FBFF: 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

I hope you enjoyed my follow up week! It was fun looking back at things and catching you (and myself) up on the progress and all that.

Anyway, this week’s Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday asks us to talk about 5 items we can’t live without.  I already discussed my must-have beauty products in another FBFF post, so this is, I suppose, a follow up to that… in a way.  This time around, I’ll show you what my 5 must-have pieces in my closet are.  It was a tough one–I have a pretty extensive closet, and could have easily chosen 5 pairs of shoes that are absolutely essential, haha!  So, without any further introduction, here are 5 items I think every woman should have at least one of in her closet.

Black Booties
Black booties are my go-to shoe.  They’re super versatile; you can wear the to the office, out to dinner, our with the girls, or to pretty much anywhere.  Booties work under pants and with skirts or dresses.  They look great with tights or bare legs, and you can wear them year-round without worrying about getting too hot.  And let’s not forget that they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and styles–wedges, peep toe, slip on, low cut, lace-up… you get the idea.  Here’s my favorite pair, a perforated pair with a 4″ heel and a 1″ platform made by Dollhouse that slip on easily.  I’ve had them a couple years now, and a quick search shows that you may be able to find them online.  They are the Dollhouse Fina.

I have numerous pairs of black booties. I’ve got at least 5 pairs that I counted while photographing everything last night, but I’m sure if I dug through things I could find a couple more.  My booties range in style from wedges to peep toe and everything in between.  In fact, thinking about it, I could probably get rid of 75% of my black booties and still be happy with the shoes I keep.  I may just do that, actually.

A Neutral, Oversized Sweater
This isn’t something I would have thought I’d say was something I couldn’t live without a year ago.   But then I got one.  And another.  And another. I quickly fell in love with the oversized neutral sweater and both the comfort and strangely-chic it added to my wardrobe.  Of the ones I have, it’s a toss up between this one and a cable-knit one I have, but the cable-knit sweater is currently in a space bag, so this is what you get.  And it says a lot that I left an oversized, chunky sweater out of a space bag during the summer!

I have 3 neutral, oversized sweaters, and even more non-neutral ones. All of them are thrifted, and my 3 neutral ones are all very different textures.  Eventually, I may dye one of the neutral ones, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy their coziness and versatility.

A Sparkly Dress
Initially I wasn’t a fan of the sequin dress–it just seemed too flashy to me.  But as time passed, I realized they’re actually quite  appropriate for numerous occasions, and for that reason, they’re great to have in addition to your standard little black dress.  What’s more is that a sparkly dress can be worn a little more casually as well, with sequins being in as of late, and quite fun to wear unexpectedly.  While this is a new addition to my “must have” list, I can assure you I’m going to be trying to incorporate this into my wardrobe more.

I have 3 different sparkly dresses. The bronze one is my favorite, despite it being a recent purchase, but I also have a black one and a multi-colored one (that one’s only sparkly in the front, and is solid black in back).  Lots of potential to add a little sparkle into my life!

Perfectly Fitting Black Pants
It has long been drilled into my head that a pair of nicely-fitting black pants are a wardrobe staple, and I firmly believe this.  In my freshman year of college, black pants were the must wear going out pant.  It felt really weird the first time I wore jeans to the bar, which happened mid-way through my sophomore year, on a night I wanted to be more causal.  When I interned, black pants were the easiest to turn to for office wear–even in a more casual office, they worked.  When I started work after college, black pants were a staple of my work environment, and almost always come with me on business trips.  They’ve also taken me to bridal showers, funerals, nights out with the girls, and to numerous other occasions.  Granted, the styles have changed, as have the fit, as I’ve gotten older, but the bottom line is, black pants are amazingly versatile and can go anywhere, anytime.

I have quite a few pairs of perfectly fitting black pants. The ones above I got from a boutique that and cost me quite a bit of money.  They fit me perfectly though, without any alterations, and I couldn’t pass them up.  They were a bit more “grown up” than other pants I had, and are great for work events.  Plus, they stretch and that means they’re comfortable too… always a plus.

The Denim Jacket
Denim jackets were in style when I was a kid, and were “uncool” for quite some time at some point.  But then they slowly became cool again, and eventually became another “it” piece to have in your wardrobe.  At the start of the re-emergence of the denim jacket, I managed to find a great Max Studio jacket at Marshall’s for a whopping $14.99.  I figured it’d be a good quality piece to have, but that if it was a trend and they went out of style again, I wasn’t going to feel guilty getting rid of it, having only spent $15.  Once I started wearing the jacket and realized how versatile it was, I decided it was something that would stick around.  Eventually, it became a must have for me.  I added another a couple years ago.  I wear both of them regularly, especially in the summer when it’s easy to throw on over a dress for the office or a cool summer evening.

I have 2 denim jackets I wear regularly. The one above is from GAP, and I lusted over it for quite some time while it was in stores.  I was able to snag it on sale and love the mixture between classic biker jacket and classic jean jacket.

But Wait… There’s More!
While I could continue to tell you what I think is essential in a women’s wardrobe, I’ll stop here.  But, to show you just how great all the above pieces are, I decided to throw together a few outfits, only adding a basic white T, a black clutch, and a belt.  Check it out–I was able to make 6 great outfits effortlessly, just by adding those 3 things.

As you can tell, everything is pretty versatile, and you can create outfits for everything from work to nights out.  Imagine how they’d be if I’d have added more accessories, different shoes, or other items of clothing!  It’s pretty great, isn’t it?  That’s exactly the reason why I chose these 5 items as my must have pieces!

What do you think?
Are these 5 things must-haves for you, or are there other pieces you’d rather I’d have listed instead?  Let me know in the comments!

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