Recap: New To You Clothing & Accessories Swap

This post is long overdue, but I kept forgetting to pull the pics off my phone.  Sorry!  Anyway, here’s the recap of the clothing swap…

On May 6, 2012 I hosted my first ever clothing and accessories swap, called “New To You Clothing & Accessories Swap“. I partnered with Phantom42 Studios out in Fox Lake and all proceeds and un-swapped clothing went to Home of the Sparrow (and the thrift store they run, The Sparrow’s Nest).  All in all, the event was a success.  We had a ton of people donate stuff ahead of time.  That meant that we had full racks the night before the event!

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite cooperate with us the day of the event, and the turnout wasn’t as great as I’d have hoped.  It poured rain and stormed for well over an hour and there was flooding in the area, along with treacherous driving along long stretches for quite a bit of time.  But, despite all of that, we still had about 10 people total come throughout the day and got even more clothes, shoes and accessories to swap (and donate at the end).

Everyone who came seemed to have a great time and seemed very happy with what they walked away with!  And Home of the Sparrow got boxes of great clothes for men, clothes, shoes, and accessories for women, and even a couple of pieces for babies.  That is really the biggest success of the event, in my mind!

Here are some pictures from the event. Don’t be scared that there’s no one in them… I purposefully took pics without people in them for privacy reasons (theirs, not mine).

Unfortunately, though I had really liked a few things I saw, nothing I tried on fit (we had an area set aside at the studio as a fitting room).  Some of what I liked also walked out before I could try it on (like that Billy Idol shirt!), but I decided to wait to try stuff on until the end.  I figured it was only fair to others that way.  So, I ended up only donating stuff and not swapping, though I did grab a couple sweaters for a friend who couldn’t make it out. My not bring anything home is really probably for the better anyway, considering how much stuff I have as it is… even after getting rid of a ton of stuff!

Would I do it again? Yea I would!  And I’m hoping to at some point.  I learned a fair amount from hosting this one, and hope to be able to put what I learned in place to make a second event better.

And finally, some much-needed and long-overdue public thank yous! Big thanks to Dennis from Phantom42 Studios for opening his space up to us and hosting the event.  Thank you also to Kevin at Home of the Sparrow for being a huge help getting us what we needed super fast, even though they had a major event coming up!  Thanks to my mom, for spending almost the entire day Sunday helping, as well as for rallying her friends to clean out their closets and bringing two SUV loads of great stuff out!  And thank you to all who braved the weather and made the drive out to Fox Lake to swap!

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