Random Outfits: July

Normally I do my Random Outfits posts at the beginning of the month following the one I’m showcasing.  But I’ve decided not to photograph today’s outfit, so I’ll just finish off this month of posting with a look at what I’ve worn this month.  There were some great outfits in July, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Wrap It Up
I got this wrap dress from the Banana Republic Outlet, where it was on clearance and then another 40% off.  It rang up to about $20, which is a pretty darn good deal.  It’s a great print and a material that just doesn’t wrinkle, which means it will be a perfect dress for traveling.  It’s also really easy to dress up or down.

The first time I wore it, July 2, I paired it with my mustard yellow Target wedges and a scarf also from Target.  I figured the shoes added some color to an otherwise monochromatic dress, and the scarf tied to the shoes and added some texture.  Hidden under the scarf was a wishbone necklace made by Ali Oesch, a gift from my parents.

Random Outfits: July - Wrap It Up

This wrap dress has become a fast favorite.  I’ve worn it 3 times this month, and fought wearing it more!  You’ll be seeing much more of it.  I’m quite looking forward to styling this for fall and winter.

Floral Pants
What kind of style blogger would I be if I didn’t own the H&M floral pants?!  I’m kidding… kind of.  I had actually been lusting over these for quite some time, but figured they were designer and expensive.  Imagine my delight when I realized they were only $14.95 at H&M!  I called (with the help of a friend) nearly every store in the Chicagoland area to hunt them down in my size and drove out to Geneva to get them, but it was worth it!  I love them, and am enjoying the styling challenge they’re presenting.

The first time I wore them was July 3.  I wore them with a black sleeveless top that’s sheer, but I wore a tank under it to keep it work-friendly.  I added my blue shoes for a pop of color, and kept jewelry to a minimum.

Random Outfits: July - Floral Pants

The only problem I have with them is that they’re not something you can wear very regularly, because they’re so memorable.  So I have been trying to avoid wearing them too often.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with these for fall.

Tie Dye
I wore a dress again on July 5th.  It was unbelievably hot around here the week of July 4th, and it was just way more comfortable in dresses.  This high-low number is from Forever21, and I topped it with a light-weight, oversized open cardigan from Kohl’s (but only for in the office.  I wore my Dolce Vita wedges again and belted it with a wide brown belt.  Nice and light for both inside and outside.  I pulled my hair into a pony because it was just easier to leave it wet in the morning and pull it back.

Random Outfits: July - Tie Dye

I don’t wear this dress enough, and hope to wear it more in the fall.  It’s another unique item that I feel like is easy to over-wear, so yea, I try and limit how much I wear it.

I had an in-office interview on July 10th and decided to wear a black jersey dress (by Soprano) with my blue shoes and the same scarf I wore the 2nd.  I added a stack of bracelets that tied the shoes and the scarf all together, and hid my wishbone under the scarf again.  I felt like it was an outfit that was nice, but still showed my personality.

Random Outfits: July - Interview

I didn’t get the job–they opted to go with an external candidate instead of an internal one, and that’s ok.  I loved this outfit!

Grey Maxi
I wore this maxi skirt in early May and remembered why I bought it.  It’s really comfortable but easy to dress up and make look nice for work.  I dressed it up a little by pairing it with a black tank and a beautiful fuschia top I got at a swap last year.  My wishbone made another appearance, and on my feet were gladiator sandals from Target.

Random Outfits: July - Grey Maxi

This was a perfect outfit for the office, and something I’m sure I’ll wear variations of again, season after season.

Dressed for Comfort
I just wasn’t feelin’ it on July 12.  I didn’t want to wear pants or a belt, and didn’t have any clean dresses.  I broke out my comfy grey sweatshirt dress that I thrifted and added black capri tights.  No belt, but I did wear heels.  They’re wedges from last year’s Isobel Toledo line at Payless.  I hadn’t worn them in awhile, and they’re surprisingly comfortable, so I went with it.

Random Outfits: July - Dressed for Comfort

Big fan of this outfit.  The dress is super comfortable, even in warmer weather, and it just worked nicely.  Not really very summery, but that’s ok.  I’m sure I’ll wear something similar in fall and winter (provided this winter is like last winter, that is).

Pattern Mixing
July 18th outfit was a lesson in pattern mixing for me.  I had picked up this plaid dress at Plato’s Closet in their clearance section and couldn’t resist wearing it, even though it’s not really summery.  I added black capri tights and leopard flats, with a leopard belt.  Something I probably never would have allowed myself to wear a couple years ago, but I loved this outfit!  The flats I’d gotten last year, but was afraid to wear because I didn’t want them to hurt.  That was silly… turns out, they’re super comfortable, and I kind of regret not getting them in blue and black too!

Random Outfits: July - Pattern Mixing

You’ll definitely be seeing variations of this look, as well as these shoes, again.  Out of the whole month, this is one of my favorite looks.

I Feel Like A Gap Model
Another great day for pattern mixing was July 18.  I also :gasp: tucked in my shirt (you may recall from Day 2 of the 21 Day Challenge that I can’t stand tucking in my shirt).  I tucked it into some slouchy, paint-spotted khakis from Gap, which I cuffed and wore over my brown Dolce Vita for Target wedges.  I belted the pants with a brown braided belt, and added a grey scarf–another Target piece–and 3 bracelets, two from estate sales and one from the clearance section of Von Maur.  I went with piggies for my hair, because it just seemed to work (plus, yay for an extra 10 minutes of sleep if I don’t dry my hair).

Random Outfits: July - I Feel Like A Gap Model

Lots of great texture in this outfit, and one I see making work in early fall too.  I’m looking forward to a variation of this in late fall too.  I did feel like it was an outfit pulled right out a Gap ad campaign though, hence the title.  Not a bad thing, I think.

Moving Day
My department moved on July 20 and I broke one of my workplace dress code rules; I wore sneakers to the office!  It was a good decision though, as there was a lot of pushing furniture, crawling around on the floor, and carrying stuff a rather long distance.  Any other shoes would have been uncomfortable, and could have been a hazard to my toes.  I wore jeans too, for the first time in quite awhile.  Again, the thought of crawling around on the floor made jeans seem like a smart choice that morning, and they were.

I dressed my pin-striped Chucks and jeans up by pairing them with a cold shoulder high-low top from Charlotte Russe, that had a pretty cream and blue pattern on it that echoed the colors of my shoes.  I topped it with my boy’s blazer (a Goodwill find), but that wasn’t enough for me.  I took a big chance and wore my chunky clear necklace from Express.  Excellent choice, as I got a ton of complements on it throughout the day.

Random Outfits: July - Moving Day

This outfit was a resounding success, and if you’ve got to wear sneakers to the office, I’d say this is the way to do it.  Dressing them up helped me feel like I still looked professional, instead of sloppy.  It was also fun to wear that big statement necklace to work.  I never had before, but it worked so nicely.  I may actually try and wear this kind of outfit again, sneakers and all.  I have a pair of grey Chucks I may play with.  It won’t be a regular thing though, that’s for sure!  This may actually be my favorite look from the month, surprisingly!

I also have my own office now, which is really nifty!

Quick Change
July 20th we had a wedding.  I worked in the morning and had to do a quick change for the ceremony late that afternoon.  I wore my teal skirt, which I bought white at Goodwill and dyed.  I wore a loose, sheer cream tank (an Urban Outfitters find) over a white tank, and for the office I knotted a chambray shirt (from Gap) over it.  I slipped my skinny leopard belt through the belt loops on the skirt and wore my leopard flats to the office.  I added a chunky gold collar necklace for some shine.

When I got home, I pulled off the chambray shirt and strapped on the black patent heels I snagged for $15 at a consignment shop near Peoria.  I added a black sequin wristlet, and off we went!

Random Outfits: July - Quick Change

I got a lot of complements on both versions of this outfit, and rather liked them both.  The skirt with the flats though?  Big fan.

The Wedding
We had time between the ceremony and the reception to go home and change, so I did just that.  I threw on this beautiful shimmery dress from H&M (a clearance score a couple years ago) and sky high silver shoes.  I don’t actually have a silver clutch, but loved the way the jewels on the front of my purple patent one tied into the shoes.  I would have liked a silver statement necklace, but couldn’t find one in my jewelry collection that was the right size–everything was either too big or too small–so I just added an arm party instead.  It worked.

Random Outfits: July - Wedding

Shout out to my husband for humoring me and taking my pic in front of our beautiful Acura NSX.  This dress isn’t one you’ll likely see very often, but it’s a good piece to pack for a trip.  I could probably dress it down (and may try it in the fall), but it’s bodycon, so it’s wrinkle-free.  Next trip to Vegas, this beauty is coming!

Blue Dress
This blue dress was a Target clearance find last year and has definitely paid for itself.  It has pockets, so it’s great for work events, and it’s easy to layer in fall and winter.  I wore a closet orphan over it–a cream cardigan that has lace at the shoulders, and my leopard shoes (told you I would be wearing them a lot) and leopard belt.  I added a vintage rose ring–an estate sale find I couldn’t pass up–and a stack of fun bracelets, including a new one from OASAP, which I’ll review tomorrow.

Random Outfits: July - Blue Dress

An easy outfit that was perfect for work.  I’m sure I’ll work a variance of it into my wardrobe again, especially in fall.

Shades of Grey
After mentioning somewhere that I needed to find a replacement for my striped dress, as it was starting to get a little worn, I stumbled across this H&M skirt at Plato’s Closet!  Perfection!  I decided to wear it with a black tank under a semi-sheer light grey tank, with light grey socks.  I desperately wanted to wear the shoes I got with my DSW giftcard!  I added my cropped grey houndstooth blazer (also from H&M) and did piggies again.

Random Outfits: July - Shades of Grey

I couldn’t resist taking these pics in the office building hallway… look at all those shades of grey! 😉  This outfit is another I rather enjoyed.  Looking forward to working these grey shoes into my wardrobe!

Entirely Thrifted
I mentioned in my Change is Good post that I recently got a great dress at Goodwill.  Well, this is the one.  I was going to enter this outfit into the big drawing for July over at Thrifstore Runway, as I challenged myself to put together something entirely thrifted, but I can’t verify prices on everything (and it adds up to over $50), so I didn’t.  Anyway, it is actually entirely thrifted!  I’ll give you the breakdown after the pic.

Random Outfits: July - Entirely Thrifted

The dress and shoes are both from Goodwill, and the rust duster is from Shelter Inc.  My earrings (which you can’t see and I forgot to grab a close up of), ring, and 4 of my 6 bracelets are all from estate sales.  The other 2 bracelets were my grandma’s.  My purse, which isn’t in this shot but is the same purple bag that’s in a few images above, is from Clothes Mentor, and also purchased used.  Pretty cool, huh?

The dress is Gap, and fits me perfect.  The shoes are Carlos Santana, and the cardigan is H&M.  Some pretty good thrifty finds, there!  You’ll definitely be seeing more of the dress.  You’ve already seen the cardi and the shoes, but those are both staying in the rotation too.

So that’s it!  July’s Random Outfits.

Which are your favorites?  Anything you don’t particularly care for?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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