Inspiration Monday: SJP

Today’s Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds and I actually remembered to play along!  The inspiration for today is Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a lovely blue dress and chunky aqua cardi with neutral pumps.  Here’s the pic…

And here’s what I decided to wear today, inspired by SJP’s look…

Oy… terrible pic!  That’s what I get for forgetting to do this on lunch and having to do it inside and at the office so I get get this posted today.  Note to self: Never again!

I opted to stick with neutrals instead of going with brights because I really wanted to wear this specific chunky cardigan.  It was my grandpa’s and is super comfortable.  Also, I liked her tone-on-tone thing, and didn’t have a cardi that worked in such a way with the dresses I have.  The dress is a jersey number that is certainly one of my favorite, super-versatile pieces (I’ve worn it for work, nights out, holidays, and even during the 21 Day Challengesuch a great dress).  It’s by Soprano and I got it years ago at Marshall’s.  I added cocoa tights because it’s a little chilly here today (though still rather warm for February) and decided to really work the tone on tone thing SJP has going on by wearing my Carlos Santana wedges (a great Goodwill find).  I added a chunky but delicate necklace that works with the browns on my lower half and simple CZ studs.  The necklace I actually made myself, and is three large tiger’s eye beads and olive seed beads.  I don’t wear it often, but it worked really nicely with this look.

Initially, the tights-and-shoes thing and was a really tough decision for me.  I don’t think I’ve worn dark tights with lighter shoes since reading it was a major fashion faux pas in Seventeen magazine when I was a teenager.  But, I decided I’d brave it and see how I felt about it throughout the day.  Overall, I’m liking it.  Hopefully, I will be more willing to brave this look as spring approaches, because I think it can really work.  Yay for being pleasantly surprised about something I’ve decided to be adventurous about!  Seems to be happening more and more, which is most definitely a good thing!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this outfit.  It’s not something I’d normally put together, and it’s awesome that I was able to work this look out with what I had.  I suppose that’s part of the point of Inspiration Monday, but yea.  I love when it works out!  Now if only the pic was as good as the outfit :grumbles about florescent lighting:

If you’d like to participate in Inspiration Monday, keep an eye on this page every Friday.  That’s where Megan and Nora post the inspiration shot.

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