Local Focus: Kina’s Boutique

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending Ladies Night Out at Kina’s Boutique in Hoffman Estates.  Kina’s is tucked into a little strip mall not too far from where I live, though I’d have never found it if I hadn’t been passed along contact information for Luda, the owner, for a modeling gig last summer.  The first time I set foot in Kina’s I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories Luda managed to fit in the small storefront space.  And the variety?  Kina’s isn’t just a store for a certain age group–there’s something for nearly everyone, with every kind of taste (and budget), in the store!

Ladies Night Out is a semi-regular event that Luda hosts for new and regular customers alike.  It was the first Ladies Night Out that I’ve been able to attend, and I’m really glad I did.  Luda provides snacks and beverages for her guests, as well as lets us in on some exclusive peeks at new merchandise and opens up some awesome discounts!  Sometimes, she even has guests come in to offer special deals or show off products to customers.  It’s a fun time of meeting new people and shopping-while-snacking-or-sipping.

I hadn’t been in the store in quite awhile, and upon setting foot in the store, was, again, just blown away by how much variety Kina’s has.  And the Ladies Night Out deal?  A huge selection of $10 dresses, plus other great sale items!  Here are some pics I snapped while I was there… click each shot to view it bigger.

Above: As you can see, Kina’s Boutique is rather hidden in a small strip mall off Algonquin in Hoffman Estates.  If you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to just drive right by.  But if you’re in the area, keep an eye out for the Mobil station at the corner of Algonquin and Huntington–Kina’s is tucked behind there.  Pin this so you’ll remember what to look for (and the address)!

Above Left: When you walk into Kina’s, right away on the right is a table featuring a sign-up box to win a $50 giftcard.  It’s also really easy to miss, because there’s so much pretty stuff for your eyes to feast on when you set foot in Kina’s!  But sign up–$50 can be spent very wisely there!

Above Right: Just to the left of the door is a little seating area for shoppers to relax and socialize… or try on shoes (yes, because Kina’s carries shoes too!).  Friday night, this was set up with snacks and wine.  The couch overlooks the window display, which shows off some of the great stuff available at Kina’s, including giftbags Luda has put together for quick, budget-friendly gifts.

Above Left: Stepping just past the couch is a beautiful display of scarves, bags, and some great gift items, like candles.

Above Right: Straight ahead from the door is where the massive rack of $10 dresses was.  It makes things a little bit of a squeeze when the shop is packed with customers like on Ladies Night Out, but that’s all part of the fun!

Above Left/Right: As you head back towards the back of the store, you’ll pass tons of shoes and bags.  There’s everything from demure, low-heeled wedges to these hot mesh stiletto booties (Louboutin dupes) on her shoe display.  And bags?  You want it, chances are, Kina’s has it!  This polka dot, pony-hair, oversized coin purse caught my eye instantly.  What a fun bag for fall!

Above Left/Right: As you reach the back of the store, there’s more scarves and yes, more unique bags among the racks of dresses, tops, coats, and cardigans.  The eclectic selection at Kina’s means sometimes, you have to dig a little to find what you’re looking for.  And don’t be afraid to ask Luda to order something in your size if you don’t see it there, because she can do that, too!  Some items are even available to order in other colors.

Above: This is the view from the back of the store looking towards the front.  As you can see, it’s jam-packed with tons of great items in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and glorious textures.  Luda has an amazing ability to find unique prints and shapes to offer at Kina’s.

Above: There’s no shortage of baubles and accessories at Kina’s!  Luda has managed to dig up jewelry ranging from amazing statement necklaces and chunky bracelets to more delicate pieces.  There’s also a wide variety of clutches in a range of colors, and other unique accessories to browse.  If you’re looking for a gift, Kina’s has a ton of really unique options!

Above: As I mentioned, Luda has an eye for choosing unique patterns, some of which I’ve never seen anywhere else.  These 4 patterns caught my eye on the 50% off rack.  From left to right: A newspaper print dress that made me think of Carrie Bradshaw’s newspaper print dress from Sex and The City; At first glance, this pattern was random, but upon closer inspection, it was magazine covers and fashion images set into letters! Unfortunately, she didn’t have this in my size, but it spoke to the fashion-blogger-graphic-designer in me; Fashion sketches adorned this long sweater dress (also not in my size); And this dainty print was actually all various cat silhouettes!

Above Left: This unique oversized vest looked like a great piece for spring.  Unfortunately it wasn’t on sale and was out of my whopping $25 budget, but it was really cute, and a neat piece to dress up with a cute dress and heels, or down with flats and leggings.

Above Right: This sleeveless, studded top was nestled on the bottom rack along one of the walls.  Also out of my budget, but I piece I couldn’t pass up snapping a picture of.  I’d for sure rock this top with a floral skirt and knee-high boots this spring!

Above: I couldn’t resist trying on a whole bunch of stuff from the $10 racks (I actually made two trips into the fitting room).  I snagged the neat printed top you see on the right, at the top of my pile, as well as a super cute scribble-printed oversized tank.  Both were just $10 and are totally unlike anything in my closet!  There was a ton of other pieces I’d have loved to try on, but not in my size, unfortunately.

Would I go back?  You betcha!  In fact, I’m hoping one of these days my mom and some of her friends will come on out and browse the store with me, because there’s  definitely stuff they’ll just love there.  But I’m also hoping that some of my friends can make it out to the next Ladies Night Out.  There was a group of women there that went out to dinner after shopping, and it sounded like a great way to spend an evening–shopping, drinks, hors d’ourves, and dinner!  I’ve also decided that the next time I decide I need a new purse, I’m heading over to Kina’s first, because she has some of the cutest, most unique bags I’ve seen!

Check out Kina’s online at www.kinasboutique.com, or send Luda a friend request on Facebook.  

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