Random Outfits: June

These posts seem to be getting longer each time I do them.  I’m taking that as a good sign that I’m really liking what I’m wearing more and more, and instead of just throwing on something boring, I’m wearing something that I feel is exciting enough to share here.  Though maybe one day I’ll take a pic of one of the boring outfits, just so you can see that I don’t always dress so stylish, haha!  Giveaway Dog photobombed me twice this month, and I didn’t notice until I was going thru and choosing pics!  Keep an eye out for her.

Sporty Spice
I wore this outfit home from a sports-themed group shoot that took place June 2, and decided to take a pic of it because I actually found myself really liking it!  Definitely not something I’d put together for normal wear outside of a photoshoot… but when I put it on, it all just kind of worked.  It was really comfortable, thanks to a nearly-sheer form-fitting dress that I think I got at Discovery a couple years ago, under which I wore a pair of black, high-waisted Suddenly Skinny briefs and a neon yellow sports bra (largely because it matched my new Adidas CoolMax shoes).  I topped it with a denim vest for a little extra modesty and to make it a little more casual.  This was the first time I put my hair 1/2 up, and with it scrunched and full of texture, it’s a look I really like.

While I’d wear this outfit again, because it was super comfortable, I’m pretty limited as to where I could wear it.  I do think I could pull off a variation of this for a hot summer night, and swap out the sneakers and neon bra for gladiator sandals and a black bra or even a swimsuit… and add lots of bug spray!  I’ve already worn the shoes to the gym, and have decided that they’re my favorite workout sneakers and that I’ll only be wearing them to the gym so that they last a long time.

Back when I did the 21 Day Challenge, one of the challenges was colorblocking (see Day 4 here) and I admitted it was something I had trouble with.  However, I was looking for something simple to wear that wasn’t as boring as plain jeans and a top, and pulled my cobalt jeans and this mint top out of my closet.  The two colors work beautifully together and I couldn’t resist pairing them and loving the outfit.  I went with my neutral Vera Wang wedges from Kohl’s and added 4 layered necklaces for some texture.  It was the perfect outfit for work, with it’s chilly AC.  I wore this on June 6th.

On the far right side of the pic above are 2 color bars.  The top bar is the color of the sweatshirt as it is now.  The bottom is the color it was when I originally got it… I dyed it!  It was a super-soft, lovingly worn in sweatshirt I found at a local thrift store that I loved, but couldn’t stand the color of.  So I tossed it into the dye bath when I was doing my teal skirt and mint jeans, and solved that problem easy.

Mint Jeans
Speaking of the mint jeans I dyed, here’s an outfit with them, from June 8!  These were originally white jeans that I picked up from Goodwill for $3.99.  I dyed them this great mint color with 3 different color dyes and am pretty happy with how they turned out.  I get complements on the great color every time I wear them, so I did something right!  I do with the cut at the waist were a little different–they’re a little “mom jeans” for me in that department–but they fit nice otherwise and I can cover up the “momness” with a long top.

To offset the bright color I stuck with neutrals on this outfit, going with black and white stripes on top (topped by a taupe cardi for the office) and black pointy toe flats on my feet.  I added a great periwinkle statement necklace from Target for some interest.

I’ve already worn a variation of this outfit since this, because it was easy and I got a lot of complements on it.  I’m kind of excited to try these jeans with OTK boots for fall, actually.

I turned 30 on June 15th, and the Sunday before my parents and husband got together to throw me a surprise party!  Mom told me she was going to have some of the immediate family over to celebrate my birthday on June 10, separate from Father’s Day, which is usually when we celebrate.  I kept trying to talk her out of it, because I thought it was silly for her to host people twice in a row, a week apart, for the same thing.  She was insistent, and I sort of suspected something more was going on, but I was still really surprised to see everyone when I walked in.  Fortunately, my dad got a shot of just how surprised I was when I walked in the door!

Needless to say, I was really glad I looked cute that day, and I loved this outfit!  I wore cutoff jean shorts, a sheer, sleeveless, collared shirt, and my glitter boots.  I’d scrunched my hair and added a statement necklace from Forever21 under the collar of the top.  A simple outfit, but one that worked really nicely.

While on the hunt for something to wear for my birthday night out on the town, I stumbled across this oversized, high-low hem neon crochet top.  It was just a couple bucks at Charlotte Russe and I couldn’t pass it up.  I decided to make it a little more age-appropriate by playing the colorblocking game again and paired it with my DIY-dyed cranberry jeans.  While the color of this particular pair of jeans doesn’t scream “summer”, I felt that with the light neon tank (under which I put a plain black tank to make it work-appropriate), black flats, some layered necklaces, and a cream cardigan, it actually worked pretty nice.

This is only the second neon article of clothing I own and I’m looking forward to playing with it more.  Also, while I was on my lunch break, the guy ringing me up at Subway complemented my necklaces.  That amused me.

I made this denim top a couple months ago with a thrifted denim top and a bucket of bleach.  I had, however, struggled with how to wear it.  I did some styling for a photoshoot earlier in the month and noticed how great my grey snakeskin heels looked with cropped leggings and knew that’s how I’d first style this top.  I kept it pretty simple, since the top is a bit of a statement piece on its own, and only wore my plain crystal earrings and a simple (but chunky) Fossil chain necklace.

Big fan of this outfit and am looking forward to wearing variations of it in fall.  I think a bright shoe would look great with this, along with some statement earrings or bracelets.  Can’t wait to try it out!

Birthday Dinner
Hubs took me out to dinner for my birthday on the 15th.  We went to a Mexican place off Fox Lake, which was just lovely–the weather was perfect and we were able to sit outside.  I had gotten this dress on sale at Charlotte Russe earlier in the day, when I was on the hunt for something to wear out for my birthday the following day (yes, I know, very last-minute… but not really… it just took me forever to find something), and knew it would be perfect.  I wore it with black gladiator sandals that I got 2 years ago at Target and added the same statement necklace I wore for my surprise party.  It has a black leather base and ties black shoes in nicely when there’s no black in anything else I have on.

Pretty simple outfit that was just right for sitting outside and enjoying a margarita with dinner.  I threw on a light white cardigan that I brought as it cooled off.  I’ll definitely be wearing the dress again, but probably not to work until the fall… I think I managed to shrink it when I washed it, and it looks a little short now.

In addition to the surprise party, I wanted to go out and really celebrate my birthday, so we did that on Saturday, June 16.  Of course, I started planning this before I knew about the surprise party, so yea… anyway I didn’t get any pics prior to going out, stupidly, but I absolutely adored this outfit and had to share some of the pics I did take.  It certainly took me long enough to find this outfit, having spent weeks looking for just the right thing (and buying one sequin dress, a bronze pleather skirt, and other items that I’m sure you’ll be seeing at some point, because I won’t return them haha).

Anyway, I wore a cropped, sleeveless top from Forever21 with black shorts from Old Navy.  Under the cropped top I wore a black bralette, also from Forever21.  On my feet I wore fantastic hot pink high heels from, of all places, Payless, and finished the look off with an assorted arm party and a single dangly chain earring from (again) Forever21–and yes, it was actually sold as a single earring!  In my other ear, I had a simple fleur de lis earring.  My friend Chrissi did my hair and makeup, including chalking my hair with some of my husband’s old art pastels–we did a fade of coral, pink and red and a second of sea green, teal and royal blue.  It came out pretty freakin’ awesome and I really regret not getting better pics.  My finger and toe nails were Tiffany blue (“For Audrey” by China Glaze).

Sorry these pics are mostly not that great… they’re from my cell phone, and may or may not have involved copious amounts of alcohol.  And yes, I’m aware that I look like a Muppet when inebriated.  As to whether or not I’ll wear this outfit again, I sure as heck hope I get a chance!  I absolutely, positively loved the shit out of this look!

Anniversary Dinner
June is a big month of hubs and I, as it’s also our wedding anniversary.  This year was our third, and we went to a place in Wauconda for dinner called Docks.  They used to have the fried jalapeno discs (called “bottlecaps”) that were delicious, but they pulled them from the menu much to our disappointment.  Dinner was still good though, and again we were able to eat outside, which was just lovely.  I changed into this after work in an effort to look a little nicer (but not too nice as Docks is a more casual place).  I wore my cut-short striped dress, over which I added a long, lightweight rust colored cardigan (which I removed once we got to the restaurant, as it was too nice out for it, even after dark).  I added a “love” necklace, just because, and wore my newer grey snakeskin heels.  Oh!  And I managed to get my hair into a pony tail for the first time in quite a few years, which was pretty exciting.

Hubs and I got a good laugh over the valet guys’ reactions to his car.  We took the new BMW 335i out to dinner, and it has some minor stuff done to it–mostly aftermarket wheels and a new exhaust his company is currently producing for the car–and the value guys just couldn’t get enough of it.  We were amused by it, as by our standards, the entire car is pretty mild and relatively ordinary.  But oh well.

As to whether I’d wear the outfit again, you bet!  This dress is one of the most versatile pieces I own, and I know you’ve seen it numerous times before (most recently in Dup-A-Look 8 and 9).

Floral Docs
I couldn’t resist wearing my floral Dr. Martens the day after I scored them for $3.32 at Salvation Army (check out the post about it).  I had initially planned on wearing them with a skirt, but it didn’t quite work for me, so instead I wore them with some super-comfortable convertible pants from Sears.  My top is a studded black tee from Kohl’s.  At the office, I wore a lightweight cream cardigan, which tied the cream color of the shoes in.

This outfit was a little grungy, which is ok, but I didn’t quite feel right in it at the office.  It was so comfortable that it almost felt like pajamas!  I’ll definitely wear this outfit again… but I’m not sure if it’ll be to work.

This was my 6th Random Outfits post! That makes 7 months’ worth of random outfits (don’t forget, I combined March and April into one post)!  Here are the past Random Outfits posts: December, January, February, March & April, and May.  At the very least, it’s a pretty impressive look at how mild the 2011-2012 Chicago winter was!

What’s your favorite look from June?

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