Dup-A-Look 9

Today I decided to go out on a limb and try a look that’s pretty different for me (or at least I feel like it is).  Very rarely do I do socks with sandals–it’s a new thing I’m working on incorporating into my wardrobe–and donning fishnet socks was an even bigger challenge.  I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable wearing black fishnet at the office, even if it was socks.  In fact, I brought an extra pair of solid black socks with me today in my purse, under the guise of convincing myself that I needed them in case my feet got cold at the office.  I know… I’m weird.

When I first came across this outfit on Chictopia, I knew right away I’d be able to dupe it… I didn’t even have to take a mental inventory of my closet.  I just knew I had everything to make this look work, so I pinned it and then went to Elora’s blog to check out the rest of the outfit.  Sure enough, a relatively easy dupe for me… and yet, it’s not an outfit I’d even remotely consider putting together myself, even with some of the ways I’ve remixed this dress!

SSC: Dup-A-Look 9

I layered my cut-short striped dress (it used to be a maxi, but I cut it because I couldn’t walk in it) under my super-soft Aerosmith tee.  Over that, I added a deep red cardigan that I got ages ago from Heritage 1981.  The fishnet socks were topped with neutral platform clog sandals I got last summer at Target.  I have my aviator shades on in the shot above because I snapped the pic quick on lunch and it was really bright outside, and I forgot to take them offer.  I have simple jewelry on that’s not really worth mentioning, because it’s plain.  I left the hair tie off my wrist because, well, let’s face it, there’s not much point in my keeping a hair tie around my wrist just yet, haha!

I have to admit, at first, I was a bit… wary of wearing this to work.  I’ve worn the dress numerous times before–it was part of my 21 Day Challenge (days 1, 11, 19), was my first Dup-A-Look piece, and has was also part of the outfit for Dup-A-Look 8.  Yay for remixing a great dress!  But what made me wary, aside from black fishnet socks, was actually the tee.  Technically, we’re not allowed to have shirts with writing on them on at work.  Fortunately, the cardigan buttoned at the bottom, so I just had it buttoned while I was in the office and the words were mostly covered… though I did figure that if I was asked to remove the shirt, I could without issue, since it was the dress underneath.  But I didn’t have any complaints, so we’re good.

The Aerosmith shirt actually made its debut in Dup-A-Look 5, where I wore it as a (sarcastic) nod to the Superbowl for my company’s football-themed pot luck (which is an exception for shirts with writing on them).  No one really seemed to notice the writing on it then either.

While this isn’t an outfit I’d put together myself, and I was a little uncomfortable with it initially, I think I’m ok with it.  I feel very fashion-forward in it, even though it’s really comfortable and was a really easy outfit to throw together.  Maybe it’s the socks-with-sandals thing?  That seems to always make me feel like a fashionista.

Oh, and my feet were fine at the office, both temperature-wise, and being fishnet clad.

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