Final Thoughts On The Dup-A-Look Challenge

So after spending a week 7 not-quite-consecutive days duplicating a variety looks from different places via my Dup-A-Look Pinterest board, I’ve learned some things and come to some conclusions.  Here are my random thoughts on the whole process, the challenge, and whatever else related to the Dup-A-Look Challenge.

  • Planning numerous outfits out in advance is an excellent idea.  I will be doing this on a regular basis from now on, dupes or not!
  • Trying stuff on in advance is an even better idea.  Things that work great while on hangars don’t always work on bodies.  At all.  Yeesh!
  • I started with printing out photos, and it was a good idea in theory, but it was almost always easier to look at pics on my phone or computer.  On the phone/computer I could zoom in and was less likely to miss a fine detail.  I was so conscious of saving paper that I made the images too small to see details like jewelry or makeup, and I wanted to be able to dupe the look in its entirety whenever possible.
  • After a week of using images to plan outfits, it’s actually kinda hard to go back to getting dressed without consulting your phone first.  And yes, I realize that’s weird.
  • Coming up with a base set of outfits to duplicate is a good idea in theory, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always work out.
  • Always double-check the source of the pin before the second you go to dupe the look.  Sometimes, the source isn’t the original, and that means more work later on.
  • Oh, and sometimes the original post has more images, like detail shots, better poses, and more, all of which can be helpful.
  • Never be afraid to try something new.  You never know what you might like!
  • Don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from outfits you (or others) think are ugly or scary.  With the right pieces and the proper fit, almost anything can look good!
  • Next time I’ll be planning more looks with flats.  I just can’t do 4″ heels 2+ days in a row any more! (And yes, that makes me sad.)

This was a really fun challenge, that pushed me to try new things and wear stuff I normally wouldn’t.    Because I had such a fun time with it, I’m going to do it again this month, starting October 21. If you have something you’d like to see me dupe, leave me a link in the comments, or email one to me!

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