Dup-A-Look 15

I wore this great outfit on Thursday, September 27.  It was a near perfect way to spend the day after being so dressed up on Wednesday.  The only thing I wish I did differently was not wear heels, because boy were my feet sore by the end of the day just from being in higher heels two days in a row (three if you count Tuesday’s 2.5″ wedges).

I duped this look, from Martiarti.  She wore it to a music fest, and I rocked it at work!  My plaid dress is from H&M, but I bought it on clearance at Plato’s.  My denim moto jacket is from GAP, and the leggings I wore (a distressed pleather pair) are from Forever21.  I went with teal booties because I couldn’t bring myself to wear my clog boots again (which I was going to because of the nailhead detail).  I figured the shape was similar and the laces duped the look ok.  I didn’t have a big huge bag like hers, nor did I have a bright tank or tee to wear under my dress, but overall, I think this was worked good.

Dup-A-Look 15 I waited too long to leave work and it was dark out when I went to take pics… so I took them inside. I felt silly with sunglasses on indoors, so they’re hooked in my shirt.

I really liked this look.  Knotting the dress was not something I would have ever thought of, and I’m glad I came across Martiarti’s post, because it was really cute and added a little bit of interest.  I love this plaid dress and like that I have another way to wear it aside from just belting it.  I have a couple other longer plaid tops that I might try this with.


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