Dup-A-Look 10

Wow, this is my 10th Dup-A-Look post!  I definitely need to start doing more of these, but as I was looking for looks to duplicate for today, I realized nearly everything I pinned was either better suited to fall, or not work-appropriate.  Chances are, I’ll be doing a lot of these come fall, haha!

Anyway, today’s look was inspired by the catalog shot for the ASOS Ponti Midi Skirt With Belt, which I pinned here ages ago.  I think I pinned it around the time I picked up this skirt from Old Navy for $3.97 (nope, not a typo, see!) because I was looking for ways to wear it, and this struck my fancy.  I quite like the outfit and it was perfect for today–a cooler late summer day that was a little rainy and a little windy.

Dup-A-Look 10

The skirt is, as I mentioned, from Old Navy.  The chambray shirt is a Gap “Limited Edition” shirt from a few years ago.  My belt was thrifted a couple years ago, and this is actually the first time I’m wearing it outside of a shoot.  My earrings (see below) were from an estate sale.  I can’t remember where I got my tan fishnet socks, and my shoes are Steve Maddens I got at DSW a few years back.  I had different socks in mind for this, but could only find one this morning.  Oops!

Here’s a closer look at some of the details of my outfit, including the Pretty Practical Neesa ring that I won from a giveaway on Oh To Be A Muse.

Dup-A-Look 10: The Details

I don’t think I’d wear this one again though.  While I like it, I don’t feel very “me” in it.  It was comfortable and easy to wear though, and very work-friendly, but I felt a little… forced wearing it.  A bad outfit?  No way.  Just not me, I guess.

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