SSC’s Greatest Hits: My Favorite Outfits of 2012

I know we’re already over a week into 2013, but I figured I’d take a look way back at 2012 and show off some of my favorite outfits.  In fact, quite a few of these favorites ended up being really important when it came to defining my style, because I remembered how I felt in them, and liked the way they looked.  I was going to do one per month, and then just decided I’d do all of my favorites, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided to choose my 10 favorite outfits of 2012.  So, here they are!

Favorite Outfits of 2012: One Thru Five

SSC's Greatest Hits: My Favorite Outfits of 2012: Looks 1 Thru 5

Number 1: From April 23: My Sarcastic Baseball Look

While this look had originally been a sarcastic nod at dressing in baseball gear for our themed pot luck at work, with inspiration drawn from Charlie Sheen’s character “Wild Thing” in Major League, it was actually an outfit I loved.  The jacket, the jeans, the peacock booties, and the pile of necklaces suited me perfect, and the skull ring was an added bonus.

Number 2: September 6: Fashion’s Night Out

Despite the embarrassing-but-funny night, I loved this look.  It was a little grunge, a little rocker, and 100% me.  I felt comfortable, confident, and just a little sexy.  I felt like me, while still being fashion-forward, which was great! It was the perfect outfit for both this event, and to really help me define who I am style-wise.

Number 3: September 19: Lace & Zig Zags

This outfit was a risk, but one I was really glad I took!  The lace shirt under the Missoni for Target dress worked really nicely, and belting the dress gave me a nice shape.  I was quite happy with this look.

Number 4: October 2: Leopard, Pencil Skirt & Chucks

Breaking one of my own workplace rules, this outfit was a success regardless of my wearing sneakers at work.  The pencil skirt dressed down, the great graphic T, and the leopard print all meshed nicely here for what proved to be an outfit that spiced things up at work.

Number 5: October 3: Sequins at Work

Another look that shook things up was the first time I took this sequin dress–a purchase I had made for New Year’s Eve and then couldn’t return–and dressing it down by putting a sweater over it and wearing my trusty OTK boots.  A fun combination that worked so well, I wore a similar version of this outfit for 7 Days of Sparkle.  I love when I can give items new life with stuff like this!

Favorite Outfits of 2012: Six Thru Ten

SSC's Greatest Hits: My Favorite Outfits of 2012: Looks 6-10

Number 6: October 31: Not-So-Scary

My before and after Halloween outfit was actually one I really liked.  The metallic leopard leggings, while not yet worn again, I bought knowing I could pull them off in “real life” as well as in terms of my Scary Spice costume, and I liked this take on them, with the layers and the knee high boots.  It was fun, and despite the hat and bandanna covering my wig cap, totally something I’d wear on a regular day.

Number 7: November 9: Revamped Jeans

I wore these jeans out to dinner with a friend, but before heading out, they needed a bit of… help.  They were jeans I snagged off the boys’ rack at Goodwill, and while they fit nice, they were too wide and too short to wear with heels… even cuffed and worn “boyfriend” style.  My solution?  Skinnify them!  So I did, and I really liked the way they came out.  I liked how I styled them too, with the simple heels and pop of color shirt, and layers of long necklaces.  It’s been a little too chilly to wear these, but I’m looking forward to breaking them out in spring.

Number 8: November 21: Sparkly Boots

I had taken this day off work, and decided I would relish in the nice weather and the fact that I didn’t have to worry about work’s dress code.  I dusted off my sparkly boots and leopard tights, and put together an outfit that I absolutely adored.  This look was definitely one I felt “me” in, and one I’d wear more often if I could wear shorts (or shorter skirts even) to work.

Number 9: November 28: Rockstar Booties

I felt very “me” in this mismatched, grungy, rockstar-inspired outfit as well.  It was an outfit built from the ground up, literally, with all of the inspiration drawn from my awesome studded booties.  I gave bootcut jeans a try instead of skinnies, and wore a vintage tee, a plaid flannel, and a gold statement necklace, but it wasn’t enough.  When I added the vest–a Forever21 find that I rarely wore because I never felt like it matched anything right–it just screamed “perfection”.  And oddly enough, the vest didn’t match anything besides the booties.  Go figure.  But I loved the layers, the mismatching, and the little bit of sparkle in this look.

Number 10: December 1: Faux Fur Vest

This was a look I liked so much I’ve worn a few variations of before and after this.  It’s a pretty simple look, but one that works for various situations.  In this case, it was a weekend, so I didn’t have to worry about being work-appropriate, but it was easy to do a work-friendly version of this look.  I loved the little subtle pop of color in the boots, partially hidden by the socks worn like legwarmers, the texture in the sweater, and the overall shape of this look.

So there you have it.  My 10 favorite outfits of 2012.

What do you think? Were you surprised by my picks, or not?  Do you have different favorites than I do?  Let me know in the comments!

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