Budget Fashion Fix: Lita vs. Puffin06

A rather popular boot in the fashion blogger world is the Jeffery Campbell Lita boot.  When I first saw them, I was a big fan and really wanted to get a pair.  If you’re not familiar with the Lita, this is what it looks like:

You can get them in tons of colors and fabrics, and numerous places carry them, including Akira, Nordstrom, and SoleStruck, though quite often colors vary and sizes may be limited. The heel measures 5″, but is really only 3″ when you factor in the 2″ platform, so they’re not too hard on your feet.  The drawback?  They’re $160, give or take, for the basic leather or suede solid colors, with specialty fabrics usually running more.  Bummer.

What’s more?  When showed them to my husband, he replied with something along the lines of “what are those, orthopedic shoes!?” and insisted they were hideous.  He pretty much hated them, which meant that every time I put them on, I’d get a little bit of flack (or at least an eyeroll).  Quite often, I’ll deal with that, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was really hard to justify spending $160 on one pair of shoes that my husband absolutely hated.  Thus began my search for a suitable replacement.  Something similar, but not the same.

Enter Qupid’s Puffin06 ankle boot.

Clearly inspired by the Lita, but not an exact ripoff.  The heel is tapered and lower (4.75″) and the platform is lower too (1.25″), making the actual heel height a little higher than the Lita (3.5″), which I’m ok with.  The platform tapers towards the toe more too, so the overall effect is a little less clumsy-looking than the Lita.  They also have a zipper on the inside, which means they’re easier to get on and off (you’re not stuck re-lacing every single time).  They’re not real leather, and they’re only available in a few colors (black, brown, taupe, fuchsia/gold glitter, and black glitter), with just the one color heel available, but I’m ok with that.

And the best part?  They’re only $33.80 at MakeMeChic!  UrbanOg has them for $34.20, but they’re stock is severely limited right now (though they do have them in the fuchsia/gold glitter combo too, if you’re interested).  I also saw both colors of the glitter ones in-store at Charlotte Russe, but they were over $40 and aren’t available online (yet, perhaps).

So I bought the black ones, figuring that if they didn’t work out, I’d return them.  They squeak a bit when I walk–it’s the tongue rubbing on the inside of the shoe–but that’s solved with a little baby powder or a couple swipes of that nifty Band-Aid blister protector stick.  I also swapped out the waxy coated laces for thicker, standard laces, because I can’t stand how often those stupid waxy ones come untied.  But aside from that, I love them!  They’re super comfortable and I’ve got no problems being in them all day or even walking around in them for long periods of time.  They don’t pinch, and they don’t irritate the heck out of my bunion… yay!

In fact, I love them so much that I bought them in brown too (which cost me less thanks to a coupon).  Over all, for the 2 pairs of booties, I’ve paid a total of about $84, including shipping and new laces for both pairs.  Not too bad! 🙂  And the other half really likes these–amazing what a few simple design changes can do for a shoe, huh?

Other Alternates
That said, if you’re dying for the exact look of the Lita without breaking the bank, GoJane has a pair that’ll certainly fit the bill, and only set you back $38.55.  Plus, you have your choice of red, orange, royal blue, pink, taupe, and black in faux suede, or you can get black leatherette (which are $38.95).

If you like the Lita but want a slightly different look (and are cool spending $140+ on shoes), check out some of Steve Madden’s fall booties.  The Cirkus, the Sashayy, the Carnaby, and the Collosul all have similar lines, but different looks.  I’m a huge fan of the Sashayy in burgundy.  Just sayin’.

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