Dup-A-Look 17

Last but not least in my Dup-A-Look Challenge, I finally rocked this look on Saturday Sunday Monday. Yes, that’s right Monday.  I ended up not duping anything Saturday because I sat around the house all day, leaving for about an hour around 5:30P to go get dinner and check out an area thrift store.  I wasn’t going to dup-a-look to play Wii.  Sunday was pretty much the same, though instead of playing Wii I napped with my hungover husband and then ran to get dogfood and groceries at 6P.  Silly to dupe something for that.  So I decided I’d skip duping those 2 days and pick up again on Monday.  Plus, my feet needed a break from heels, and I couldn’t decided on anything without heels to dupe, sadly.

Anyway, when I first pinned this look from Fashion Grunge Blog’s pinterest I didn’t realize it was a user upload.  I did a little research and found out it was originally posted by StyleClicker.  When my friend Christin saw the look, she was all “dude, WTF is wrong with you?!” both on my pin and in real life.  I explained that it was a good chance to take something that looked… bad and make it work for me.  She was skeptical, but I did it, so ha!

Dup-A-Look 17

See?  It’s easy to take something that looks cute on someone else and make it work for you.  It’s a lot harder to take something that’s kinda… icky and make it work for you.  This look was actually easy for me, because I had everything to make it work–the right color (and length) jeans, a top, a jacket, a hat, big glasses–it was all already in my wardrobe.  But I never would have put it together like this.  In fact, this was the first time I was wearing these light jeans, because I had trouble styling them.  But I couldn’t bear to get rid of them–they’re perfect-fitting Seven jeans I snagged at Marshall’s on clearance for something like $10.  I figured I’d dye them worst-case, but loved the lighter color.  I paired them with a plain grey tee (which I topped with a black cardigan for extra warmth at the office, though you can’t see it all above) and my Buckle moto jacket.  Under the pants I’m wearing my Guess wedge booties, but you can’t see them at all.  My glasses are from Coastal, and the fedora is from H&M.  I curled my hair (and my bangs, which was dumb because they looked stupid–hooray for the hat!) and sprayed it to high heaven to get it to stand out, and done!  My purse is the same thrifted black bag I carried Wednesday.  My belt’s a little thicker, but none of my easily-accessible skinny ones fit my hips haha.

Overall, I quite liked this look.  I may not dye these jeans after all…

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