What should I wear to Fashion’s Night Out?

Ok folks, voting time again! I can’t decide what to wear to Fashion’s Night Out tomorrow, and I figured I’d see what you all thought of some looks I put together last night.  I was really quick and didn’t try to figure out accessories or anything (I got home late from running an errand and wasn’t up to it), but I can use the basic idea of whatever outfit I decide on to dictate what bag and jewelry I decide on tonight.

The Looks

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Largely, I’m going a little on the grungy side with things for FNO, because I’m on that kind of kick right now.  Here’s a more in-depth look at each look.

1. WTF, Sequin Shorts! I couldn’t resist pairing my distressed “WTF” shirt with sequin shorts, a plaid shirt, and a denim vest for this first look, which was inspired by this and this.  I added sheer tights which are “nearly black” (kind of a brownish dark grey) and my military-inspired grey wedge booties.  What’s nice about this look is the layers… I can lose the vest if it makes me too warm, and tie the plaid around my waist to reveal the short sleeves of the WTF tee if I’m still too warm.  I’d probably arm party it up with this look so as not to cover the tee.

2. Pleather Mini. This look is really simple, which means I could have fun with accessories.  It was inspired by this look.  I’ve got a plain black, long-sleeve tee under a military styled grey jacket with my copper pleather mini.  For shoes I went with my grey and black wedge sneakers–comfy and chic.  I’d probably end up doing sheer black tights with this look, but it was easier to keep the same ones on for all the pics.  For accessories, I’m thinking a few mixed-length necklaces would work nicely.

3. Sequin Dress. I took one of my wardrobe must-haves and dressed it down for this look, adding a cropped houndstooth blazer on top of the sequin dress.  I’ve got the same brown-grey tights on, but added torn OTK sock on over it.  I went super casual and decided my well-loved combat boots finished this look off perfectly.  I’d probably go with a couple light bracelets for this look, which was inspired by this and a little of this.

4. Love Never Dies. This is a variation of look one, sorta.  I wore this cropped, sleeveless tee for my birthday party and dug it out to pair with black skinny jeans (hello long legs!) and my plaid shirt.  My grey military wedges went nicely with it.  Not sure if I’d go arm party or statement necklace for this one… I’d probably have to test it out and see.

5. Bleached Denim. Inspired by this and this, my final look would likely include the grey military jacket from look 2 after dark, since it’s supposed to drop down to 60 or so.  It’s my bleached denim jeans with an olive tee and a leopard scarf.  Pretty basic.

6. Wait, there’s no 6 up there! I’m throwing a wrench into things, ha!  I do have one more option and didn’t get a chance to take a pic because my dress wasn’t ready at the cleaners until today.  It involves a vintage BCBG dress no one’s ever seen before (not even my husband) that I got at Goodwill a couple months ago and had to have re-hemmed.  It’s mostly black, and I’m thinking I’d add a grey open cardigan and my denim vest with it, and on the bottom I’d do sheer black tights and my grey wedges.  Another rather simple look.

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Feel free to let me know what you think of each outfit in the comments below.  And if you don’t see anything you like, feel free to check out my Ideas for FNO 2012 Pinterest board and let me know if you think there’s something there you’d like to see that I didn’t pull inspiration from above (I know there are a few).  I’ll see what I can do!

If you’re going to be at FNO Chicago, hit me up on Facebook… or just look for me (in whatever supercute outfit I decide on) around Michigan Ave, or at Water Tower Place starting at 6P.

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