FBFF: Easter

So, I struggled with this Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post, because today’s theme is (obviously) “Easter”.  Why the struggle?  I grew up Jewish, have been an Atheist for about 15 years now, and almost 3 years ago I married my love, who grew up Catholic (and is non-practicing now).

As a kid, Easter meant very little to me.  Spare the occasional time Mom would give in and buy egg dying kits to indulge my desire to dye eggs (which I mostly liked because it was fun and colorful) we didn’t do anything remotely Easter-related.   There were always poofy, pastel dresses in the little girls’ section of stores (which were worn only to church, always with white patent Mary Janes and white lace-cuff socks), and the Cadbury clucking bunny commercial would be on TV all the time.  The arrival of Easter always kinda signified the arrival of Spring… but other than that, Easter always came and went without much thought (and certainly without pretty dresses) in our house.

Easter took on a whole new meaning for me when I joined my husband’s family.  I got to eat ham (a very rare treat at home, even though the P’s don’t keep Kosher), my Mother-In-Law hid Easter baskets filled with goodies, our favorite candy, and scratch-off lotto tickets for us (though that’s changed since grandkids came along… now we just get them), and eventually, I became in charge of hiding plastic eggs for the kids’ Easter egg hunt.  We don’t dye eggs, but I was introduced to lamb cake, which kinda made it ok.

But fashion-wise, Easter still means very little to me.  It was only recently that I started really paying attention to what I wore on the holidays.  Now, instead of going with black pants (or nice jeans) and a simple sweater or top, I try to not only dress appropriately in general, but dress in a way that kind of reflects the season a little more.  Last year for Easter I wore a Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress, belted, with black gladiator heels.  It was a good fit, as the dress is white and floral, and very flowy.  It worked nicely, I think, though it was a little chilly.

This year, we have Passover tonight, Easter dinner Saturday night, and Easter lunch on Sunday.  The closeness of the first night of Passover and Easter like this doesn’t happen too often, thankfully.  It’s going to be a jam-packed weekend, needless to say.  In an effort to be well-prepared and not scramble to find something to wear, I’ve gone through my Pinterest boards to see what inspiration I could dig up for the weekend’s outfits.  Here’s what I’ve decided to use for my style inspiration this weekend.

Pins: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

We’ll see how it works out.  For tonight, I couldn’t decide what to wear last night, so I have brough the makings for about 15 different outfits.  I’m pretty sure my mom’s going to think I’m nuts when I get to the house this afternoon.  Oh well!

So… what are your Easter (or Passover) plans?  And, of course, what are you wearing?

Happy Passover and/or Easter
to you and your family!

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