Budget Fashion Fix: Floral Pants

I figured this was rather appropriate for today’s BFF post…

Haha! Anyway, I decided I wanted a pair of floral pants for spring and begun my hunt.  I found a fair amount of great options, but was disappointed in the amount of floral pants available for less than $50, as well as how long it took me to find them.   There was no shortage of higher-priced pants though, it seemed, with options going as high as $990!  Yikes!  Anyway, I put together some options for you, if you’re also thinking of incorporating this groundbreaking trend into your spring wardrobe.

Before I get to the goods, I’ll note that I only looked at more fitted options here.  There seem to be a fair amount of wide-leg options out there, however wide leg pants tend to make me look short(er) and heavier than I am, so I avoid them like it’s my job.  There’s no point in wearing something unflattering just to try and work a trend into your wardrobe!

Floral Pants Over $50
Here are my top 5 picks from the pricier (but still possibly attainable for those of us who didn’t win the Mega Millions) pieces I found.

  1. Starting with the most expensive, this J Brand pair from Antropologie rings up to $202.  It’s a nice subtle, neutral print for those who aren’t willing to go big and bold.  But, at $202, this pair is a little cost-prohibitive.
  2. Moving down the line is this Citizens of Humanity pair, also from Anthropologie.  They ring up at $185 and are a little more on the bold side.
  3. Another subtle pair, this time from Urban Outfitters and ringing up an easier-to-stomach $88.  Shades of green and yellow make this pair stand out a little more, without being over-the-top bold.
  4. The Moto Floral Printed Leigh jeans from Top Shop pop with bright blues, pinks, yellows and greens against a black background.  And for just $80, these are even more reasonable… sorta.
  5. The cheapest of the bunch, the Asos Skinny Jeans in Floral Print ring up to just $64.04.  They’re white with bright flowers, which means you could even wear them over the summer if you wanted.

Floral Pants Under $50
And now, what you’ve been waiting for… the picks that are under $50.  The best thing about these options is that you can bring the floral trend into your wardrobe without spending too much money, which is great for a piece like this.  Floral pants are definitely wearable, but because they’re so obvious, it’s hard to wear them very often, which means spending less might be a better choice.

  1. Another pant from Asos, the River Island Floral Print Pant rings up at $44.76.  Not quite a skinny jean like most of the others, and definitely a bold print, but not a bad price, and a great option for someone who’s not afraid to be more “out there”.
  2. This Rose Printed Skinny Jean from Delia*s is just $39.50 (with BOGO 50% going on right now too!) and are a good mix of bright and light.  These may be easier to wear if you have a lot of black.  The main colors here are black, red, pink and yellow, all on a white jean.
  3. Similar to the Urban Outfitters pair above, these Floral Print Skinny Jeans from Delia*s are subtle, with shades of yellow, pink and green, and also $39.50.  A good, nearly neutral, pair.
  4. GoJane has a pair that leans toward blues for just $28.80.  The blue tones of this pair might be a good way to go subtle, provided you don’t mind the faux-wrinkle effect that’s hiding under the flower print.  Personally, I’m not a fan.
  5. This floral print pant from H&M is by far the best deal of the bunch, and very likely why tons of fashion bloggers have been rocking them.  They’re a mere $14.95!  They’re bold, with a bright, oversize print, but grounded by the black background.  Good luck finding them though… they’re sold out in nearly every Chicagoland store (and you can’t buy online at H&M here in the states… which is silliness).

I was also going to link up a white floral pair from Forever21, but it seems they’re already out of stock.  Bummer… they were cute, and very similar to the white-based Asos pair (#5 in the over $50 bunch).  They were around $25 I believe.  No idea if they’ll restock, but if you’re near a store, it might be worth a wander in to see if they have them in stock there (if you don’t mind white-based pants).

My Choice
After much thought, I decided to hunt down the pair from H&M, and managed to find them in my size at a store that’s rather out of my way, but I don’t care… I’m making the drive anyway (because H&M also doesn’t ship to customers or do store-to-store transfers… more silliness!).  I liked the Forever21 pair that I can’t share with you, but don’t think white-based pants are a good choice for me, as I tend to not be able to keep whites clean very long… and I’m wider-hipped, and darks are more flattering on the bottom.  I am driving out to Geneva to pick my H&M pants up tomorrow and am hoping they fit! :fingers crossed:

Some Inspiration
Love the floral pant trend, but not sure how to wear them?  I stalked Chictopia for you and have gathered some inspiration you… ’cause I’m awesome like that 😉

Links, L to R: Style By Isabela; Disarming Darling; Plenty of Hangers; Style Extraordinaire; Sarah Loves Drawing; Rainbows and Fairydust; RubiLove; Adventures in Fashion

Blogger All About The Style has compiled a fair amount of streetwear pics showing women in various styles of floral pants too.  Check her post out here!

The Devil Wears Prada image above is from here.