Random Outfits: November

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already December. I also can’t believe that my husband turned 32 yesterday.  We’re closing in fast on the age at which we’ll have been together for over half our lives.  Wow, does time fly!

November was a whirlwind of tons of stuff going on. We started the month off with the dog having to go in for surgery to remove a tooth, which resulted in having to rearrange my schedule and cancel a little mini-vacation… and lots of stress. I also worked long hours (and even a Saturday) at work because of Superstorm Sandy.  And, of course, there was Thanksgiving. It was just a busy month. But looking at my calendar, November looks like a cake walk compared to what December has going on! Anyway, here are some random outfits I wore in November.

Nov 1: Fur Collar

This outfit was pretty basic. After Halloween, all I wanted to do was be comfortable.  Plus, I had to go into work early so I could leave early, go home, pick up the dog, and get into the vet.  Because I had to be work-friendly, I wore my black Target jersey dress over black leggings that have a faux leather, distressed look about them.  I work black OTK socks, which I folded down so they looked like leg warmers, and added my teal booties for a little hint of color.  I topped it all off with a cream, thick knit vest with a fur collar from Forever21.  And my nails were still neon purple from Halloween!

Random Outfits: Nov 1

I was such a fan of this outfit, I have already worn a variation of it!  I didn’t even realize I had done it, but when I was looking through photos, I noticed that on December 1 I wore the same dress, with the same vest and the same boots!  There were some differences in the outfit, but you’ll just have to wait and see what they were.  Hooray for remixing!

Nov 2: Silver Sweater

I snagged this sweater with a store credit at Macy’s ion late spring, when it was already past sweater season, and couldn’t wait to wear it this fall and winter. Because of it’s over-the-top nature, I opted to dress it down.  I did so by pairing it with black leggings, black slouchy knee high boots, a black scarf, and a denim vest.  The scarf and the vest covered up the sweater enough so that I didn’t look like a disco ball, but allowed it to peek though enough so that the sparkle could be appreciated.

Random Outfits: Nov 2

I quite liked this outfit (but don’t worry, you won’t see the exact same thing in December’s Random Outfits post!).  The sweater is a bit of a challenge because it’s such a statement-making piece, that I feel like wearing it too much could tire it out quickly.  So I actually haven’t worn it since.  I am thinking of bring it on vacation in December to see if I can style it in warmer weather.

Nov 3: Work & A Wake

I had the unfortunate task of attending a wake on Saturday, November 3rd. I also had to go into work that morning.  So I had to wear something that worked for both work, and the wake.  I wanted to be comfortable at work, but not out of place when I payed my respects.  I decided I’d play with texture, and wore a lace skirt, which I dyed cranberry.  I topped it with a grey t-shirt, tucked in, and layered my knit, fur collar vest over it.  It was a little chilly, so I added a pleather moto jacket.  To keep things safe, I went with an opaque black tight, to keep my legs covered.  I added my black scarf to tie the tights in, and finished it all off with my teal booties.

Random Outfits: Nov 3

I loved the textures in this outfit, but I definitely should have moved around in this skirt a little bit more before buying at Goodwill.  It’s beautiful, and I love the color I dyed it, but when I sit, or even just walk around, it rides up quite a bit.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing it to work again, even on a Saturday!

Nov 8: Ruffles & Tweed

This look was actually inspired by this pin. Way back when, I purchased two ruffled tops (one of which I’m selling) and have been struggling with wearing them either for shoots, or anywhere that’s not all fancylike.  So when I saw that ruffled top under the tween blazer, I knew I could pull it off.  I paired my ruffled top with my Banana Republic blazer and a pair of basic flared jeans.  If hard to tell, but I’m wearing black Qupid Puffin booties under my jeans.  I opted for my black pair instead of my brown ones because I wanted to tie into the shirt instead of the blazer.  I wore my hair up, which helped focus things on the ruffles, and rocked glasses.

Random Outfits: Nov 8

Overall, I really liked the way the colors and the ruffles in the shirt softened the blazer.  Though next time I wear the shirt I’m going to wear a tank under it.  It’s sheer, and while you couldn’t see anything on account of the ruffles and the blazer, it was still a little chilly around my midsection.

Nov 9: Dinner With Friends

I was supposed to be out of town this weekend, visiting a friend in Peoria, but with having to rearrange my schedule for the dog’s surgery, I had to cancel my trip. But, my friend and her boyfriend ended up coming out the the Chicago ‘burbs instead, and we met for dinner.  I wore a pair of railroad striped jeans that I snagged from the boy’s section of Goodwill and tapered to be more of a carrot cut.  I cuffed them and wore them with my black sandals from Express, and a black tank, which I topped with a teal open knit sweater.  I piled on a stack of long necklaces for some sparkle, curled my hair and put it half up, and took the jeans from casual to nice.

Random Outfits: Nov 9

My husband wasn’t a huge fan of this outfit, but I liked it.  These jeans are going to be tricky to style, because they have a higher waist and hit me right at the ankle, so they look best with longer tops and cuffed with heels.  But I’m going to enjoy playing with them.  I love the tea-stained color and the softness of the denim.

Nov 10: Simply Saturday

I was hanging out with a friend on Saturday the 10th, and just wanted to be comfortable. I opted to bust out my grunged up combat boots and wore shiny black American Apparel leggings and a black top under my chunky cream sweater vest and a black pleather jacket.  For a little bit of color, I wore olive socks from Sock Dreams, scrunched down because I didn’t really need the warmth.

Random Outfits: Nov 10 Sorry, I went artsy with this one.  And I only shot one pose… I have a hard time standing still with longer exposures in the dark.

A nice, comfortable outfit perfect for wandering around looking for cheap craft projects and then lounging and making said cheap craft projects.  I’m not really a huge fan of my AA leggings… they slouch quite a bit and I’m always pulling them up.  But I bought them for a shoot and they were over $30 (at the time, AA was the only place to find leggings), so I feel like I have to wear them every so often to justify the money spent.  On the plus side, you can’t tell by looking at them that they’re over 5 years old.

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day

Admittedly, when I got dressed, I hadn’t thought about it being Veteran’s Day. All I wanted to do was wear my new camo top, which I snagged from the boy’s section of Walmart the night before. It was a Sunday, and the plan was to just chill all day.  But it was super nice out so I wanted to wear shorts.  I paired my cutoffs with sheer tights and my military-inspired brown boots, my camo shirt, and a black tank.  I threw my tweed Banana Republic blazer on in case I got chilly, and carried my colorblock purse for a pop of color.

Random Outfits: Nov 11

This was a good outfit for just sitting around and hanging out; I was comfortable all day.  The camo shirt is fun (though I would have rather have had a short sleeve… maybe I’ll cut and hem the sleeves of this one) and I’m looking forward to styling it more.

Nov 14: Pattern Mixing

I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to play with some pattern mixing on the 14th. I wore a grey and white striped tee (from J.Crew) under a black and white (with some pink here and there because I washed it with a pair of dyed jeans by mistake).  I wore my cobalt jeans for a splash of color, and my OTK boots.  Instead of wearing my normal everyday earrings, I wore plain gold hoops, to tie the cold from by boots in.  I topped it all off with my black scarf and a grey bomber jacket.

Random Outfits: Nov 14

A little risky for me, this kind of pattern mixing, but it worked.  I need to play with this cardigan more… I rarely wear it, but it’s a nice light cardigan that’s not just plain, but adds a little interest to outfits.  Of course, I also need to sew a button back on (or move the bottom one up to the middle, because I may have lost this missing button entirely).

Nov 15: Olive Juice

November 15th I decided to layer my great olive sweater over a floral print buttondown I have. I wore my dark moto jeans from Forever21 and my slouchy black knee high boots.  For a little sparkle, I added my gold statement necklace.  A pretty basic outfit, but it was interesting instead of boring like it could have been.

Random Outfits: Nov 15

I love the roughness of this sweater, and the juxtaposition created when I pair it with soft things like florals.  This sweater is so comfortable, and was a great Salvation Army find.  Proof, indeed, that sometimes taking a gander through the men’s department can be a good thing!

Nov 21: “And I Appreciate That”

November 21st I took the day off work. Originally, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, and I’d planned for that, but we ended up staying in town.  So instead, I ran errands and got stuff I needed for making Guinness pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  Since I wasn’t working, and it was nice out, I decided to take advantage of both things and wear whatever the heck I wanted!  I wore my cutoff jean shorts with sheer leopard tights from Express and grey distressed OTK socks.  I wore a grey t-shirt from Target and one of my black motojackets.  I decided I’d pull out my awesome studded boots out for this outfit, and I’m glad I did.  I added a pile of necklaces and my red and pink bag, and off I went.

One of the errands I ran was stopping to get my bottom earring swapped out in my triple foward helix piercing.  I got a new one and wanted it done, so I went to Augie’s in South Elgin, where my tights were complemented.  The response I got to my “I decided I could wear whatever I want today, since I’m off work” was “and I appreciate that”, from Augie himself.  It made me smile, as did the recipe for his garlic peas, which I’ll be trying at some point.  Nice guys at Augie’s… I’ll be going back there again for sure!

Random Outfits: Nov 21

I loved this outfit.  LOVED. These boots were kinda closet orphans.  I wore them a couple times after getting them (for Christmas, from my mother in law) and then just kinda tucked them away.  I always got complements on them, and they weren’t uncomfortable to the point of not being able to wear them for long periods of time.  I just, never really felt like they were appropriate to wear.  But dressing them down with shorts and a tee worked out really well, and I’ve already worn them once since.  I’m looking forward to wearing them more, because why the heck not?!

Nov 24: Turquoise Booties

I had been eyeing these turquoise booties for ages over at GoJane, but had trouble justifying the $49 price tag. However, I was able to get a $15 off a $50 purchase coupon and found a bandanna for $1.40 to sneak me over the threshold.  So I got them for a pretty good deal.  They’re now even more on sale, but I’m still happy with the price I got them at.  I’ve worn them quite a few times since getting them, and have been pretty please with how I’ve been able to work them into outfits.  Not gunna lie, I was anticipating these sitting in my closet more often than not.  But so far, they haven’t been!

I wore them with my Seven jeans, which have lovingly been worn to holes, a black tank under a cream henley, my peacock scarf, and my ancient brown leather moto jacket.  I added my pink and red bag, and that was it.  A really easy, comfortable outfit that was perfect for stopping by a couple small businesses for Small Business Saturday (though I didn’t buy anything).

Random Outfits: Nov 24 These pics aren’t the greatest… but I only took 3 because I wanted to be fast and not all obvious and stuff.

I quite liked this outfit, and I’m glad I have the scarf that works with these booties to ease me into wearing them.  Plus, it’s scarf weather, and I’m obsessed.

Nov 25: Gold Stripes

Mostly, this outfit was about comfort, but I wanted to look cute too. I layered a blue cardigan over a gold and black striped top and rolled the sleeves of both back so the stripes would peek out.  On the bottom I wore a black jersey skirt from Forever21, and grey tights.  I tied the grey tights in with a grey scarf, and wore my brown military-inspired booties.  I added my cream vest when my husband told me “none of that goes together”.  There’s brown in the fur, and a little grey.  I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes at me.  Oh well.  
I had a brown leather jacket too, but it wasn’t cold enough for that, so I didn’t wear it.

Random Outfits: Nov 25 I wasn’t doing the “typical fashion blogger pose” in the second shot… I was laughing because my mom was confused by what I was doing at first.

The pics above are the last pics I’ll ever take in front of that house.  It’s my grandparents’ summer home, or was… now it belongs to my aunt and uncle, and they’re tearing it down and rebuilding to make it better fit their half of the family.  My parents have the house across the street.  It’s sad, but the memories won’t go away with the house.

As far as the outfit is concerned, I liked it.  I was comfortable and the layers were enough to keep me warm.  I’ve had the gold and black striped shirt forever, but for some reason seem to have problems styling it.  Not sure why.  I’ve been trying to wear it a little more though, because I do like it.

Nov 28: A Little Grungy

Ha, my last outfit of November (er, well, the last one I took pics of) was a fun one! I loved it, and if my husband thought nothing matched on the 25th, he was probably even more bothered by this look on the 28th (though he didn’t say anything–maybe he’s given up?).  I wore bootcut jeans from GAP with my turquoise booties.  Prior to this, I’d only worn them with skinny jeans, and I loved the way they looked with the bootcut jeans!  On top, I layered a vintage-feel Guess tee under a long plaid top, which I topped with a turquoise, grey, and rust aztec print cardigan.  I wore my big nerdy glasses and went with turquoise on my lids, because why not?  And to tie the gold studs on the booties in with everything, I added my gold statement necklace.

Random Outfits: Nov 28 Bitey!  Sorry the shot on the left is blurry, but I really liked the movement in it.

I totally loved this outfit!  I felt like a member of some grungy band or something, and was so comfortable in it… I felt more “me” than I had in a long time.  This was the first time I thought to put this cardigan with that particular plaid shirt, but I liked the non-matchiness of it.  I may try it with my black dress, sheer tights, and OTK boots!

And that’s it!

What was your favorite look in November? Mine was a toss up actually.  I loved “And I Appreciate That” and A Little Grungy, because I felt the most “me” in both of them.  But I’ve also (like I mentioned) already pretty much worn the first outfit again.  I also liked the Silver Sweater look!  This was such a fun month, with some great outfits and good remixing.  I can tell you right now December’s going to be fun too… not only have we had unseasonably warm temperatures already (it was 70 degrees here yesterday!), but I’m going to Florida for a week!  I’ve got some fun stuff planned!


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