Random Outfits: October

I’m a little later than usual on this Random Outfits post, but that’s ok.  I’ve got 9 great outfits from October to show you.  October was a fun month, between Dup-A-Look and just some fantastic weather… it was the kind of fall a fall-lover like myself dreams of!  Ok, here we go…

Oct 2: Leopard & Chucks

I know my general rule at work is no gym shoes, but I decided I wanted to wear Chucks on October 2.  The shoes were actually not the beginning of this outfit, but the final, tie-it-all-together thing that just kind of worked.  I wore a sheer leopard shirt from Old Navy under a tee I got at Salvation Army.  Under the collar of the leopard shirt, I peeked my black leather and gold statement necklace.  On the bottom I wore my Valentino wool pencil skirt, nude fishnets, low-cut socks, and my grey Chucks.  I rocked simple earrings, my hair in a bun, and my “smart” glasses.

Random Outfits: October 2

I’m a little torn on this outfit.  I loved it when I put it together, and love it in the pics, but I feel like maybe it’s missing something?  Maybe it’s the Chucks… and this would be better with my grey Guess wedge booties?  Not sure.  But I’ll probably play with layering this leopard shirt a little more.  It’s kind of a closet orphan and I’ve been trying to wear it more.

Oct 3: Sequins & Skulls

I was determined to wear this sequin dress I bought at Discovery for last New Year’s, but scrapped for a different outfit.  It never really suited another event, because the material is like jersey and that makes this dress a little more casual.  So I decided I would wear it to work.  To dress it down a little, I topped it with a great military-inspired olive sweater (another Salvation Army find) and added sheer black tights, along with my black OTK boots.  To pull the gold from the boots, and because it was October and I could easily get away with it, I added a gold skull ring (which I got at Kohl’s last year).  My bag was also thrifted.

Random Outfits: October 3 See… it’s a dress!  Annnnd I’m a nerd.

I loved the way this look turned out!  So fun and unexpected, but totally safe for work.  I’m going to be playing around more with this dress, because it’s a great way to add a little color and sparkle to an outfit.  I wish I’d have had the guts to do it sooner!

Oct 7: Layers & Floral Docs

Sunday the 7th was the ultimate in lazy days for hubs and I (and the dog).  I hadn’t been feeling well the night before, and didn’t sleep well because of it, so we spent the bulk of the day in bed alternating between watching movies and napping.  It was glorious, not gunna lie!  Eventually, we got up and moving, and decided we wanted to get out of the house.  So I piled on layers and we drove out to Lake Geneva, where we grabbed an early dinner, walked around, and then drove around looking at some of the huge houses out there.  It was a great time, and we saw our first ever wild turkeys crossing the road (those things are huge!).

I wore a black tank (from Target), a cream henley top (an ancient Heritiage 81 piece), an open olive and cream cardigan from Old Navy, and my grey faux leather bomber (another piece from Discovery).  I pulled on these great straight leg jeans from the GAP Outlet (a total steal at $20 for the pair over the summer).  I finished it off with my floral Docs, and a pile of fun necklaces, including my DIY neon rhinestones, my Syd Rocks necklace, and a few other random ones.  My nails were actually painted a fab shimmery red too, because I’d had a wedding the 5th (sorry, forgot to take pics of what I wore).

Random Outfits: October 7

Overall, a great fall outfit.  This was the first time I wore these jeans, and loved how the looked with my boots.  I’ve worn them quite a few more times since, you’ll soon see.  Layers like this are another reason I love fall!

Oct 8: MK Blazer & Docs

Yea… I wore the same jeans and shoes to work the very next day.  I even had some of the same necklaces on.  Hooray remixing, right?  Right!  I wore a basic black tee with my thrifted Michael Kors blazer and a grey jersey scarf (from Forever21).  My GAP jeans and Docs, and that random pile of necklaces (if you look closely, you’ll see one is a fleur de lis and the other is a star).

Random Outfits: October 8

A simple, work-friendly outfit that was a little bit of a throwback to my style rut days, but the texture of the blazer and patterned boots make this look a little different from my old “uniform”.  I’ve done variations of this look since, because I love my 2 tweed blazers and the texture they add to an outfit.

Oct 10: Lotsa Layers & Ombre Denim

It’s hard to tell, but this is actually denim on denim, something that I’ve been trying to play with a little more lately.  My pants here are dark blue-grey skinny jeans, which I wore tucked into my black OTK boots.  On top, I went with a heathered oatmeal tee, my ombre denim top (from Forever21) and my heart print boyfriend cardigan (another Forever21 piece).  I layered on a bunch of longer necklaces–some thrifted/estate sale pieces, some purchased new from various places–to tie in the gole on my boots, and finished off the look with my thrifted black leather purse.

Random Outfits: October 10

Another great look that was perfect for fall and work.  I loved the denim shirt open under the cardigan–something I’d never done before–and is something I’m looking forward to trying again.  I gotta get all my cardigans and sweaters out of my vacuum bags!

Oct 11: Galaxy Leggings!

I was super excited to snag these Burning Fire leggings from Romwe with a coupon code that made them less than $20 for me, and decided I’d try to wear them to work instead of reserving them for weekends only.  I toned them down with my OTK boots, a (very short) fitted dress from Target, worn as a tunic, and a burgundy high-low top from Discovery.  I added a stack of necklaces, again, with my neon one to kind of balance out the brightness on the bottom, and topped it all off with my grey bomber.  I wore my nerdy glasses to finish it all off.  My trusty thrifted bag kept it all grounded.

Random Outfits: October 11

A few coworkers loved these, and a few thought they were “too bright” and “way crazy”, but overall, I loved this look.  I liked being able to balance out the stunning nature of these unique leggings with neutrals and darker jewel tones that worked with the colors in the leggings, and thought it was a pretty successful outfit.  I sort of wish I had maybe gotten a galaxy print that had more blue in it, but I really liked the asymmetrical quality of these.

Oct 18: Little Red Riding Hood

I’ve had this hoodie for ages, and can never seem to part with it, even though hoodies are generally a little too casual for me.  On the 18th I wore it over my striped dress (something I’ve done before) and paired it with my trusty OTK boots.  It was perfect for the cooler, rainy day we had.  I had taken the afternoon off work, and used the time to run errands, so this was great.

Random Outfits: October 18

I love this hoodie and the graphic on it.  The splatters and the gold dragon are just so fun and unique.  And it’s one of the very few red things I own.  I wear it sparingly, but always love the look when I do rock it.  Looking forward to layering this piece as it gets cooler.  I think it needs to be under a tweed blazer next!

Oct 27: WTF

I took advantage of the weekend for Saturday the 27th, which started out with some running around with hubs, and ended with a Halloween party at one of the local bars.  For breakfast and errands, I threw on my “WTF” shirt, which I rarely wear because it’s distressed and, well, says “WTF”.  I got it on super clearance at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago and it amuses me each time I wear it.  I paired it with an open fluttery cardigan (from Express) and my neon, fleur de lis, and Syd Rocks necklaces.  I went super casual and rocked my grey Chucks with my GAP jeans.

Random Outfits: October 27 Giveaway Dog wanted in on the action for these pics.

It was such a beautiful day out!  I quite liked this look, but it obviously isn’t something I can wear too often.  Though I can definitely do variations of it for work, with other shoes and a tee that’s not… WTF.  Ha!  If you’re curious about my costume Saturday night, I was Alice from Resident Evil.

Oct 31: Making Being Seen In Public With Me “Normal”

Ha, normal.  Anyway, I had to take my husband to the airport in the morning, and went to dinner with my parents at night, so I had to make myself presentable despite the need to wear a wig cap for my Scary Spice costume at work.  I added a scarf headband, which I reversed to cover up the back of my head, and wore a black straw fedora over that.  It worked nicely, actually.  To stay warm, I added a cobalt cardigan over my metallic leopard leggings and sleeveless black tunic, and a black scarf, along with a denim vest and my grey bomber.  For boots, I wore my black pleather slouchy wedges.  I didn’t want to cover up the fab leopard, haha!  I wore gold hoop earrings, which were actually from a pirate costume years ago, and they worked out nicely.  The layers were great for outside, as well as in the office, and made me look a little less scary at dinner and in the morning.

Random Outfits: October 31

I can’t lie, I actually loved this oufit!  I’d never worn the black dress thing with leggings before (though I did wear it back in June) and quite liked how it worked out.  You’ll definitely be seeing it more!

So that’s it! October’s Random Outfits.

What was your favorite outfit from October? See anything you’d try yourself?  Let me know in the comments!

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