Follow Up: Glitter Boots

Back in January I made a pair of fantastic glitter boots based on various DIYs online (my own DIY was posted in Feb).  When I was researching the boots, I noticed that there were never any follow ups on them, and I was left wondering what I was getting myself into when it came to making them.  Was the glitter/glue mixture going to peel off, even though I’d sealed them with Mod Podge?  Were they going to crack or flake with lots of wear?  The unknowns were almost enough to be a turn-off when it came to making them.  But I decided to go for it anyway–I had nothing really to lose expect for a pair of shoes I didn’t really wear all that much.

Well, since it’s been 6ish months, I figured I’d do a follow up to let you know how my boots were holding up.
Since glittering them, I’ve worn them a fair amount.  Of all the random outfits I’ve done, you can see them a few times.

Holy cow, look at the difference in my hair from February 15 to June 10!  /sidetracked

Ok, so by this, I’ve only worn them 3 times in the past 6 months.  That’s totally not the case… I just don’t photograph every outfit I wear.  Sometimes I don’t have the time, other times, I don’t feel like it’s a blog-worthy outfit.  And other times, it’s too similar to something I’ve already worn and I don’t want to bore you readers.  But suffice it to say, I’ve worn them quite a bit, and by what you can tell just from those three pics, I’ve had no problems wearing them with jeans, skirts, and shorts alike.  They’re versatile, easy to slip on, and my insoles fit in them, so I often wear them when I know I’m going to be on my feet for awhile.

I’d wager that I wear them significantly more since I’ve glittered them, compared to how often I wore them before the glittering.  Figure I wear them at least once a week regularly… they’ve become my “throw ’em on and go” weekend shoes, even during summer!

So how are they holding up?
Amazingly well, actually.  Now, at first I was wary of wearing them in snow and rain.  I didn’t want them ruined after all my hard work!  But at some point, I said “screw it, I can always add more glitter!” and decided to just start wearing them whenever I wanted, rain or shine.

I’ve had very little cracking, and no peeling at all.  I think I can count on one hand the number of pieces of glitter that have fallen off–the Mod Podge sealer is doing very well keeping it all in (as, I’m sure, is the fact that I painted the glitter on as part of a glue mixture).  I’m sure if I wanted to I could re-seal them, but I don’t even see a need to.  The fallout is completely unremarkable, really.

The cracking is also pretty minimal, and is only at the back of the boot, and only really visible if I pull on the back.  Here are some photos of the boots right now, including a closeup of the spots I’m getting the most cracking.  You can click the pic to view it larger in a new window.

Glitter Boots: Follow Up

So as you can see, they’re holding up incredibly nicely.  Even putting a shot I took the day they were done next to a recent shot, and you can see that the differences are virtually unnoticeable.

Glitter Boots: Follow Up

Now sure, you can see that there’s cracking and stuff, but if you think about it, that’s a close up.  When I have them on, it’s unnoticeable when you’re looking at them.  I’m pretty pleased, to say the least.

My recommendations, if you’re going to do this…
First, I’d recommend doing a glitter shoe like this on a show that doesn’t have a slick surface.  These boots are faux suede, and I think that helped the glue grab better.  If I were to do it on a faux leather or patent surface, I’d probably scuff it up with some fine grit sandpaper first, to give the glue something to adhere to.

Second, I definitely recommend mixing the glitter in with glue (and adding more glitter than you think you should) and brushing the mixture on.  I’m absolutely positive it was the mixture that helped limit the glitter fallout while wearing the boots.

And third, I for sure recommend sealing your glitter with at least one coat of Mod Podge.

Finally, don’t worry about wearing them!  I’ve scuffed these, gotten them wet, worn them in snow and muddy conditions, and largely stopped worrying about ruining them.  Because really, when it comes down to it, I can add another coat of glitter if I want (even if it’s just spot-added), and fix any damage.

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