Happy Blogiversary to SSC!

Suburban Style Challenge is one year old today!

Yup, it was one year ago that I bit the bullet and started a style blog, after much pressure from some close friends.  And boy, what a ride it’s been!  To celebrate my Blogiversary, I figured I’d share some favorites, some top posts, some not-so-favorites, and some other neat things I’ve done in the past year.  Enjoy!

My First 7 Posts

I’m going to leave my “Hey I’ve just started a blog” welcome post out of the first 5, since that one says pretty much, well, that.  Past the “ZOMG new blog” post, here were my first 5 posts here at Suburban Style Challenge.

  1. Hitting the Mall: Spend Less, Regret Less
  2. Budget Fashion Fix: Lita vs. Puffin06
  3. Avoiding the Online Impulse Buy
  4. Brown + Black: It’s Ok!
  5. Budget Fashion Fix: Intyce vs. Tamara01
  6. Missoni for Target
  7. Fall Fashion: Boots

Of all of them, I still think there’s some pretty darn good advice in Hitting the Mall: Spend Less, Regret Less, Avoiding the Online Impulse Buy, and Brown + Black: It’s Ok! so if you haven’t read those, they’re worth checking out!

My 7 Most Popular Posts

I took at look at my stats and here are my top 5 posts, based on views.  I can’t really say I’m all that surprised about some of them, really, but some of the others certainly surprised me.  Here they are, starting with the most popular.  If you haven’t read these, check ’em out, see what you think!

  1. Thin Hate: It Has To Stop
  2. Forward Helix, Times Three
  3. Follow Up: Hair Color & Style
  4. Things I’m Afraid To Tell You
  5. The Summer Daytrip: 1 Bag, All The Essentials
  6. FBFF: 5 Things I Can’t Live Without
  7. What’s In My Bag

I knew the post on thin hate was going to be in my top 5, based on the traffic it got that week, and also knew that the first post on my triple forward helix was going to be in the top 5 based on how many times that search term brings people here.  The others were a surprise though, and very interesting to me.  I may be doing some more stuff similar to The Summer Daytrip and 5 Things I Can’t Live Without, since those were really popular posts.  I may also do a What’s In My Bag post every 6 months, because not only was that one popular, but let’s face it, those are just downright fun!

My 7 Favorite Posts

Not surprisingly, I’m sure, one of my most popular posts shows up on this list.  But the rest may surprise you.  These aren’t in any order, really, as it’s hard to pick an absolute favorite, #1 post.  Here are my top picks for posts, along with a little bit about why I like each one.

  • Thin Hate: It Has To Stop is among my favorite posts because it was a post that really gave me a chance to vocalize something I’d wanted to for years.  In fact, it took me months from starting that blog entry to publishing it, because I was afraid to.  But I felt it needed to be said, and stepped outside of my comfort zone, finished the entry, and published it.  Was the feedback entirely positive?  No.  But that’s ok.  I didn’t expect it to be.
  • “Dress Code” Doesn’t Mean “Boring” is another post I particularly enjoyed writing, because I liked sharing my thoughts on office dress codes and how to overcome the urge to dress blah just to comply.  I’ve been there, and it’s no fun!  Plus, it inspired me to actually put up an inspiration board in my boudoir, instead of relying on Pinterest and images I’ve saved on my phone.
  • Make Stuff Monday: Glitter Boots is a favorite post because the project, while fun to begin with, resulted in taking a pair of boots I rarely wore and making them a wardrobe favorite.  It was a blast glittering those puppies up, and has been even more fun working them into my wardrobe and realizing just how versatile they are.
  • Outfit Planning was a fun post to write, and not just because I submitted the questions to Katy over at FBFF.  It was fun to go through my planning process, and show you how I do things.  I made an extra effort with the outfits I shot in this post, putting stuff together that I normally wouldn’t, or hadn’t worn in forever, and because of it I got some great ideas!
  • The Style Hump: Stuck In A Rut is a post I like for various reasons.  For one, it’s a good “real” look at what I was like style-wise before I started SSC.  But it’s also full of really good advice that I actually find myself looking back on from time to time.  Style ruts are so easy to fall into, that it’s good to have the post to reference (even if it’s a mental “remember the style rut post…” as go to I throw in a load of laundry).
  • Avoiding the Online Impulse Buy is a post that’s full of advice I still follow today, even nearly a year after writing it.  Does it mean I miss out on some items I like, because I’ve spent too much time shopping around or “thinking about it”?  You bet.  But I’m ok with that.  Besides, there’s always another site that’s slower on the draw when it comes to trends, or a site gets restocked, or yet another has a better deal.  I’m finding more and more that it’s better to hold off than it is to rely on return policies.
  • Vanity Sizing, Your Measurements, & Clothing Sizes is my final favorite post.  It’s here because I think size is something so many women (and some men too) get so stuck on that it clouds their perception of themselves.  I know what it’s like to feel not-so-great about yourself because you’ve gone up a few sizes, and it sucks.  But once you get over the number, it’s quite liberating.  This post was my urge to women everywhere to start thinking about fit, forget size, and start feeling good again!

My 7 Favorite Outfits

It should come as no surprise that I’m looking at past outfits and showing off my favorite ones.  I’m going in no particular order, because I quite like them all.  And let’s note that narrowing it down to 7 was hard, because there’s a lot that I love.

Wrap It Up

Pattern Mixing


New Blue Shoes

Bleached Jeans

Dup-A-Look 2

21 Day Challenge: Sunday Shoes

Here are the original posts featuring those outfits: Random Outfits: July (the top 2 looks, though there were like 4 other outfits here I could have posted!), Random Outfits: June, Random Outfits: March & April, Random Outfits: January, 21 Day Challenge & Dup-A-Look 2, 21 Day Challenge: Sunday Shoes

They’re all pretty different looks, but I love them all.  I’d go into details about each one, but this post is long enough.  Maybe I’ll do that some other time.

My 7 Least Favorite Outfits

That’s right, I’m highlighting things I’ve worn that I don’t particularly like!  We all make mistakes, and you can’t learn from them if you don’t go back and look at them, even if it’s painful.  So, here are 7 outfits that I think were big mistakes, along with the lessons I learned from them.  Also not in any particular order.

Dup-A-Look 10

21 Day Challenge: Day 18

Mustard Skinnies

21 Day Challenge: DONE

Maxi Dress

Nani’s Cardigan

Inspiration Monday: SJP

Here are the posts featuring these outfits: Dup-A-Look 1021 Day Challenge: Days 15-18Random Outfits: December21 Day Challenge: DONE!, Random Outfits: February, Random Outfits: January, Inspiration Monday: SJP

Again, for brevity, I’m not going to go into what I dislike about each one, but yea.  I’m not a fan of these ones overall, even though at the time, I (usually) did like them.  Live and learn, right?  Right!

Some Other Milestones

In no particular order, here is some other neat stuff I’ve done here at Suburban Style Challenge, some of which you may not be aware of.

  • The Suburban Style ChallengeFacebook Page has reached over 1,300 fans.  If you’re not a fan, you should be… I post fun stuff every day!
  • I was accepted into the OASAP Fashion Hunters program, which was really cool!  I’m looking forward to working with them more.
  • I signed up to participate in the Fall 2012 Fashionista Giveaway Event, which is the web’s largest fashion-only giveaway event, and am really looking forward to offering you some great prizes as part of the event!
  • I have partnered up with Ali Oesch Jewelry to offer you a super-awesome giveaway prize for the 2012 Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event, and am working with another amazing designer for yet another amazing prize!
  • I participated in, and completed, the Ultimate Blog Challenge in July 2012, and am looking forward to giving it another go in October.
  • I’ve joined a variety of great blogging and style communities, met a whole bunch of wonderful people, and have learned tons from them all!

And most importantly, I suppose, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my style, and what I can offer other people.  I’ve become more confident in myself on multiple levels, and have you to thank for that.  So…

Thank you for being a fan of Suburban Style Challenge!

I’m looking forward to this next year as a style blogger, and hope it brings much more amazing stuff into both my life, and yours!