Fall Fashion: Tights

I can’t lie, I used to be rather anti-tights. When they first came back in style, I was all WTF about it.  I wore tights as a kid (into the early 90’s), and therefore, wearing tights again was, in my mind, a Very Bad Thing. But, as more stores have started to offer more variety–tons of colors, textures, and patterns–I put my issues with early 90’s bad fashion memories aside and have embraced the trend.  As I did, I learned that adding tights to an outfit can really change the look. Plus, tights can add a little extra barrier against chilly weather, which always seems to creep up kinda fast… and many of us aren’t ready to give up our skirts and shorts when it gets here!

Solid colored tights are easy to find for a pretty reasonable price. Generally, I recommend sticking to darker colors if you don’t want just black. Darker colors are generally more flattering, which means wearing a darker color might slim and lengthen your legs. Rawr! Plus, you can layer solid tights under lace tights for a totally different look. Oh, and don’t forget that just because something is a solid color doesn’t mean it can’t be textured!  Here are some great solid color tights for fall.

  1. Opaque Full Tights
  2. Xhilaration Juniors Full Tights
  3. Solid Nylon Tights
  4. Basic Opaque Tight
  5. Hanes Silk Reflections Control Top Ribbed Tights

Patterned tights are great to add texture and fun to an otherwise plain outfit. Be careful with patterns though. Sometimes wearing the wrong pattern can make your legs look bigger because of how things stretch. Also be sure to keep patterns age-appropriate. Here are some easy-to-wear patterned tights.

  1. Space Dyed Full Tights
  2. Leopard Contrast Tight
  3. Merona Womens Argyle Tight
  4. Floral Tights
  5. Striped Full Tights

Lace and open knit tights get a section all their own. Sure, lace is a pattern, kinda, but lacey, open knit tights are special. Tights that are open can be layered over solid tights, as I mentioned, to create a new look. Though be careful to not mix colors that don’t work well together–I’d stick with a black overlay only–otherwise, you risk looking clowny.  Lace can also be dressed up and add a little visual interest to a basic Little Black Dress.  Here are some lace and open-knit tights I adore.

  1. Floral-Pattern Crochet Tight
  2. Herringbone Knit Tights
  3. Abstract Tight
  4. Floral Lace Tights
  5. Mitered Stripe Tight