Sponsor Spotlight: Ali Oesch

Ali Oesch has provided Suburban Style Challenge with a beautiful silver bow necklace for the third place winner of the Fall 2012 Fashionista Giveaway Event.  Here’s a little bit about Ali and her beautiful line of jewelry.

Allison Oesch is a contemporary jewelry designer, creating one of a kind pieces that are both beautiful and fashion forward. Allison, whose friends and fans fondly call her Ali, originally started her line in her hometown of South Bend, Indiana.  From humble beginnings, Ali’s hard work and determination have consistently led to the company’s growth and success.  Moreover, her creative spirit and understanding of what women love to wear, allowed her line, Ali Oesch Jewelry, to grow and expand beyond her native South Bend, into the midwest and is now carried at boutiques and specialty shops throughout the US.  Her work has been spotted on news anchors, celebrities, and of course fashionistas everywhere.

Each creation in the Ali Oesch Jewelry collection is an original design of Ali’s.

Ali is constantly refining her skills, studying new techniques, and trying out innovative materials to make sure her work is always fresh and on trend.  Pearls, gemstones, metals, crystals, and even ribbon can be found in her work.  Each piece can be authenticated with her signature “Ali” logo charm.

Boutiques and customers alike fall in love with her collection, often saying it’s what they turn to every day to wear. Whether you are a loyal customer, an interested boutique, or just a jewelry lover at heart, Ali invites you to be a part of her story: start collecting her one of a kind jewelry now!

Where can people buy Ali Oesch jewelry if they don’t win (or just want more)?

You can order directly thru Ali’s website www.alioesch.com, or contact her through Facebook to place an order.  Ali’s website also lists a bunch of retailers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin that sell Ali Oesch jewelry.

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