How I Spent Labor Day Weekend: Bangs, Cake, Faire & MOAR!

Phew, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Fall is here, folks, as crazy as it seems!  It doesn’t feel like fall yet here, though, and I’m not complaining.  As far as I’m concerned, the weather is darn near perfect (though a little more rain would be nice… I’m sick of this drought!).  Anyway, since I did so much fun stuff this weekend, I figured I’d share some of it with you.

I just want, bang bang bang!

Ok, so I’ve been obsessing over getting bangs for quite some time now.  I recently pinned, and pinned, and pinned tons of hairstyles with bangs, and kept finding myself going back to them.  I even saved some of the pics on my phone in case I decided I wanted to go to the salon and show my stylist.  Friday night, I was hanging out with my friend, hairstylist and makeup artist extraordinaire, Chrissi and told her about Lyz Lens’ bang mishap.  We of course started talking about how bad I wanted bangs, and I showed her some of the pics on my phone.  She looked at me and was like, “you’ve been talking about this forever let’s just cut you bangs right now!”

“How about you fake-bang me,” I said. So we spent about 15 minutes attempting to make a fringe out of the front of my hair (which was a little shorter than the rest of my hair).  We finally got it kind of looking ok and Chrissi told me to think about it Saturday and that we could cut bangs Sunday after the Renaissance Faire.  I thought about it and decided she should just do it

So I sat in her kitchen and got banged. Sorry for being crass, but we couldn’t stop laughing at the double entendre!  Here’s a few quick snaps of how things went.

Bangs: The Process

Here’s the final result from the front and side, which I’m super happy with! It got rave reviews from hubby’s side of the fam (and from my mom, who got texted a pic), as well as from coworkers.  Always a good thing!

Bangs @ Suburban Style Challenge Sorry the pics are kinda crappy… was working with cell phone pics.

When we were done, we laughed at this. And sang along.

We laughed especially hard when my husband, in response to a pic texted of my new ‘do responded with “I just want bang bang bang”!  That, right there, is proof of why we married, haha!

Cutest birthday cake, ever!

Saturday we had my niece’s birthday party up in Lake Geneva.  She and my sister-in-law made the cutest cake I’ve ever seen… check it out!

Cutest Birthday Cake Ever

How cute is that?  It was all edible too, with Teddy Grahms, cookie Goldfish, brown sugar sand, and fruity towels and inner tubes.  Oh, and the sides?  Kit Kat bars!  Just adorable!

Yar, we be at Ren Faire.

Sunday Chrissi and I got dressed up as pirates and headed out to the Bristol Renaissance Faire where we spent the afternoon laughing, eating, drinking, and having a wonderful time!  Here’s what I wore.

Ren Faire Pirate

Lots of layers, jewelry, and repurposed items (like a vintage camera strap as a belt).  And wowzers does my hair look long here!  Awesome.  What’s funny is that I loved this outfit so much, that I remarked at one point that I’d totally wear it to work.  Apparently, I’m a pirate at heart!

And here are some pics of some of the fun stuff I did while there.

Ren Faire Stuff

A “Rat Bastard” is half Berryweiss and half hard cider.  It was good… a little sweet but still with some bite.  I can’t do straight on Berryweiss–way too sweet for me–so this was a good compromise.

“Peach in. Green out.” is a reference to Dean Koontz’s Dark Rivers of the Heart. A character in the book uses a deep breathing and visualization technique to calm himself down.  He visualizes calmness as a pale peach vapor, and anger as a bile green one, and breathes the peach vapor in and the green one out when he’s angry.  It’s one of those things that’s stuck with me since my first read of the book.

Sunday was Family Day.

I spent Sunday sleeping. Then hubs and I took the dog to the dog park, where we walked around for a little big.  We cut our walk a little shorter than normal because she turned into a hotdog and headed home, where we dropped her off and headed out to Target to get some random stuff, including a new rug for our front room.  No pics, sorry.  But it was a nice day spent with hubs and the dog.

So that was my Labor Day weekend.

What did you do?  Anything fun and exciting?  Feel free to comment and tell me below!

What’s coming up this week?

Well, Thursday is Fashion’s Night Out and I’m going to Chicago with friends for the day.  We’ll be at the Water Tower Place event in the evening, which is now sold out, and will be out and about in the area during the day.  Going to be there?  Hit me up on Facebook and we’ll connect!

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