Fashion’s Night Out Recap

The Look

I’ll start with what I wore, since I asked for your help with it. I ended up going with the “Love Never Dies” look, even though the popular vote was for the sequin dress look.  “Love Never Dies” was the second choice though, and the voting definitely helped me narrow it down!  So huge thanks for helping me out!!

Why no sequin dress?  I was worried that I was going to be too warm in the blazer, and since a cropped blazer with 3/4 length sleeves doesn’t lend itself  to a quick tie around the waist if it’s warm, and I didn’t want to be stuck carrying around a jacket all day.  It was a good decision… I had my flannel tied around my waist all day and never needed it, as I was comfortable in jeans with the sleeveless top.  But I was glad to have the option of the flannel there in case it did get chilly inside or out.

Fashion's Night Out 2012: The Look

I accessorized rather simply, with basic earrings (which you can’t really see–they’re just some crystals) and a big clear statement necklace (from Express a couple years ago).  I added my clear and rose gold Fossil boyfriend watch and a turquoise and silver ring on my right index finger, and that was it.  Nice and simple, but making a statement at the same time.  I kept my hair pretty simple as well and went with a messier look, and brought a pony holder with in case I decided I wanted it up and off my neck.  While, towards the end of the night, I did find myself wishing I was wearing my insole-friendly, flat combat boots, I was really happy with this outfit.

Where We Went

Three girl friends and I took Metra in from the ‘burbs. We got into the city at about 1:30 in the afternoon and cabbed it over to the Mag Mile.  We started out at Top Shop, where we spent quite a bit of time oohing and aahing over… pretty much everything in the store.  I bought nothing, though if I had boatload of money, I’d have bought a lot.  I did find my next DIY project though.  One of my friends bought this super-cute tank, and another bought this bracelet and another I don’t see on the site.  We all pretty much decided that we’d have Top Shop’s babies though.  So much amazing stuff there–something for every style and nearly every price point (though everything I adored was well above my price point).

From there we sat down at the historic water tower and people-watched for a little while we discussed what we wanted to do. We opted for food and headed to a place that ended up being closed between lunch and dinner.  Bummer.  After a little more walking around (and walking into a place where a burger was $17, and walking right back out), we decided to try a Mexican place called Canteen Kitchen.  They were opening right as we set foot in the door and it was a great place to sit and relax, laugh, enjoy some darn tasty food, and get “mango wasted” off 2 pitchers of very tasty mango margaritas (Though in reality, only one of us was drunk–the rest of us were just happy-buzzed).

Fashion's Night Out: Canteen Kitchen & Mango Wasted

It was good times, and I’d definitely hit up the slightly-hard-to-find Canteen Kitchen again!  Especially now that I know where it is and how to get there.  Plus, it was pretty reasonable, which was a big plus.  I would, however, watch the time a little more closely there.  We were there for nearly an hour and a half, which meant we had to hightail it to Water Tower Place for the FNO event, and had to skip going into All Saints, which is way expensive but an absolute favorite store of mine.  Yum.

At Water Tower, we got right in line to get our FNO wristbands and see if we were among the first 250 guests (who would get giftbags). We weren’t, but that’s ok because I didn’t need to carry a can of Diet Pepsi and a travel coffee mug around all night.  Yea… that’s what the giftbags were.  According to numerous people there, the best thing in the bag was a small gift certificate for one of the restaurants in Water Tower, and the rest was junk and/or useless.  And really?  A can of Diet Pepsi?  Lame.

We opted not to go into the In Fashion Lounge because we were taking the 8:30 train back and wanted to do more than stand in line and wait for we-weren’t-quite-sure.  So we headed off to explore.

And Then, This Happened…

Back in one of the exclusive-to-FNO-ticket-holders areas at Water Tower Place, us girls watched a fashion show, where what appeared to be everyday people walked down a floor-level red carpet, posed, turned, and headed back.  Since we were in the same area as everyone waiting in line to walk,  I struck up a little conversation with a couple of them, and confirmed that while they were chosen in advance, they were indeed “not professional models”.  Watching the majority of them walk had pretty much proved that, but it was nice to get official confirmation from one of the girls walking (who later got my photographer friend’s business card).

“Rachel, those are just regular people, you should go walk!” urged my friend. After much denying and whatnot on my part, one of my friends pulled me over to the guy who was leading the show, right before the last model walked, and asked him if I could walk, noting my experience as a model and my style blog.  He said that the people walked had been pre-selected, but that when the show was over, I could walk.  We were all, ok fine, and waited for the finale walk over by where we’d been standing.  After making sure the show was over and the models were heading back into the store, and most of the crowd was cleared, I went out onto the red carpet and did a quick walk.

Fashion's Night Out: Crashed A Runway Show

As I got back to my friends, one of the girls who’d walked in the show (not the same one I talked to) came over and yelled at me.  Yelled.  “That was really rude,” she barked, following up with “you shouldn’t have done that, that was someone’s show!”  I responded that I was sorry, but I had been given permission to walk after they were done, and they’d clearly finished.  Because they had!  She yelled again, as she walked away, that I was rude, to which one of my friends responded with “wanna fight about it, hunny?”  Oy.  :hangs head:  I felt bad.  And embarrassed.

Then the guy who’d said I could walk after the show came over! “Why’d you do that?!” he asked.  What?!  He said I could!  I said, again, “I’m sorry, I though you said I could go when you were done.”  Turns out, he had meant after their second show, though he hadn’t said that before.  Guh!  I felt like an asshole.  I apologized profusely and told him I didn’t realize there was a second show and that had I, I wouldn’t have done it, but that I thought they were done.

“It’s ok,” he said with a slight smile.  “That was a pretty good walk.” Can’t lie, that made me feel awesome. But still like an asshole.

I apologized again and we high-tailed it out of there.  I was, at that point, rather horrified.  But it soon became pretty funny, if only because of the one girl’s “that was someone’s show!” and the fact that the guy couldn’t really be that mad at me because my walk was way better than he expected (he’d given me the “uh huh, riiiiight” look when my friend told him I modeled).  “That was someone’s [whatever]” became our meme of the rest of the night, and will no doubt continue to be a funny inside joke between the 4 of us.

But I still kind of feel like a jerk. My friends say I shouldn’t, because he said I could go when they were done, and they were done.  But I can’t help thinking that maybe I should have waited another minute or two, or until the guy running things gave me an ok or something.  I can’t help but chuckle at the one girl’s reaction though.  Also, I can’t lie, I’m scouring the ‘net for pics of me, because the lingering photographers definitely snapped a few as I walked.

Banned From Floor 7

Ok, not really, but I felt like it. Anyway, we shopped around for a bit after that… on the other levels of Water Tower Place.   We stopped in at Franchesca’s Collections where 2 of the 4 of us (not me) bought purses.  Then we drooled all over the Free People store, and decided to head out around 7:15P.  A little earlier than planned, but there wasn’t much else we wanted to do, and we wanted to make sure we were running for the train like last year.  I can only, in good conscious, threaten to leave friends to sit in Olgilvie alone for an hour if they can’t keep up with my mad dash for the train once every 3 years.  We did take a quick peek in H&M on the way out, but there wasn’t anything groundbreaking in there, though I did see the patterned version of these pants in person, and quite like them.

While we waited for the train we got Garrett’s Popcorn. Yum Chicago mix!  Though I’m pretty sure my small bag is going to last me another… 2 weeks.  Yikes.  Also, earlier in the day we discovered that Mike Ditka has his own line of wine.  Because salsa, apparently, wasn’t enough?  But it was funny, so you get a pic of that too.  Oh and yes, you’re reading the price tag right… $17.49 for a bottle.  We did not buy any.

Fashion's Night Out: Da Wine

We dropped Chrissi off in Des Plaines and wished her good luck, because she had trouble finding parking and had to park in a spot she wasn’t sure was legal.  Lucky for her, her car was still there, and she didn’t get a ticket either.  Hooray!

After The Show It’s The After Party

Ok, not really an after party, but the rest of us had taken the train out of Palatine and stopped in at Durty Nellie’s afterwards to catch the Rod Tuffcurls And The Benchpress show.  It started a little later than they normally do (they’re there every Thursday night), but as always it was a great show–fun times and good music!  Kanye West was there and let me borrow his shades for a pic, only after interrupting me to tell everyone that Beyonce has the best runway walk of all time.

Fashion's Night Out: The After Party

Just kidding.  Those belonged to a friend of my friend Jacob, who’s face is on C.C. Ryder above.  Kanye was definitely not at Durty Nellie’s.  Sorry to disappoint.  Not really.

Looking Forward to Next Year!

Yup, I’m already excited for next year’s event! Last year we went to the 900 North Michigan Shops, which was fun, but packed and a little too high-end for my wallet.  The Water Tower Place event was fun, but I know a lot of the department stores do stuff on their own too, so perhaps we’ll check one of those events out.  Or maybe Woodfield will do something and we won’t have to go as far, haha.  Either way, I’ll be celebrating Fashion’s Night Out again next year.  Minus the runway show crashing part.

Did You Go to Fashion’s Night Out?

Where did you go? Did you see anyone famous, buy anything cool, photobomb anyone or… crash any runway shows?  Do tell!

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