Review: OASAP Cut Out Lace Chain Bracelet

I was recently accepted into the OASAP Fashion Hunters program.
As part of the Fashion Hunters program, I’m given a certain amount of credits each month to purchase items from the site to review.  I can use just credits, or combine credits with a standard form of payment to purchase items.  It’s pretty cool, and I’m excited to be a part of the program!  I have been seeing more and more of OASAP’s products lately, and can’t wait to check more out for myself.

But first…

A quick little bit about OASAP, in case you aren’t familiar with them.
OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewelery, accessories, and more.  It was founded in late 2011 and has already grown to be a leading high fashion online store. OASAP updates their products daily, with more than 600 trendy new products added each week. OASAP’s mission is to get you close to the planet’s most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are.

The OASAP website was a pleasant surprise.
Despite my being a little familiar with the name OASAP, I’d never been to the site before.  Boy was I surprised!  Not only do they have a huge selection of products, from dresses to shoes, to bags to jewelry and more, the items available vary incredibly when it comes to both style and price.  There is literally something for everyone at OASAP!  Even before I was accepted into the Fashion Hunters program I started making a wishlist and dreaming up outfits with the things I was adding.  Quite fun!

I can’t lie, I was a bit wary about ordering.
I read a review on another style blogger’s site of an item from OASAP and it wasn’t all that great.  The item she received was poorly made and quite obviously very cheap.  I, however, decided to take a chance anyway and sign up for the program and order something.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, and with the selection of products available, I could find something that would work for  me.  So I went ahead and ordered the Cut Out Lace Chain Bracelet.

And now, the review.

At just $16, I spent less than the credits I initially received. But, I didn’t want to go over and have to spend any additional money.  As you probably know, I recently made some changes in my life, and one of them was a pledge to not buy anything new, so I figured if I was just spending credits, I was good.  I decided to go with this particular bracelet, instead of a variety of other bracelets, or even a ring I liked, because I’m on an arm party kick right now, and figured this would be a unique piece to add to my collection.  I definitely didn’t have anything like it!

It came fast!
My bracelet arrived much faster than I expected.  I ordered on July 11 and  it was waiting for me at my desk when I arrived at work on July 18.  6 business days (including the day I ordered and the delivery date) to process my order and ship it?  Not too bad for something coming from overseas!

I opened the little bubble envelope and pulled out my bracelet.
Along with the bracelet came extra findings–a small length of chain and a lobster clasp–and what I think is a small piece of hot glue stick.

OASAP Cut Out Lace Bracelet - Out Of The Package

It’s pretty nice to have the extras to fix the bracelet should the chain or clasp break, though I’m not anticipating having any problems.  I’m not sure why the glue stick was included, because the ends of the lace are clamped into the metal edge things, but ok… I’ll use it for some other crafty project I guess.  Right now, both the extra findings and the glue stick are in my desk drawer though.

It looks just like the picture, and has no jagged edges.
I was a little wary that this would look like a cheap piece of lace cut out of a large swatch of lace, and that there would be jagged edges where it was cut, or that it wouldn’t be as nice looking as the photo.  I was planning on it looking like a DIY project, and figured I could use it as inspiration for just that.  But again, I was pleasantly surprised.  The bracelet looks just like the photo and the lace is quite beautiful.  It’s not even reversible, which is kind of nice–seems a little higher quality to me than if it were reversible.  It’s also quite thick, but not stiff or cumbersome.

OASAP Cut Out Lace Bracelet - Just As Pictured

The color is called “light coffee” on the product page, but it’s more of a blush color I think.  I’m ok with it though–it’s a color that works nicely on me either way.

The Cut Out Lace Chain Bracelet joins the arm party.
And she fits right in!  I had a variety of estate sale baubles on, and the lace worked very nicely.  Not something I’ll wear every day, but definitely something that will make an appearance periodically.

OASAP Cut Out Lace Bracelet - Perfect Arm Party Addition

I think what I like best about it is the versatility.  I can layer it up and let it peek out, like it does above, or wear it alone.  And because it sits so flush against my wrist, I think I could even wear it on my right hand at work, without it getting in the way of mouse usage, which is a bonus.

My only complaints?
First, it is a little tricky to put on.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to get it on my left hand, and it might be easier with the clasp and the chain switched, or if it’s because I’m trying to get it as tight as I can for a perfectly flush fit.  But the first time I put it on, I found myself grumbling a little bit over it.  I had a little trouble getting it off too, for the same reason.  I’m sure eventually I’ll figure out a system, but if you’re not the patient type when it comes to putting on bracelets, I’m not sure if this one is for you.  There is absolutely no way to leave this clasped and slip it on and off over your hand… that’s just asking for it to break or tear.

The only other (very minor) issue I have is that while the bracelet sits flush to my wrist, it still tends to kind of get a little tangled with other bracelets if I’m layering.  Nothing anyone can really do about that, and I think as long as I’m conscious of it and correct it as it happens, it will stay nice.

I do find myself wishing it came in more colors.
The blush color is nice, but I think the Cut Out Lace Chain Bracelet would look smashing in cream, black, wine red or eggplant purple, and peacock-teal.  Maybe even a mustard yellow.  I may be a little partial to those colors, since I have a lot of them in my closet, but I think they’d work for other people too.  Black for sure is something I’d like to see.  Talk about elegant!  I’d certainly order it in black, even having the blush color.

There are some other options, though.
Because there’s a big selection on the OASAP site, there are a few similar options.  They have a very similar bracelet in light blue called the Flower Pattern Cut Out Chain Bracelet, if the blush color isn’t your taste.  There’s also a Crown Pattern Lace Bracelet With Crown Pendant piece that’s white and has a little dangly pendant (which I imagine could be removed).  And there are actually a couple of black options that are similar, though they both have embellishments.  The Flower Pattern Lace Bracelet With A Flower Ring comes with a ring attached by chain, and the Flower Pattern Chain Tassel Design Bracelet has a few chains and a tassel attached.  So there are definitely some similar options on the site too, all for under $25, which is nice.

Overall, I’m happy with the bracelet.

I’m looking forward to seeing how else I can style it.
I may even see if I can make it into a choker with an extra length of chain.  But it’s definitely something I can see myself adding to outfits as is for a little delicate touch of girliness.  I think it’ll be fun with my new Doc Martens, and maybe even my pleather-front pants in fall.

I’m also excited to order more from OASAP!
Each time I visit the site I add more to my wishlist.  I love a lot of their rings and necklaces, and have seen quite a few cute skirts, dresses and tops I’m interested.  And don’t even get me started on their shoe selection!  I may have sworn off shopping, but I’m still wishlisting stuff.  Who knows, maybe in 6 months I’ll have saved enough to be able to buy myself a fun little reward!  Until then, I’ll be making my wishlist.

Join in the fun!

Interested in joining the OASAP Fashion Hunters program?  You can sign up here.  If you aren’t a blogger or don’t think you’d fit the requirements to be a Fashion Hunter, but want some cool benefits, they have a Thank You Points system too!  You can get details on that here.

Disclaimer: I was provided credits to purchase a product in exchange for my review.  The above opinions are my own and were not influenced by my compensation.

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