Help Me Pick New Glasses!

A couple weeks ago I ordered new glasses from Coastal.  They had a promotion going on that was their standard “first pair free” plus 50% off lens upgrades, which for me is wonderful, because with my high prescription, I don’t have a choice but to upgrade.  My new glasses ended up running me around $55 shipped, which is amazing considering the pair I have on right now was close to $800!

Anyway, I ordered these and when I got them in, I loved them, but each time I went to put them on, I felt like they didn’t work.  They were nice and casual, and different from what I had, but I felt they were too casual in some instances.  And then there was the purple.  I loved the color, but didn’t like wearing them if the color clashed with what I was wearing.  I was stuck, but because Coastal has a “love it or return it” 365 day guarantee, I was able to contact them about an exchange.  They worked it out, and I’m able to send the purple pair back and they’ll let me choose another pair for the same discount I used!  The problem is, I’m having trouble deciding which pair I like best!  So I’ve decided to ask you!

Those are the 4 pairs I’m torn on.  What do you think I should get? Cast your vote now!  I’m looking at placing my order by May 31, so that’s when the poll closes!

Edit: And since a few of you were wondering what I look like, here’s a recent pic with my new hair color and current style.  I find the “try it on” features on websites like Coastal never really work for me, but because I have an oval face, pretty much any frame style works on me (which is pretty awesome).

You can click the pic to view it bigger if you like.

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