Dup-A-Look 11

Day one of my Dup-A-Look Challenge was Sunday the 23, and it was a fun day for a dupe.  Hubs and I went to the grand opening of Liquid Fusion Lincolnshire, which was starred up by friends of ours, and then I went grocery shopping and home to cook, while hubs went in to work (yes, on a Sunday… one of the “perks” of owning your own business).  I really liked this outfit for multiple reasons, and would have loved to have done something more, but kitchen duty called and I had to get this stuff done.  Oh well.  At least we went somewhere and people got to see me, ha!

The original outfit I pinned after stumbling across it on the blog tenderomi, and is Kate Lanphear.  I had never heard of her prior to the day I pinned this look, but quickly realized her style really speaks to me.  I was excited to dupe this look and felt fantastic in it.

Dup-A-Look 11 Note the new, bigger image size!  Hooray!  You can click it to view it larger if you like.

This look was easy for me.  I started with a pair of moto-inspired black skinnies from Forever21.  I tried on a few shirts, but the one I liked best–the one that duped the look the best–didn’t work with a cardigan over it, so after a few more tries, I pulled out this DARE shirt.  It’s a fantastic refab piece that I modeled it in a charity runway show ages ago, fell in love with, and bought.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the designer and there’s no tag, so I can’t tell you who it’s by.

Anyway, the DARE shirt worked perfect, even though it has a hood (which you can’t see).  I wore my clog boots because they were a similar shape and solid leather across the top, which worked best for the look.  I happened to have a moto-inspired bag that was, again, perfect.  I piled on some bracelets, a leather banded Fossil watch, and my grandma’s old turquoise ring, and done!  I didn’t side-sweep my hair, because with the new bangs, it was a look that just wasn’t going to work for me.  But otherwise, I’m pretty sure I nailed this.  I even had a grocery shopping list I could hang on to for the pic!

I love this look, and it’s definitely one I’ll be doing variations of this fall.  Along, I’m sure, with other looks of Ms. Lanphear’s, because I’m totally all over her style.  Like Giveaway Dog on peanut butter.

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