Review: OASAP Sexy Lace Shorts

I’m sure you’re wondering whatever happened to the lace shorts you all decided I should get from OASAP.

Well, I got them.

And was promptly disappointed. Twice, no less.

First, the color seemed to be off. The color I ordered, apricot, appeared to be kind of an olive greenish color with an apricot colored bow. The color I got was cream, and closer to what I’d have expected had I ordered the white offered.  I double-checked online, and sure enough, there are 3 colors offered and 3 colors pictured, and the black is obviously black.

Sexy Lace Shorts: What I Got A side-by-side of what I understood to be the apricot color online, and what I got.

Then I took them out of the package. Now, I used a measurement converter to convert the centimeter measurements to inches and thought I’d be fine ordering this “one size” pair of shorts. The waist measurement is listed as 56-90cm, or 22-35in. The hip measurement is 100cm, or 39in, and the length is listed as 26cm, or 10in. (All of those inches are rounded down to the nearest whole inch.) My waist is 25in and my hips are 37.5in, which means that these shorts, looking at the numbers, should easily fit me (maybe with a little wiggle to get ’em over the tush). That doesn’t quite seem to be what I got.

Review: Lace Shorts - Stretched Holding the shorts up, both as they are naturally, and fully stretched.

As you can tell, they’re pretty tiny. I could probably squeeze my tush into them, but with the elastic at the waist being so small, they’d automatically slide right up to my waist, leaving me with a massive (although lacy) cameltoe.

Uh, no thanks.

On the plus side, they are remarkably soft. And if they fit, I imagine they’d be amazingly comfortable and quite cute. I’m pretty bummed they don’t fit… I could always try to dye them if they did, to make them a color more suitable for me to wear.

I did inquire about exchanging them for something else, but because it’s so expensive for them to ship back, and because I was still willing to write a post, they told me I could keep them and either offer them as a giveaway, or do whatever I wanted.  I’ll spare you guys trying to win these tiny things and the “wow I’m so not this tiny” disappointment that comes with them. Instead, I’ve decided I’ll figure out some kind of crafty thing with them.  Or maybe I can alter them to fit somehow…

Lesson learned, I suppose.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at the larger size measurements again. From now on, I will only take the smaller measurements into consideration.  Though I probably won’t order shorts or other bottoms from OASAP again–I’ll just stick with tops, bags, and accessories. And shoes. (Of course, shoes… certainly you know me by now, haha.)  And of course, I’ll just go with my gut and get the shirt I want next time in the first place, instead of second-guessing myself and missing out.

So, if you have any ideas as to what to do with these, let me know in the comments.

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