Dup-A-Look 8

Wow, it’s been awhile since the last Dup-A-Look (2 months exactly, actually)!  I knew it had been awhile, but didn’t realize it had been that long.  Today was a nice brisk day here in the Chicago ‘burbs, with temps in the high 60’s when I was on lunch this afternoon, and this look from The Classy Turtle proved to be just perfect for today.  I first pinned it almost 4 months ago and stumbled across it last night while I was looking for outfit ideas (because that’s what I do before I fall asleep, haha).  I knew I had stuff to make this outfit work, but that it wouldn’t be exact… but I was ok with that.  In fact, I think it worked out quite nicely.

Dup-A-Look 8 from Suburban Style Challenge

My dress is from Forever21, and was a maxi dress until I cut it (twice–two different lengths) last year.  My cardigan is from Charlotte Russe and was part of the limited edition People’s Liberation line.  I belted it with a skinny leopard belt also from Forever21.  My tights are actually off-black Leggs nylons, with some old off-white boot socks over it.  My boots are wear-two-ways boots I picked up years ago at an online retailer that’s long gone now (they fold down too, and are wonderful).  Around my neck I have a beautiful turquoise necklace (detail below), and I’m still in glasses because I have a torn contact and don’t have a replacement pair.

Definitely a great look for spring, but also one I can wear into fall if I want to.  Swap out the sheer nylons and lightweight boot socks for thicker tights and sweater socks, and it’d be perfect for fall.  There are some little details you can’t quite see in the photo above, but I like them, so I here you go…

Dup-A-Look 8 Details
At the top left is a fabulous turquoise starburst necklace I got for $1 at an estate sale.  It’s tucked into my dress a little, but the detail is still pretty clear.  On the top right is my hair, which I scrunched while I dried it.  It fell a little by the time I took these pics on lunch, but it maintained the texture pretty nicely.  Kind of bed-heady with some nice texture, without taking as long as the twist method I’ve tried a few times has.  For sure something I’m going to keep trying.  On the bottom right is my belt, which is really skinny and leopard print.  This was for sure an outfit with a bunch of mixed patterns!  And finally, on the bottom left, are some nesting barn swallows that I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pick of.

Overall, this dup was a success!

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  1. Christin
    June 10, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    and as usual, yours is better than the original 🙂

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