Budget Fashion Fix: Bright Sandals

This edition of Budget Fashion Fix is going to be a little different.  Instead of picking one shoe and showing you a few similar options for a lower price, I’ve decided to focus on a trend, and show you some pricier shoes that suit the trend, and some cheaper options that fit the bill without breaking the bank.

Bright sandals are all the rage for spring.  I’m currently lusting over them and am on the hunt for the perfect pair(s) that will incorporate nicely into my wardrobe without draining my wallet.  In my search, I’ve come across some great options, but I’m looking to not spend too much on each pair.  Here are some of the pricier versions I’ve found while browsing.

  1. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Perfect 2’ Platform Sandal, $149.95 at Nordstrom
  2. Sam Edelman ‘Marina’, $130 at Zappos
  3. Jimmy Choo ‘Fiery’ Platform Sandal, $895 at Nordstrom
  4. Prada ‘Hexagon Arabesque’ Platform Sandal, $850 at Nordstrom
  5. Kelsi Dagger ‘Felicia’ Sandal, $89.95 at DSW
  6. Steve Madden ‘Audrinaa’, $90.99 (on sale from $120) at Zappos
  7. Luichiny ‘Sav Vee’ Wedge, $90 at Bakers
  8. The ‘Dagraca’ Wedge, $120 at Aldo
  9. The ‘Detamble’ Sandal, $90 at Aldo
  10. Steve Madden ‘Dynemite’, $98.99 (on sale from $109.95) at Zappos

These are all absolutely lovely, but with the cheapest pair ringing up at $89.95 before shipping, it’s really hard to stomach just one pair let alone two or three!  But have no fear, there are great low-priced options out there… and many of them even have similar colors and silhouettes.  So you don’t have to drain your bank account to get this trendy Spring 2012 look!

There are tons of great bright sandals for under $40.  That’s right, under $40!  Many of them have similar silhouettes as the pricier versions above too, which means you can achieve the designer look without worrying about what the designer price tag is going to do to your wallet.  Check out these budget-friendly bright sandals that are strikingly similar to the pricey versions above.

  1. Open Toe Platforms, $26.80 at Forever21
  2. Qupid ‘Drama-104’ Open Toe Platform Sandal, $26.90 at UrbanOg
  3. Qupid ‘Gaze-239’ Cutout Platform Sandal, $31.40 at UrbanOg
  4. ‘Astra-1’ Suede Strappy Platform Sandal, $30.80 at UrbanOg
  5. Colorblock Platform Heel, $34.10 at GoJane
  6. Strappy Suede Platform Heel, $27.20 at GoJane
  7. Suede Contrast Wedge, $26.20 at GoJane
  8. Colorblock Wedge, $31.70 at GoJane
  9. Chunky Heel Peep Toe Platform, $28.60 at GoJane
  10. Delicious ‘Boatie-S’ Perforated Open Toe Sandal, $25.90 at UrbanOg

Now sure, there are some marked differences, but with the cheapest pair of these totaling just $25.90, it might just be worth it.  Plus, it’s much easier to consider snagging a few different pairs of these for a fraction of the cost.  Heck, you could get all 10 pairs of these shoes for just $289.60 (plus shipping, of course), which is just $19.65 more than the three cheapest pairs of shoes listed above combined (those add up to $269.95, if you’re curious).

So what I am looking at getting?  Well, right now I’m stuck between wanting mint, orange or coral, blue, fuschia, or yellow.  I’m leaning more towards a couple of solid pairs, but am not completely against a solid pair and a colorblock pair.  I really like the shape of the Qupid Drama-104, but have also been drawn to the Suede Contrast Wedge from GoJane.  So maybe I’ll get both.  Maybe 3 pairs so I can get a pastel in there too?  Ah who knows… I’ll make up my mind soon!

What do you think?  Do you have brightly colored sandals ready for spring yet?  Or are you looking to buy a pair (or 4) still?  Or are you not jumping on the bandwagon with this trend at all?  Let me know in the comments!

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