Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday: A Blogger’s Tools

Katy at ModlyChic, founder of FBFF, has decided to base this month’s post on technology and blogging.  She says, “As I followed along all the NYFW posts and tweets it got me thinking… so much of what we bloggers do is all about the tools that we use. Technology certainly makes what we do easier, even if it is sometimes a major pain.”  So, here’s some Q&A about the technology I use to write here at Suburban Style Challenge.

What are the tools you use to blog?
Largely, I blog right at WordPress using a regular computer (sometimes a desktop, sometimes a lappy).  Once, while I was on vacation, I write and posted a full blog entry using the WordPress App on my iPhone (another FBFF post, actually).  But the vast majority of the time, I use a computer.  It’s just much easier for me.

That said, I’ve definitely started writing posts on my iPhone before.  Sometimes, an idea comes to me and it’s great to be able to open the App, create a new post, and just get what I’m thinking “on paper” right away.  It saves me a lot of “oh shoot, what was that idea?”, and it means that when I’m ready to work more on expanding the idea, I don’t have to have my phone or whatever scrap of paper I jotted the idea down on to remember.  It’s just right there, listed in my drafts on my Dashboard, ready to be finished.  Pretty nifty!

My husband got me a Nook Tablet for the holiays.  I haven’t had a chance to blog from it yet, but I have a feeling next week I’ll get the opportunity.  I have jury duty for potentially the whole week next week, and instead of lugging my laptop, I’ve decided the tablet is a better option.  I’ve used my Nook Tablet to browse other blogs and websites, pinning on Pinterest, and post on Facebook, in addition to reading, but I haven’t yet actually written a post from it.  I just downloaded the WordPress App for the Nook Tablet and will no doubt be playing with it soon.

In addition to blogging, I use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to spread the word about Suburban Style Challenge.  I have it set so that WordPress automatically publishes to Facebook and Twitter, which posts my blog entries there immediately.  I also have Facebook linked up to Twitter so that whatever I post on my page gets posted to Twitter.  That makes my life much easier; I can just post to Facebook and still engage Twitter followers.  Sometimes I post on Twitter direct, but not all that often.

In addition to posting blog entries on Facebook and Twitter, I pin all my outfits (and other pinnable posts) myself to my From the Suburban Style Challenge board, usually right after I publish my post.  It’s a little extra work, but the spike I saw in traffic after doing it has made the few seconds extra it takes worth it.

I also have my Suburban Style Challenge linked up over at Bloglivin’, which means folks can follow me there and get immediate post updates.  I don’t have very many followers there, but I follow a fair amount of blogs there and love the one-touch accessibility the App gives me to all my subscriptions.  It makes it really easy to catch up when I’ve got the time and may not be in front of a compy.

I recently joined Klout, but I’m still figuring out what it’s all about (yay rhymes!) and how I can use it to my advantage.

I also have a Polyvore account, which I admittedly have been slacking on.  It’s fun for planning outfits, but I haven’t had much time to screw around over there lately, and it’s pretty much impossible, unfortunately, to make outfits on my phone. I haven’t yet played with it on my Nook Tablet though.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I use my iPhone for a lot.  Mostly, I use the above-mentioned Apps, as well as the Pinterest App to browse the web, read blogs, get inspiration, share ideas, and otherwise generally stay in the loop.  I think it’s actually my most commonly used tool, since it’s always with me and pretty easy to use.

What technology item is on your wish-list?
I’d love a new laptop.  Something small, sleek, and easy to travel with.  Now that hubs and I have the space for an office (and thus a desktop computer), I don’t really need such a powerful laptop as I have (er, well, it was powerful when I got it 5 years ago… now it’s just kinda average).  I’d be more than happy to get something that’s more travel-friendly so that bringing it places isn’t such a chore.  Because really, when it boils down to it, I definitely prefer to type on an actual keyboard instead of on a tablet screen.

Through the barrage of posts, tweets, pics, poses, messages, etc. how do you avoid becoming a slave to the constant infiltration of information?
Oy.   It’s hard.  But largely, it’s just a matter of saying, “ok, time to turn off and [do something else]”.  I find that periodically stepping away from the computer (and putting the phone down) and just taking some time for myself and my family is best.  99% of the time, my phone is on silent, and I’ve made a conscious decision to not spend every waking moment checking my phone, answering texts, being on Facebook… whatever.  After all, just because I have access to everything at my fingertips, doesn’t mean I need to spend every second of my life using it.

Besides, there’s always time to catch up on things like Tweets, Facebook posts, and blog entries.  There are other things that can’t afford to be missed in “real life”.

Check out what others have to say about technology and the tools they use to blog here.

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    Great post. I could not participate due to my back injury I had on Thursday:-(
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    I hope your back feels better!!

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