Random Outfits: September

With my Dup-A-Look Challenge finishing up at the end of Sept, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough outfits for a Random Outfits post!  But, when I went through my camera, I realized that not only did I have a decent amount of outfits, but I had some that, no doubt, rank in my top among outfits I’ve posted here.  Hooray!  Anyway, here’s some of the stuff I wore in September that you haven’t seen already.

Knot Nerdy

So I started the month off with my wedge sneakers and olive skinnies.  I added a plain black tee, and then my dad’s old plaid shirt, which I knotted loosely a couple inches below my natural waist.  I’ve been wearing this shirt since high school, no joke, and love that I’m able to style it in such a way now that I can make it work for work!  For a little sparkle I wore my bib statement necklace from Forever21, and stuck with simple earrings.  I sideswept my bangs, just to try it out, and wore my glasses from Coastal.  I kept my makeup light, as I pretty much always do.

Knot Nerdy

Of course, I loved this outfit.  It had the perfect mix of comfy and sparkly, as well as was just me.  I pretty much always feel like me when I wear this shirt.  This was the perfect outfit to start fall with.

Bouncy BCBG Dress

I picked up this great, most-likely vintage (just judging from the bouncy material and remembering what I wore to countless Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at 13) BCBG dress at the Michigan City Goodwill over the summer.  It was only 99 cents and was half off, so it was a 50 cent dress.  Not bad.  When I got home I realized the hem was pretty much entirely unraveled, so I took it to my local dry cleaners and paid $12 to have it rehemmed (I didn’t want to tackle this fabric on my own).  $12.50 total cost for this great dress?  Totally worth it!

Anyway, it’s sleeveless, so I topped it with a white, deep V cardigan from H&M and a leopard scarf with pop of red and turquoise in it.  I went with my brown riding boots over sheer black tights, which worked nicely with the scarf.  My grandma’s leather crossbody finished the look off nicely.  As did the wind.

Bouncy BCBG Dress

I’m looking forward to wearing this dress more in fall.  It’s light and perfect for layering, and won’t cling to sweater tights or anything.  The coolest part about this was that I wore it that evening to the bar, and felt comfortable and chic, and I wasn’t wearing sky-high heels like I normally do at the bar.  I took the cardi off, and it worked great–a true “work to play” look!


I wore this perfect fall outfit on September 13th.  I layered a grey tank under a long red plaid flannel (a Discovery find a couple years ago) and wore skinny grey pants from GAP.  It was chilly that day, so I brought along my GAP denim moto jacket.  I wore my big bib necklace again, and my wedge Guess booties.  I finished off the look with my everyday earrings and grandma’s crossbody.  And some books (Dean Koontz’s Dark Rivers of the Heart, a favorite of mine, and Tim Gunn’s Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, which I highly recommend).

Grunge Snapped these pics in the office before leaving for the day.  The lighting was terrible.  Lesson learned…

While I liked this outfit and will definitely wear it again, looking at it, it was a little plain for me… but I think lately I’ve just been more fashion-adventurous, which is a good thing!

Always Be A Unicorn

I love this unicorn shirt from Forever21.  It was one of those things that I wasn’t looking for, but when I stumbled across it online a couple years ago, I had to have.  Good decision, even though it was an impulse buy, because I wear it a lot.  I even wore it on New Year’s Eve!  On this fine fall day I wore it with shorts (September 15 was a Saturday, so yay for wearing shorts).  You can’t tell, and couldn’t in any of the other pics, but these shorts are black with fine grey pinstripes.  They were a $5 clearance find at Charlotte Russe years ago, and I adore them.  And back when shorts were allowed at work, they were deemed too short despite the (rather modest by today’s standards, it seems) 5″ inseam.  Oh well.

I got adventurous with jewelry and layered 3 completely different necklaces: a jeweled fleur de lis from Express, a spraypainted heirloom rhinestone necklace I DIY’d, and a Syd Rocks necklace.  On the bottom, I went with sheer black tights and scrunched down grey knee socks, along with my brown military style boots.

Always Be A Unicorn

I love the juxtaposition of all 3 necklaces and will definitely be doing this more.  Bonus!  It’s a total throwback to my carefree style from highschool, which admittedly wasn’t always the best, but I loved being able to wear whatever I wanted without worrying what others thought.  I also quite liked this outfit, and am bummed when I wear outfits like this, because I can’t wear them to work (no shorts allowed any more).

Maxi Comfort

Loosely inspired by this look I pinned forever ago, this look started with this fab Anthropologie maxi I got while traveling on business (priorities, right?) and paired it with a black tee and a loose-fitting tunic, which I topped with my GAP denim moto jacket.  Not really the most flattering combination, the flowy skirt and the loose top, but the jacket kinda broke the lines up a little, though it’s hard to tell in the pics I got.  What you can see, is my fab OTK socks, sheer tights, and brown boots.

Maxi Comfort My backyard looks pretty scary at night, doesn’t it?  But who cares… look at my skirt!

Next time I do something like this, I’ll belt the top, because it’ll give me some shape.  The problem with wider hips, small boobies, and such a narrow waist is that anything that hangs down to my hips almost always makes me look that width from the shoulders right on down.  I know better, I really do… but sometimes, I like to pretend this isn’t the case and try something new.  More often than not, it doesn’t really work.

Missoni & Lace

I was lucky enough to snag this Missoni for Target during the fiasco last year and haven’t worn it much since getting it, mostly because I could never really figure out how to wear it.  When I cleaned out my closet, I came across this lace top and figured I’d hang on to it, as I did every time I cleaned out, because, well, you can’t really go wrong with black lace.  And yet, I hardly wore that either.

So when it came time to figure out what I was wearing on September 19, I pulled them both out and decided I was going to make it work.  And I did!  I added the grey scarf to tie the grey sheer tights in, and to cover up the mandarin-style neck on the lace shirt, which peeked out of the round neck on the dress in an not-pretty way.  I finished off the look with my black OTK boots and socks underneath, and a black braided belt to give me some shape.

Missoni & Lace

I loved the way this came out.  The lace and the zig zagged print don’t seem to go at all, but they worked really nicely together.  Both the dress and the lace shirt have found some new life in my wardrobe, and I’m excited to wear both of them more!

Nerd Chic

Well, I managed to remix my dad’s plaid shirt again on the 20th, and worked it in a different way entirely, though still with my nerd-face glasses.  I posted about this striped sweater in my post about fall 2012 fashion and decided to wear it over dad’s shirt, with the shirtsleeves rolled up to the 3/4 length of the cardigan.  I added an arm party, black distressed faux-leather leggings, and my teal booties.  None of it really went together, but it all worked.  Not that I’m surprised, because most of it was found in the color palette for this fall.

Nerd Chic

Clearly I’m all about remixing dad’s old shirt this fall, and that’s ok.  I’m also glad I was able to wear this cardigan over something besides a white or back top, which is how I’ve done it in the past.  I’m sure you’ll see both of these pieces again.

Oversized Tee

I swear if you didn’t see the week of dupes I did, you’d think all I did in September was wear my hair in a pony tail and rock glasses.  I swear I didn’t!  Anyway, I wore this on the 30th, squeaking in one more random outfit shot just at the month’s end, and only because I didn’t feel like duping a look to go get dog food.  I wore standard black leggings with an oversized tee that I snagged for 90-some cents at Salvation Army.  It’s a men’s XXL and fabulously big on me, but what you can’t quite tell in these pics is that on the inside of the shirt, barely showing through to the front, is a screen-printed pirate ship!  Haha, so awesome.  I didn’t even realize what it was when I bought it–I just liked the size and color–so when I looked at it after I washed it, I was pretty amused.  YAR!

Anyway, shoes are just my OTK boots.  They’re already getting a lot of wear.

Oversized Tee I have such a weirdly long neck… probably why people think I’m way taller than I am.

This outfit was great.  I can’t wait to play with this shirt more and layer it over and under stuff.  Lace shirt under, maybe, knotted, with a leather jacket on top?  I think so!  You’ll be seeing that soon.  And if you’re dying for a pair of boots like these, they’ve brought them back and you can get them in 3 different colors at UrbanOg.  Check RetailMeNot for coupons before you buy–they always have deals going on.

So that’s it!

I managed to squeeze in 8 extra looks on top of my week of duping, and they’re fantastic ones!  I said I loved fall… can’t you see why?  What was your favorite?  See anything you’re going to try yourself?

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