FBFF: October 21: Halloween!

Katy from ModlyChic let us FBFFers know she’s a little obsessed with Halloween, and wrote this series of questions in the spirit of getting ready for the event.  Halloween is also a favorite ‘holiday’ of mine as well, so I was excited to write this post!  Don’t forget to answer my poll at the bottom!

Do you have plans for Halloween?
I have a friend throwing a party the 22nd that I plan to be at and another friend coming in from out of town the 28th through the 30th, but past that, no concrete plans yet.  I do plan on going somewhere the 29th, I just don’t know where and with who yet.

What will you dress up as this year?
I’m planning on being Twiggy for the party on the 22nd.  Here’s what I’m planning on wearing for that:


Twiggy by racheljay featuring sleeveless dresses

Super cute, right? 🙂  I’m excited for it (though unfortunately I don’t have the Jeffery Campbell shoes pictured in that set… I’m making do with an older pair of Steve Maddens that are similar but not nearly as glorious).  I’ll post pics for sure!

For work I think I’m going to be a flapper.  I’ve been back and forth on this like you wouldn’t believe, but that’s what I’m going to do.  My costume, which I made most of for New Year’s last year, is pretty awesome, and I know I’ve got perfect hair for it right now, so yea.  It won’t be as WOW as last year’s costume, it won’t be funny, and it won’t be industry-related (those seem to be popular at work every other year or so), but that’s ok.  It’s a kickass costume that no one else will have because I made it and that in itself is pretty badass.  I’ll post pics of this as well but in the meantime, here’s a not-so-great pic of the costume hanging on my old bathroom door.

And for going out, I think I’m going to be a grungy rocker chick.  I was going to be Barbie & The Rockers Barbie but my husband is convinced no one will know who or what I am, and instead of continuing to get the costume together (though I did manage to find a killer white pencil skirt for $5 at Goodwill) and busting my ass to DIY a bunch of complicated stuff, I’ve opted to just be some kind of cross between Courtney Love, Ke$ha, and Dev.  Here’s my inspiration set on Polyvore:

Grunge Rocker Chic

Grunge Rocker Chic by racheljay featuring lace gloves

It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.  I’m sure a bunch of people won’t know what I am or whatever, but I’m ok with that.  The only thing I have to buy for it is jeans, but I’m going to find a cheapy pair to dye and am not too worried.  I’m regretting getting rid of a pair of acid wash jeans I’d gotten for a shoot and didn’t wear past that, ’cause they’d be perfect to dye, but the junior’s sections at Sears and TJMaxx have stuff like that all the time, so I’m not worried at all.  It’s just a matter of finding the time…

I may also change out the combat boots for a pair of high heeled ankle booties or something, but we’ll see.  I might opt to be comfortable instead of sexy-ish haha.

Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?
I always start with a Google image search.  Sometimes, depending on the character, I’ll hit up DeviantArt and see if there are any modern takes on the costume.  If it’s a character from a movie, I’ll watch the movie and look at screenshots and info online.

From there, I usually hit up a couple thrift stores to start pulling together my costume, followed by trips to other various stores (usually I start with TJMaxx, Forever21, Discovery & Plato’s Closet–all are great for accessories and cheaper clothes that can get re-worked or completely destroyed depending on the costume).  If I need to get crafty, I hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael’s Crafts to get what I need, usually starting in the sale section and remnants bins.

What was the best costume you’ve ever donned?
My most notable costumes have been a nerd, a pirate, Solo In The Spotlight Barbie, and Zoolander (which was last year’s costume).  I made most of them, with very little stuff coming from costume shops and the like.

Zoolander was epic. I made most of it, spare the boots, the pleather-front pants, and the sequin bodysuit (which is under the shirt).  I also did my own hair and makeup.  I added some leg pieces on the bottom for going out, but this was how I wore it to work the day before.  You can click the pics to make them bigger.

What’s the most creative costume you’ve ever seen?
Last year one of my coworkers was a Jumbo Loofah, which was pretty hilarious.  The year before that, I saw someone dressed as Old Greg when I was out, which was awesome.  Past that… that’s all I’ve got.  I seem to see more and more store-bought costumes every year, which isn’t really all that creative, IMO.

No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be?
A lot of people were trying to convince me to make a meat dress and go as Lady Gaga this year, or to just be Lady Gaga in any of her other insane outfit creations.  If I had unlimited funds and a dressform, I’d probably give the meat dress a shot (out of not meat, but pleather or something) or go all out Gaga in some other crazy way.  The only Lady Gaga costumes I’ve ever seen have been the store bought ones, and I’d love to do something just as out there as she really is.

I also really want an excuse to buy a pair of McQueen shoes LOL.

And an addition to the questions, I figured I’d post a Halloween poll for my readers.
Every year around this time stores start really pushing their selection of Halloween costumes, and no fail, the ones for women are some version of “sexy [whatever]”, featuring miniskirts, cropped tops, and lots of skin.  It seems more and more Halloween has become an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible out in public, and less of a chance to be creative and be someone different for a night.  So, readers, when it comes to Halloween and dressing up, what you do prefer?  Sexy, scary, realistic, gory… or do you not dress up at all?  Let me know!

Please check out Katy’s blog, ModlyChic, to see the full list of bloggers participating in this week’s FBFF questions.

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