Missoni for Target

Today was the launch of the Missoni for Target line.  I was pretty excited about it–I even set a reminder in my phone in case the note in my calendar didn’t do it, haha.  I was introduced to Missoni a few years ago, before my husband started his own business.  At the time, he worked for a design firm, and he’d been given the task to design a boutique for the M Missoni line to go into a high end department store.  I rather liked the line, but couldn’t remotely afford it and figured it was just something I’d covet and that would be that.  So yea, when I saw Missoni and Target were partnering up, and I’d get a chance to own something that was actually Missoni and not a knockoff zigzag pattern, I started the countdown to the collection release.

I woke up early this morning and figured I’d swing by Target on the way into work.  I thought that would give me a chance to check out the collections and maybe grab the couple pieces I wanted… you know, ahead of the game and all.  I was hoping to check out one of the dresses, a blanket, the silky scarves, and possibly a couple of the pieces from the luggage line.  The comforter sets also intrigued me, but weren’t something I had to have, especially because we’re happy with what we have.

I got to the store at 8:10A.  I spotted the women’s clothing display from the doors and headed over.  But I could tell from pretty far back that it had already been picked over, and my thoughts were confirmed when I got there.  There was one dress left in an XL, and most of the lingerie (which I had no interest in), and a few blouses (also not for me).  Nothing at all in XS, S or M, and very little even in L.  They had some kids stuff, and a few of the men’s ties.  But past that?  Zilch.

Over in accessories I found a couple tote bags, scarves, hats and gloves available.  I grabbed one of the scarves in case I decided to buy it and then headed to check out luggage and housewares.  Luggage was cleared out, though I saw some folks walking around with some pieces, and would have liked to have been able to check it out.  I had no interest in the dishes and stuff in housewares, so went and found linens.   All that was left there was a king size duvet cover, 2 bath mats, and two queen comforter sets.  I had no interest in shoes, but went to check out the tights and socks.  Pretty much nothing there either.  I ended up putting back the scarf and leaving.

At that point, it was 8:25A.  I got in the car and decided to head to a second store, knowing I’d be able to make it there before I had to head into work.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in.

That store’s Missoni racks were nearly full!  I can’t lie, I made a little happy noise when I saw that they had the dress I had my eye on.  I grabbed it in a M and headed back to housewares, where I saw that they had the throw blanket I wanted too!  I didn’t see any of the tights or anything, and didn’t have time to find the luggage to check that out, so I just headed to the checkout.

One of the girls working at Target saw what I had and commented, saying how she was surprised about the amount of response to the line they’d been getting.  I told her the state of the other store I’d been at that morning and she said that one of the other employees rang someone up for about $1,100.  Wow!  I said, “yea, and that stuff will probably all end up on eBay selling for 3 times the regular asking price”.  I remember how it was with the Chrisitian Siriano for Payless “claw heel” shoes.  She didn’t believe me, and laughed, being all “yea right”.  I’ve got a link to a search on eBay for “Missoni for Target” down below.  Check it out.

But anyway, I got into work and shared what I’d seen and heard.  One of my coworkers went to go on to the Target site to check it out, and it was down!  Turns out, the demand Missoni for Target line seems to have crashed the site.  I was able to get on the site briefly, but largely, it’s been down all morning.  It seems they didn’t anticipate such high demand, and because of it, they’re having major trouble managing site traffic.  Ouch!  What’s more?  The site’s been sporadically down the bulk of the day too, not just this morning!  It seems they just can’t handle the amount of traffic this line has generated!

I certainly didn’t expect the launch to be like this!  The collection debuted online at midnight and was ready to be bought in most stores across the US at the start of regular business hours.  Granted, Target did one helluva job hyping up the collection, but this isn’t something I even remotely imagined.  Sure, I expected it to be a challenge to find stuff, but whole lines of items being gone 10 minutes after store opening, entire stores being sold out by noon, and the Target website being down for most of the day?  Nuh uh!  Now, sure, past lines hadn’t gotten this much hype, but wow!  Past designer lines were all pretty easy to find in stores and online during their stay.  Heck, I even found dresses from the “most popular dresses” relaunch on the sale racks!  Missoni has proved to be drastically different than past lines though.  Was it the hype or because it’s Missoni?  Or maybe it’s a combination of the two (which is my bet).  Either way, it’s clear that Target also didn’t expect such a huge response.

Here are the two pieces I managed to snag this morning, plus the piece of luggage I kinda like.  Hopefully the dress fits… I didn’t have time to try it on.  It looks like it’ll be fine though, and that it’s long enough to wear to work.  Oh and hey, it’s brown!  Go me!  The blanket feels like it’ll maybe be a dog fur magnet, but oh well.  It actually coordinates fairly well with our bedroom and our family room, so I’m happy to have it (I’m totally a blanket whore, especially with it cooling down now!).  The 3rd pic is the piece of luggage I like that seems to pretty much be a lost cause (it’s sold out online last I checked).  Perhaps they’ll get it back in stock in stores and I can check it out later, though I don’t know if they’ll be restocking at all.  One thing’s for certain though… I most definitely won’t be using it for next week’s business trip!


So there you have it… an incredible release for Missoni for Target that took many, including Target, by surprise.

So, readers, had you heard about the release?  If so, did you manage to get anything, or were you just not interested?  I know the Missoni look is very “love it or hate it”.  Seems more folks love than hate (or they just love the idea of making a huge profit selling pieces on eBay?  Haha!).


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