Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday: October 7

I’m a new member of a group called Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF).  It’s a group of fashion bloggers who talk about certain topics every week.  This week’s topic jumps on the fad bandwagon. The wild popularity of the Missoni for Target line got Katy, who runs the group, thinking about fads, trends, and our desire to be part of the ‘in’ crowd.  Here are the questions (and my answers).

Do you ever see a fad hit the stores and immediately dislike it? Has that fad ever began to grow on you?
Yup!  Happens all the time.  Skinny jeans is a perfect example.  I was totally against them when they came out, remembering the horrid tapered jeans of my childhood and wanting absolutely nothing to do with skinnies.  But when I saw skinny jeans were going to be around for awhile, that the cuts had been refined, and that they could be worn and look cute, I investigated and found a perfect pair.  Now I own numerous pairs of skinny jeans and even jeggings.

Has the popularity of a certain piece of clothing or line ever convinced you to try on something (or purchase something) you dislike?
Yea, I’ve tried on things that I didn’t think I’d like before.  Sometimes, total bust.  Other times, it’s like a revelation and I realize “oh hey, this is cute!” and I end up getting it.  Again, skinny jeans is a great example.

Have you ever changed your mind about a trend after seeing it around for a while?
I kinda answered this already, but, yes, most definitely.  In fact, quite often I see the first “release” of a new trend and think “really?! WTF is this?!”, but after seeing more places adopt it, I can almost always find a piece or two I can live with that’s on trend and suits my style.  There are, of course, exceptions to this, but I think that’s perfectly normal and rather healthy (at least for one’s wallet).

Do you feel a certain pressure to have specific items in your closet because ‘everyone’ else does?
I used to feel that way when I was younger (particularly in high school), but as I’ve “grown up” I’ve realized people care less about what you own/wear and more about you as a person.  And the ones who do just care about what you own (and judge you based on it) aren’t necessarily people I want in my life anyway.

Be honest, what do you think of the Missoni line? Did you grab any items? Is it worth the eBay prices?
There were some things I loved and others I wouldn’t touch.  Among the “ZOMG LOVE” pieces were the dress and blanket I managed to snag the morning of the release.  I wouldn’t have minded checking out one of the pieces of luggage, but there weren’t any in stock and I didn’t want it bad enough to buy it online (plus I wanted to see size and quality first, to see if it was worth the money).  I’m pretty happy with my 2 purchases though, and am glad I managed to get them.  I’d say more, but I blogged about my thoughts on the release and everything here, and I’d just be repeating myself.

I do not think any of the Missoni for Target pieces were worth any of the stupidly infalted eBay prices.  At some of those prices, you could buy M Missoni!  Why waste the money on lower quality, “Made in China” stuff when you can have the higher quality “Made in Italy” version for nearly the same price?  Seems silly to me!  Had I not snagged what I wanted, I certainly would not have bought the stuff on eBay.

Please check out Katy’s blog, ModlyChic, to see the full list of bloggers participating in this week’s FBFF questions.