Follow Up: New Year’s Resolutions

Back on December 30th, the FBFF theme was New Year’s Resolutions, and I posted about mine here.  In short, I was resolving to get back to the gym, cook more and eat out less, wear jeans less, shop my closet more, thrift/swap more and buy less new stuff, and do more DIY.  Now that it’s July, I figured I’d take a look at all of my resolutions and see how I was doing.  After all, what’s the point of making resolutions if you’re not going to keep them, or even look back to check to see if you are keeping them?  Not much, if you ask me.

  • Resolution 1: Get back to the gym.
    I’ve actually done a pretty good job of this, thanks to my husband talking me into going with him one day, and his trainer taking me on to train alongside them.  I started going in mid-January or so, and since then have significantly toned up and even lost 2″ from my hips!  I’ve also really increased my strength, started to change my eating habits, and just generally feel better about myself.  I blogged about my thoughts on fitness for FBFF, if you want to read about that.
  • Cook more, eat out less.
    This one’s been tough.  Hubs and I have been non-stop gogogo it seems, and it’s been hard to cook at home all that often.  I find it so hard to cook for two, let alone one (for the nights I’m on my own), and it’s often easier to just grab something on the way home.  Not to mention keeping somewhat healthy food in the house and using it before it spoils.  I have been buying more snacks to have at work, which is a good start.  Plus, there’s still time to pick this one back up, and probably as fall gets near, it will be easier to make soups, chili, and all that good hearty stuff that works nicely in the crock pot.
  • Wear jeans less.
    I’ve been doing a pretty good job of this one I think.  With the amazing weather we’ve been having, jeans have actually been cumbersome.  It’s been much nicer to wear skirts and dresses, so that’s what I’ve been doing more of.  In fact, if you look at the last 7 months of Random Outfits, you’ll see that I’ve only worn standard blue jeans 9-10 times.  If you count colored denim, that goes up a bit to 18 times.  That’s not that bad, especially if you consider that I used to wear jeans 4 days a week, at least!
  • Shop my closet first.
    I’ve also gotten better at this, trying to wear a few more closet orphans or revive old favorites.  But at the same time, I’ve done a fair amount of shopping and thrifting recently, and still have a ton of new stuff, as well as some DIY projects I need to get started on.  So this one is kind of a wash, unfortunately.  However, perhaps the second half of the year will bring more closet shopping, now that I’ve added some great new stuff to it.
  • Thrift and swap more, buy less brand new stuff.
    This is definitely something I’ve gotten better at.  I shopped for sport-style gear at Salvation Army and Goodwill for a recent shoot and didn’t buy a single new item of clothing for that shoot, which is really satisfying, because I hate buying new clothing just for shoots.  In fact, when I decided I wanted a new outfit to wear out for my 30th, I started at thrift stores!  I didn’t find anything that suited what I was looking for, and ended up getting something from the Forever21 sale rack, but  my impulse seems to have shifted.  Now when I “need” something new, I start at thrift stores first, instead of heading over to the local mall.  That, for me, is a big step… and one in the right direction!
  • More DIY!
    The thought is definitely here on this project.  I have 2 suits I need to alter, one  dress, two skirts, and a couple other random things set aside for fun DIYs.  But I haven’t had the time to tackle the projects, and don’t want to rush them–I want to make sure that when I do them, I do them right. I have shortened a dress, made a pair of cutoff shorts, painted a pair of Bobs, glittered boots, dyed 3 pairs of jeans, 1 skirt, and 1 sweatshirt, and bleach-dipped a denim shirt.  That’s a pretty good start… but it’s a drop in the bucket if you look at everything I have set aside in my craft room!

So overall, I’m making pretty good progress on my resolutions.  I’ve stuck to the vast majority of them and still have time to work hard on keeping to them more and more.  I think of all of them, I’m most proud of sticking to getting to the gym more.  I feel much better about myself and find that I do actually enjoy working out (having a great trainer helps a ton though, seriously).

How about you? Did you make New Year’s Resolutions?  If so, have you stuck to them, or did they go out the window by the end of January (like resolutions tend to do)?  If you have stuck to them, what are you most proud of?


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