Make Stuff Monday: Glitter & Mod Podge Madness

Originally, I was going to do a true step-by-step for dying jeans, because I’ve got two great pairs to dye.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to dye jeans (or do much of anything else) because I’ve been helping my husband get his new shop space ready to move into… and goodness, has it been a lot of work!  Anyway, in light of my upcoming Facebook Giveaway, I figured I’d use this post fuel your crafty fire and give you some amazing ideas for using Mod Podge and FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paints, which is what Plaid Crafts is so generously sending my 200th Facebook Page fan.

Here are nine great ideas for this prize pack!  Don’t projects like this just make you want to glitter and Mod Podge everything?!

  1. Glittered wine glasses!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to glitter your fine crystal, these Ikea Red Wine Glasses are just $4.99 for 6 and would be perfect for this project!
  2. How cute is this photo collage monogram?  You could make a large one like this for a focal piece on a wall, or make miniature desktop versions with these 4″ wood letters from Hobby Lobby.  Wouldn’t they make adorable Mother’s Day & Father’s Day presents?
  3. Spice up ordinary flower pots with Mod Podge and some fabric.  You could do large ones for on a porch outside, or use small ones as table decorations for a party.
  4. Who doesn’t need a glitter zig zag clutch?  The above clutches are designer bags, but this Suede Clutch from Forever21 would be fab with some glittered zig zags!
  5. Revamp an old poster into a neat collage with this fun tutorial.
  6. There are lots of options for adding glitter to shoes, but when it doubles as hiding damage, it’s win-win!
  7. Ever wonder what to do with old photo negatives?  Mod Podge them to glass vases for unique candle holders!  These short, square vases from Hobby Lobby would be lovely for this project.
  8. If glitter isn’t your thing, but you really want to jazz up a pair of shoes, Mod Podge fabric to them!  These Mid Rise Combat Boots from would be perfect for this.
  9. Add a little sparkle to your home by adding glitter to light switch plates.

And don’t forget this great push-pin trick for glittering, Mod Podging, or painting items!  Not only does it prevent whatever it is you’re working on from sticking to your table cover, but it also gives you something to hold onto besides the sticky edges of your project.  Sweet!

So who’s ready to start crafting?  I know I am!  I think my next project (well, after dying jeans and some other stuff I have ready to go once I have time) is going to be trying out adding fabric to shoes, like in #8.  What’s your favorite project?

And don’t forget, my 200th fan gets a free Mod Podge starter kit and a selection of FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paints!  Like Suburban Style Challenge now!

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