmas Eve

I couldn’t resist posing in front of some of our gifts, and showing off my manicure, which I did in the afternoon.  Another outfit I just loved, and while I’m conscious of mixing all these pieces exactly like this, I’m sure I’ll figure out a variation or two for the rest of winter and spring.

Dec 25: A Foxy Christmas

Once upon a time I pinned a cute little fox sweater, and then sent it to hubby (anything fox makes us think of Trixie).  Imagine my surprise when he told me the pin linked to Old Navy!  It was sold out online, but I found it in my local store and he bought it for me for the holidays.  I couldn’t resist wearing it for Christmas, but wanted to dress it up a little, so I paired it with my new lace skirt–a sale find at H&M that filled a void in my perfectly (especially because it’s work-friendly).  On the bottom I wore black tights, black leg warmers (with zippers down the side!), and my teal booties.  I added a black scarf to kinda tie it all together, and…

Random Outfits: December 25: A Foxy Christmas

Pardon the no-so-great shot, but I really wanted one in front of my brother- and sister-in-law’s great Christmas tree, and then didn’t get a better shot of the whole look anywhere else (it was a long day).  But I loved this outfit, and got quite a few complements on it all.  And I didn’t get anything on my cream lace skirt, surprisingly.  Hooray!  Again, these are unique pieces I’m going to try to remix in here and there, though I adore them, and won’t try to over-wear.

Dec 31: Out & About

I already posted a snap of my New Year’s Eve outfit, and there wasn’t much more to that one than what you saw.  However, what I didn’t post was what I wore most of the day, both while planning my BFF’s engagement and running errands.  I wanted to end the year in an outfit that felt very, well, me.  So I wore a studded tank top under my grey open cardigan.  I topped it with my great rust, grey and turquoise sweater vest, and wore torn jeans because, well, I was off work and I could!  I wore my glitter boots because I knew I’d be on my feet all day and wanted to wear my insoles.  Because I wanted some sparkle (more than the studs on the tank gave me), I added a sequin infinity scarf.

Random Outfits: December 31: Out & About

And I ended the year with a great outfit!  This is definitely one I can make work-friendly, either with non-torn jeans, or different pants altogether, and I’m definitely going to be doing that.  I have a couple other tank tops that this kind of layering might be fun to try out too, so yea.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of this vest.  The more I wear it, the more I love it!

That’s it for December’s Random Outfits.  Happy 2013!

What were your favorite looks this month?  Anything you see yourself trying out?  Let me know in the comments!

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