eShakti Review

Ages ago I was chosen to receive a piece from eShakti to review.

I had initially chosen a beautiful dress, and after getting it, discovered that it didn’t fit. I had given custom measurements when I placed my order, which is one of the coolest things about eShakti, but for whatever reason, my dress just didn’t work for me.  The shoulder measurements lined up with what I had sent in when I placed my order, but despite that, I could barely get the dress on, and definitely couldn’t move in it once I did.  Boo!

So I had to send it back and choose something else.

Thankfully, the return process was a piece of cake! There were zero arguments when I told them a dress that had been made to fit me, didn’t.  I verified that the problem spot had measurements that matched what I sent in, and was given the info for sending it back.  It was really refreshing that they took my custom-made dress back, even though they probably wouldn’t be able to sell it again.

Choosing a replacement item proved to be hard. I was so in love with the dress I had chosen, and while I wanted to re-order it with altered measurements, I was worried that it wouldn’t fit again.  They had a top in the same print my dress had been in, but I was afraid I’d have the same fit problem with the shoulders.  After much back and forth, and a few opinions from some friends and my husband, I finally decided on a cobalt and black colorblocked skirt–the Her Fifties Colorblock Skirt.

eShakti Her Fifties Colorblock Skirt.

What drew me to this particular skirt was its versatility. I knew the A-line shape would fit and be flattering on me, and I knew I had a ton of stuff in my closet that would work with it.  And it has pockets!  I love me a skirt with pockets!  I sent it my custom measurements again, including telling eShakti where I was planning on wearing the skirt, and waited.

It came the day I got my shipment notification!

I was super excited to see a shipping notification in my inbox, but even more excited to see that it was out for delivery that day! I’m assuming there was a delay in sending out the notification, but it was like instant gratification, which was awesome.  Especially because eShakti’s items are made in India, which means it does take a little longer to get your order.  When it came, it took everything I had not to close my office door and try it on right there, but I waited till I got home.

And it fit perfect!

I was so relieved! While I had figured the skirt would fit me nicely, because the bottom of my dress had been so great, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried that it wouldn’t fit.  But it fits great and the length was just where I wanted it–I had requested the “above the knee” option and it hits just where I wanted it.  I do find myself wishing the waistband was a little wider, because I feel like that would look a little better on me, but overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

It’s also really well-made, which is awesome. I can tell it’s going to last quite awhile, which is great because with it’s a classic cut and easy to wear colors, it’s really a timeless skirt.  It’s not lined, but the fabric is thick enough where that doesn’t matter.  And, if I really wanted to, I could throw a slip on and it would be fine.  Overall, this skirt, in all its pockety goodness, is going to last for a long time both in terms of style and quality.

I played around on Polyvore and made some sets with ideas on how to style it. As I expected, this skirt is great and totally versatile.  Easy to dress up and dress down, which is a big plus in my book.  Here are some looks I made featuring the skirt.  They all have my little rocker-chic twist on them, but you get the idea…

Polyvore sets featuring eShakti skirt

From left to right, the looks are Yikes, Stripes!, Colorblocked, Stripes & Skulls, and Party Rock.  Totally versatile, right?!  I love pieces like this, especially when they’re high quality and classic.  That means you can get a ton of wear out of them, season after season, year after year.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!

How I wore it.

I decided to wear it for the first time to work. I opted to go with one of my Polyvore looks, which dressed it down a little.  I paired it with a grey and black baseball tee, lace tights, black over-the-knee socks (which I folded down over my teal booties like legwarmers), and a scarf from Forever21 that had a bunch of colors in it, including cobalt and teal.  I added my “oui” and “non” earrings and a gold skull ring, and wore my “smart chic” black glasses.

eShakti Review Hooray for pockets!!

eShakti Review This skirt has moderate spin… but still moves pretty nice.

eShakti Review This is my Blue Steel impression. Work it, guuurl!

A great look, I must say!  I can’t wait to try out some of the other versions I played with on Polyvore!  Especially the version with my turquoise booties (sorry, I’m obsessed).

Shop eShakti

If the Her Fifties Colorblock Skirt isn’t your style, there are tons of great skirts available both full price and on sale. Not to mention great dresses, tops, and jackets.  Everything eShakti has is beautiful and unique (there’s a reason my decision was so hard!).  They have pieces to suit every taste and style, and everything is available in either standard sizes (up to size 36W) or custom sizes, which is pretty darn awesome.  Nearly everything is customizable too… you can alter lengths, necklines, and sleeves, making your piece truly something that will suit your personal style.  And, as I experienced, even if a custom piece doesn’t fit you, they’ll take it back, so you aren’t stuck with something that doesn’t fit.