FBFF: 2012 Summer Reading List

Generally, I read a lot. I posted a few months ago about my top 5 books, but haven’t really posted about reading ever since. Today’s Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post is perfect though. It’s all about what I’m reading and have read this summer. And you’re in luck, as I’ve actually had my nose buried in a few style-related books this summer, including one I’m declaring a must read for pretty much any woman!

So, here’s what I’ve read so far this summer…

My Summer Reading List: An FBFF Post @ Suburban Style Challenge

Keeping Watch by Laurie R. King
Not the typical novel I’d usually read, but I’ve enjoyed other books by Laurie R. King and when I saw this one at Goodwill for 50 cents, I grabbed it.  A good read, though a little too much history on the main character for me; I’d have much rather had more current-day stuff I think.

I Have Nothing To Wear by Jill Martin & Dana Ravich
I’m only 4 “steps” in, but I’m declaring this a must-read for anyone who’s ever stood in front of a closet full of clothes and painfully declared they’ve nothing to wear.  I’m learning a lot and will be most definitely taking advice from this book as I clean out my closet and purchase new items.

I Spy DIY Style by Jenni Radosevich
I got this book as a birthday gift and, while I’ve skimmed through it, can’t start wait to dive in full-force and take some of the ideas from the book and make them reality!  If you’re crafty, I’d say this would be a good one to pick up (or borrow from a friend).  And as a gift for a crafty fashionista?  Spot on!

Style Yourself by Jane Aldridge
Another great book for fashionistas, this one I’ve had for awhile, but I find myself referencing constantly.  Worth looking into, as I’ve gotten a lot of great tips and ideas from this one.  It resides on my end table, next to the couch, and is perfect for browsing though during commercials.

I have a few more books on my to-read list…
They include some other style books, as well as a childhood favorite of mine, The Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Once I finish everything, I’ll write full reviews (of the style books at least) and post them.

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What’s on your summer reading list? Let me know in the comments!  I’m always looking for new reads!

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