I’ve Been Tagged!

I was tagged back on July 26 over at Aggravation Station.  I held off on it because it didn’t really fit in with what I’d planned to write about.  But now that the Ultimate Blog Challenge is over, I’ve had some time to sit down and take care of it!

The Rules

Of course there are rules!  It’s a pretty manageable set of rules though.  Here they are.

1.  Post the rules.
2.  Answer the questions the tagger has set for me in their post.
3.  Create 11 new questions to ask those who I’m going to tag.
4.  Tag 11 people with a link to this post, so they can answer the questions.

The Questions

Here are the questions I was asked.  Some of them are kind of tricky, so I hope I can answer them!

  1. What are your guilty pleasures (you know those ones you love but are ashamed to admit) for the following:  Movie, Music and TV show.
    I rather enjoy the Final Destination movies. I can always watch them if they’re on TV and will even On Demand them if there’s nothing else on.  I like trying to figure out what crazy way they’re going to kill people off, as terrible as that is.
    When it comes to music, my tastes are pretty varied… but I suppose my real guilty pleasure is singing and dancing along.  When I’m alone at home, I’ll often put music on and sing along and dance around when I’m doing stuff.  When I’m cleaning out my closet, this is a must. Also, Jock Jams… what can I say, I was a cheerleader in the 90’s.
    Guilty pleasure TV shows?  I can watch Sex And The City reruns for hours… same with Law & Order SVU.  I love Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs, and Mythbusters. But I think my real TV guilty pleasure is Bridezillas. I don’t know why, but every so often I’ll On Demand episode after episode, and laugh at the antics (even though I’m pretty sure they’re almost all entirely staged at this point).
  2. What’s one thing you did as a child/teenager that you know disappointed your parents?
    I wasn’t as good of a student as they always thought I could be.  I got A’s in quite a few classes, but not all of them, and even got C’s in a few classes.  I think they always thought I was a straight A student, or that I always would be.
  3. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
    I think I’d take Wolverene’s healing abilities, thought flight would be cool too.
  4. What is your biggest fear?
    Spiders and nearly every other bug out there.  I’m generally ok with them outside, unless they’re flying.  But when they’re in the house :shudders: “not a fan” is putting it very, very lightly.  I don’t even like pictures of spiders.
  5. If you could go for a beer or coffee with any one person, dead or alive, living or fictional, who would it be?
    I’d like to have tea with my Papa again, like we used to when I was a kid.  I miss him so much.
  6. What song do you want played at your funeral?
    I want to be made into a diamond when I die… so no funeral necessary!
  7. What’s one mundane thing you have to do just about every single day that you wish you could do without?
    I rather dislike drying my hair.  But I feel like it’s sloppy to leave the house with wet hair (and not put it up or anything).  Can’t wait till my hair’s long enough to braid… that will likely be my go-to style, and I won’t have to deal with drying my hair or worry about how damaging a pony or piggies are if I pull it back wet.
  8. What talent do you wish you possessed that you currently don’t?
    I wish I could sing well.  I regret not taking voice lessons in high school, actually.
  9. What did you wear to your highschool prom?  Describe your outfit.
    My senior year prom I wore a floor length black skirt, that was multiple layers of chiffon (I still have it and it still fits, actually).  I wore a black tank top and a pale lavender lose-knit sleeveless top that had some silver woven into it.  It was pretty, and I kind of wish I still had the top–it would be fun to style now.  My shoes were black high-heeled Kenneth Coles that I wore for years. I don’t recall my jewelry, but I know I didn’t wear a necklace… the knit top had a faux turtleneck.  Don’t really remember my hair and makeup either, other than I did them both myself.  I went stag with a group of girl friends.
  10. If you didn’t require extra training or schooling, what would your dream job be?
    I’d love to be a personal shopper.  How much fun would it be to help people shop?!
  11. What is your favourite household chore?
    Yuck, chores!  Um… goodness.  I guess I don’t mind sorting laundry… though I don’t particularly enjoy the rest of the laundry process.  Sorting it is kind of fun though.  I know, weird.

My 11 Questions

  1. What’s one item from your childhood that you no longer have, but wish you did?
  2. If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?
  3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  How does it compare to now?
  4. If you could own any kind of animal as a pet, what would it be?
  5. If you were to hire an assistant to help you manage your daily activities, what would he or she do for you?
  6. What kind of music do you work best to?
  7. Who is your favorite author, and why?
  8. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. What’s one trend you hated when it first came out, but soon grew to love?
  10. Do you say “soda” or “pop”?  Or maybe just “coke”?
  11. If you could spend a month anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

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4 comments for “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. August 7, 2012 at 6:01 PM

    Oh Lord, I was a cheerleader in the 90’s too and I secretly love (and loathe that fact) Bridezillas. Gah! I also wish I too could do without blow drying my hair. It’s precious time I will never get back. I wonder how many hours of my life so far have been wasted blow drying my hair?

  2. August 7, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    There’s just something about that show, isn’t there? I think for me I like it because it makes me feel like a really really good person LOL! Seeing some of the stuff they do–lying to fiances, treating family and friends terribly, lying to vendors to get their way–it’s just astounding.

    Oh I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve spent drying my hair! Even when it was short I spent time drying and styling it. And the cost of product, which is higher (for me at least) when it’s short? Yuck!

  3. August 8, 2012 at 12:40 AM

    Made into a diamond? I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. That’s very interesting.

    Thanks for tagging me. I may not get to respond this week, but I will get to it. 🙂

  4. August 8, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    I used to joke about it not really realizing it was possible, but it is! I believe LifeGem is the company that pioneered it, but there are lots of other places that do it now. They basically take your ashes and make them into a lab-created diamond or other gemstone. It’s pretty neat, actually.

    No hurry… took me awhile to get to it myself, haha!

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