SSC’s Blogiversary Week!

This Friday, the 17th, is my first Blogiversary! (That is, it’s the one year anniversary of Suburban Style Challenge.)

To celebrate, I’ll be posting fun stuff all week!   Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing this week.

  • Make Stuff Monday: Galaxy Tee: A few weeks ago I made a kickass galaxy tee!  I’ll walk you through the steps I took (with pics, of course) and show you the final outcome, along with how I styled it.  This one’s really fun, and I’m excited to share it with you!
  • What’s Trending for Fall 2012: A look at what’s on trend for Fall 2012–colors, fabrics, and styling–as well as a look at how I’m going to make what’s in my closet work for me this fall (you know, with that shopping ban and all).
  • Wordless Wednesday: Things I Love (That I Actually Own): Forget wishlists!  Let’s take a wordless look at what’s already in my closet that I can’t get enough of.
  • Dup-A-Look: It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Dup-A-Look.  I’ll be duplicating something fun and different!
  • Happy Birthday to SSC! A look back at the past year, including my most popular posts, my favorite posts, my least-favorite outfits, and more.

It’s a big week this week, and I’m happy to share it all with you!  Thanks for being an SSC fan!