Random Outfits: March & April

Since it took forever for me to get this post up, I’ve decided to just combine March and April for my random outfits post.  I’ll try to keep it as short as I can, but I’ve got 14 15 great looks to show you!  And boy are these outfits atypical for the Chicago ‘burbs in March and April!  The weather has been, mostly, unseasonably warm.  In fact, I think we hit some records highs in March!

Funeral & Condolence Call
Unfortunately, March started off with a funeral and condolence call for me.  I figured I’d share what I wore here since this kind of thing (thankfully) isn’t a regular occurrence.  I went into work in the morning and took a couple hours in the afternoon off to go to the funeral, returning back to work afterwards.  Then I went home, took care of the dog, changed, and then my husband and I went to pay the condolence call.  So this day actually had 2 outfits.

Outfit One: The first outfit started with my beautiful Valentino pencil skirt, which I got when my cousin worked at Neiman Marcus.  I paired it with a lovely green blouse, which I got at a local thrift store, under which I put a plain black tee.  I went with black tights and black patent heels, which I picked up at a consignment shop near Peoria.  To add some interest, I piled on 3 necklaces–a chunky statement piece, a 3-layer silver necklace, and a long beaded necklace (all 3 are from Forever21).

I got a lot of complements on this outfit, both from coworkers and people at the funeral.  While it’s a little dressier than something I’d normally wear to work, it’s an outfit I’d look at wearing again for a special event.

Outfit Two: When I got home I decided to change, largely because I had the time to, but also because I felt a little strange going to what I knew was going to be a more relaxed atmosphere so dressed up.  So, I kept my black tee on and quick pulled on black skinny pants over my tights.  I replaced the green blouse with a light weight grey sweater (the blouse is really boxy without being tucked in) and kept the necklaces.  I changed my shoes to a lower heel buckled bootie and quick transferred some stuff over to my little snakeskin clutch (from Target ages ago).

Definitely an outfit I’d wear again, especially considering I wore a similar outfit on Christmas Eve.

Blustery Day
The very next day it was a little chilly and windy–for sure what you think of when you hear “blustery”.  I wore my navy maxi skirt (a great find at Old Navy), a black tank, and a black and white cardigan from Target.  I wore black tights again, and the same boots I’d worn the night before.  It’s hard to tell, but I switched into glasses–something I’ve been doing more often.

Probably an outfit I’d wear again, or wear a variation of.  It was pretty easy and comfy, but work appropriate and looked great.

40th Birthday Celebration
My brother-in-law turned 40 in March, and we celebrated his birthday with a surprise party.  I wasn’t quite sure what to wear, but after much deliberation settled on an olive top from Target, my fantastic 6″ heel Zigi booties, and dark skinny jeans.  Because I felt kind of plain otherwise, I added 3 layered necklaces–the cream seed bead on from Forever21, the box-chain one from Forever21, and a strand of bronze and mint-colored leaves from Target.  I also put on my nice watch, a gift from hubby that I finally got the battery replaced on.

This was a super easy outfit that was a good mix of casual and a little dressed up.  I was comfortable in this, both physically and mentally.  And I’d for sure wear it again.

Another Birthday Party
The next day we celebrated my brother’s birthday (not a milestone one, but a birthday nonetheless).  I was totally feeling spring and decided to wear my floral shirt (a Discovery find) over a black cotton dress (from Target) with my OTK boots and OTK socks.  Perfect for the weather we’d been having!  I added a couple of lighter bracelets for some interest and tied the shirt because it’s a little big and looks bad when it’s just hanging.

This outfit was cute, and something I’d likely wear again if the opportunity presented itself.  It’s not really work appropriate I don’t think, but it was comfortable and cute.  I could, though, tie the floral top over something else, like a maxi dress, for a new look, which is for sure something to consider.

Hi-Low Stripes
March (and April you’ll soon see) seems to be the month to remix, which again proves that much of my wardrobe is far from being one-time-use.  On March 12 I rocked the OTK boots again, this time with skinny jeans and a high-low hem sweater I snagged from Discovery.  I decided to wear a statement necklace (another Forever21 piece) that pulled the leather-look and gold from the boots.

A simple outfit, but one that I think worked really well.  I will for sure bring this look out again in fall.

New Blue Shoes
I posted about this look on Facebook the day I wore it, because I was just in absolute love with it, and still am!  I’d gotten the shoes just a day or two before and was itching to wear them, and the amazing weather we got that day was just perfect (it was, if I recall, nearly 80 that day, if not warmer).  The skirt, which I’m pretty sure is authentic 90’s, was thrifted from Wings Resale Shop for just $4!  The tee is just a basic one from Kohl’s, and the sweater was a super-sale deal from GAP (though I only wore it in the office).  I added black socks to both tie in the black, and because I’ve been trying to try new things, and that was, for me, certainly different.  I felt very “Alexa Chung” in this outfit and got a ton of complements throughout the day!

I wore a slight variation of this outfit for Easter dinner (though I didn’t take a picture of it) and wore the blue shoes with socks for Easter brunch (pics below).  So yea, I’m definitely wearing this look again… huge fan!

Maxi Dress
I got this dress over Thanksgiving weekend and hadn’t had a chance to wear it, so I decided to on March 21.  We had an all day meeting and I wanted to be comfortable but look nice.  This fit the bill perfect.  I added an oversized, lightweight, open cardigan for a little extra warmth and decided to ditch the tie belt that came with the dress for a triple belt that added a lot of great texture.  It’s 3 belts that normally fit me at the hip, which I linked together and wrapped.  I’ve become quite a fan of the look and get complements every time I wear them that way.  I wore tan suede ankle boots that are Vera Wang from Kohl’s that I got for a steal and everyone (myself included) adores–they’re a perfect neutral bootie that’s easy to dress up or down!

I met a friend at Woodfield after work and this proved to be a nice shopping outfit as well.  Easy to walk around in, easy for trying on stuff (though I didn’t do much of that myself), and nice for the ever-changing (it seems) climate inside the mall.  Definitely something I’d wear again, though I have to try and fix the length on the dress–somehow I seem to have shrunk it 4 inches and it hits me really funny now.  I’m hoping I can stretch it back out.  If not… looks like I’ll be cutting down another maxi.

More Stripes
It cooled down a little bit towards the end of March (boo!) and I was back to wearing jeans and light sweaters again.  I rolled up the cuffs of my favorite H&M skinnies and wore the same booties as I wore with the maxi (see, remixing!).  I paired it with a cream and black striped sweater from Target and added an arm party full of everything from pieces from Charming Charlies to vintage bracelets that were my grandma’s.  A super easy look.

The pic on the left I took using a lens filter I grabbed at an estate sale.  Oddly enough, the old filter holder fits perfectly on my little point and shoot!  I used the amber color in the shot, and it came out pretty cool–really accentuated the “golden hour” I shot at as it was.  Haven’t had a chance to play much with any of the others, but they’re fun nonetheless.

Dinner Date
The tan wedge booties make their way into April for a dinner date with a girl friend.  I wore them with a One Star by Converse top I grabbed at Salvation Army, which I put over a simple black skirt (from Forever21) and sheer black tights.  I added grey socks, which I scrunched down over the booties, and my 3 belts for some color and texture.  I added an arm part because I could, and actually included my purple purse in the pics because it worked so nicely with everything else.  It was an easy, comfy outfit that was perfect for work and then a night out for dinner (and drinks).

I’ve already worn slight variations of this outfit, as this top has quickly made its way into my regular rotation.  It’s just so easy to make look good!

Passover & Easter
I posted an FBFF post about Easter back in April and had a ton of things that were inspiring me for the weekend.  Among them were easy sweaters, mint green, florals, blue heels, combat-inspired boots, and much, much more.  I spent quite a bit of time getting stuff together for both Passover and Easter, and decided on wearing my high-low striped sweater tucked into a pale teal, almost mint green skirt, which is actually one I dyed from white.  I added a grey floral scarf, grey sheer tights, and brown combat-inspired boots.  It was a good mix between casual and dressy.  I went with a fuschia lip and very light eye makeup, which worked nicely.

For Easter brunch I wore my bright purpley-pink pleated dress with that great, oversized white cardigan.  I added a chunky chain necklace, over which I put a beautiful long scarf, looped once so the necklace peeked out a little.  I added white lacy socks and my blue heels.  The pics are a little blurry, but by the time we got home from brunch it had started to rain, so I had to be quick with pics.

This outfit was way cute, and I always get complements on this dress when I wear it.  It all tied together pretty nicely and it’s something I’d wear again, though I might add a belt next time–I feel like it would finish things off a little better.

All Love is Equal
I won this great shirt (along with another) from blogger Endear awhile ago.  It was the first giveaway I won, and I was super surprised and excited about it!  I got to pick 2 shirts from the “All Love is Equal” line at RevengeIs, so I chose this men’s tee (sized to fit me all oversized-like) and this women’s tee, and styled the men’s tee first.  These are kind of a challenge for me, because while I’d love to wear them all the time (they’re both incredibly soft and wonderful), I can’t wear them to work because of the writing.  So I have to wear them on weekends, and unfortunately with things having cooled down a little, it’s been a little tricky.

Anyway I wore the grey tee with torn denim shorts (another no-no for work) and black sheer tights.  I added my new fringed boots (from UrbanOg) and it was a great outfit.  Comfortable and perfect for running errands.  Later on in the afternoon I added a denim moto jacket, but didn’t get any pics with it on.  Oh!  And I scrunched my hair and made it all wavy-bed-head-like.  A new thing for me, and something I’m working on perfecting (and speeding up) so that I can do it more often, because I really like the look.

As you can tell, I was a big fan of the movement in the boots!  The 3 layers of fringe just scream “jump around” to me, so I can’t help it!  Ugh such a big fan of this tee, I wish I could wear it more often!  It’s the softest thing I own, and I think my husband is a little bitter I selfishly ordered 2 for myself, instead of sharing the, uh, love.

Fringe Boots, Again!
See, I told you March and April were the months of remix!  I couldn’t resist trying out the fringe boots in a little dressier way, and I wore them to work paired with a high-low dress from Forever21, which I made look more like a skirt when I topped it with a basic black sweater.  I added cream lacy knee socks and a multi-strand pearl and chain necklace, a thrifted gold chain, and an estate sale gold choker that all layered really nicely.

Again, totally loved the movement in this outfit!  I got a lot of complements on it from coworkers too, which is always nice.  I felt a little “music festival” in this outfit, and while it was wonderfully comfortable, I’m not sure I’d wear it to work again.  But I’m for sure going to do a variation of this over the summer (though very likely not at a music festival).

Wild Thing, I Think I Love You
I posted a sneak peek of this outfit on Facebook because it amused me.  I wore it April 23 for our baseball-themed pot luck, for which we were all encouraged to wear baseball attire.  The tee is a baseball style tee, and was the only baseball related item I owned until about a week later when hubby bought me a Cubs tee (generally speaking, I’m not big into sports, let alone baseball, so yea).  Instead of wearing one of a specific sports jersey, I decided to take my inspiration from Charlie Sheen’s character in Major League, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn.  I wore my grey and black baseball tee with moto-inspired skinny jeans, a black faux leather motorcycle jacket, and my teal lace up booties.  I added a skull ring, a few long necklaces (one being a fake tooth of sorts) and my glasses.  I figured that I had fun dressing sarcastically for our football-themed pot luck, so I might as well continue the trend with the baseball one, haha!

Shout out to Chrissi for being my photographer before hittin’ the gym!

I was so comfortable in this outfit–it really “spoke” to me.  Granted, this is kind of a variation of numerous things I’ve worn before, but it just… I felt really me in this one.  So yea, I’d wear this again, haha!    That said, I do think I’m going to keep dressing “inspired by” instead of literal when it comes to themed pot lucks at work.  It’s way more fun that way!

And that’s it!
15 random outfits from March and April.  It’s May and I’ve already got a few waiting to be shared, so stay tuned for another post in early June with this month’s random looks!  Hope you enjoyed!