Work Week

As a 30-year-old with a full-time job, I’ve had quite a few challenges over the past 8 years when it comes to workplace wardrobe. The places I’ve worked have all had dress codes, and I’ve toed the line before numerous times. I’ve also seen some astounding things from coworkers, and heard some crazy stories when it comes to clothing at the workplace. I figured it would be interesting to look at all of that, and since I’m doing a post a day for the month of July, a themed week seemed appropriate.  So here’s the schedule coming up this week.

The Dress Code: Theirs & Mine
Monday I’ll be talking about dress codes.  I’ll be writing about what it’s like working in a casual office, why I sometimes toe the line when it comes to wardrobe, and some rules I’ve adopted myself regarding how I choose to dress at work.

Things That Should Never Be Worn To Work
Tuesday’s a fun day, where I’ll talk about some of the style atrocities I’ve seen in the workplace and how you can avoid them.

Wordless Weds: Office Essentials
You’ve seen what’s in my bag, and now you’ll get a chance to see what’s on my desk and in my drawers (my desk drawers!) with this Wordless Wednesday post.

“Dress Code” Doesn’t Mean “Boring”
Just because you have to follow the dress code at work doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy, boring, or like you’re wearing a uniform!  There are plenty of ways you can follow the dress code but still dress true to yourself.  I’ll give you some pointers on Thursday.

It’s another short week, because I have another great Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post scheduled for Friday, and while it doesn’t fit with this week’s theme, I just couldn’t pass it up! Here’s a hint: Summer Reading.

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