Fall Fashion: Boots

Fall is, by far, my favorite season when it comes to fashion.  Every year I find myself getting really excited to revamp my wardrobe (even if that means just pulling out some old favorites from the back of the closet).  What do I look forward to when it comes to fall fashion?  I started writing one blog on all of it, but that got really long, really fast, so I’m breaking it down. I’m going to start with boots, because I’m super-excited to be able to wear the ones I have!

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for boots.  I started wearing knee-high boots in high school, and they very quickly became a wardrobe staple.  Since then, my boot collection has grown, and includes a couple pairs of OTK boots, lots of ankle booties, and a few pairs of knee-high boots.  Boots are perfect for fall–especially heeled ones that aren’t really all that practical for winter (or winters around here).  Here are my picks for fall this year.  I did my best to limit the choices to online retailers and keep stuff under $50 when possible, but I can’t guarantee everything will be in stock if you’re interested in buying anything (of course).

I figured I’d start with my favorite height: knee-high boots.  Great for tucking skinny jeans into and wearing with skirts, the right pair can also be worn under flared jeans too.  With the rise in popularity of the knee-high boot, tons of different styles are available, and it’s virtually impossible to find something that doesn’t suit your style and your budget.  What’s more?  Knee-high boots can be worn through winter (though sometimes, they might have to be sacrificed for snowboots around here) and into spring too, which means they’re super versatile!  Here are 7 pairs I’m totally digging for right now.

  1. Qupid Timber13 Wedge Knee High Boot
  2. Amar18 Slouchy Knee High Boot
  3. Dollhouse Darka Fur Strappy Knee High Wedge Boot
  4. Anne Michelle Revenge17 Buckle Almond Toe Knee High Boot
  5. Qupid Natasha05 Buckle Knee High Wedge Boot
  6. Bamboo Tamara36 Buckle Knee High Wedge Boot
  7. Bamboo Ceasar47 Almond Toe Knee High Wedge Boot

The mid-calf boot is flattering on almost everyone.  It looks great with skinny jeans and skirts alike, and can help lengthen your legs because of where they hit.  They’re also quite often an easier fit if you have bigger calves.  Many mid-calf styles are pull-on too, which makes it easy to slip on with everything from workwear to casual wear.  They’re also great to wear in spring and even into early summer because they don’t cover as much leg.  I’ve found 7 pairs of unique mid-calf boots sure to add a little pop to your fall wardrobe.

  1. Qupid Paxton13 Pom-Pom Fur Mid Calf Boot
  2. Chuck3 Folded Mid-Calf Boot
  3. Amar17 Buckle Mid-Calf Boot
  4. Neo76 Suede Ruffle Side Mid-Calf Boots
  5. Lela Rose for Payless Women’s Quincy Lazer Cut Boot
  6. Longerlashes Leather Wedge Ankle Boots
  7. Bumper Freda03 Cuff Lace-Up Boot

Ankle booties have skyrocketed into popularity.  They are great for wearing with skirts, shorts and pants of all kind.  Because they’re not long, you’re not stuck trying to tuck in skinny jeans or worrying about whether or not the flare in your boot cuts is big enough.  They can add a little extra detail to an outfit and are often a great statement piece.  Here are 7 pairs of fun ankle booties for fall.

  1. Qupid Pamper14 Shearling Lace-Up Ankle Bootie
  2. Victoria3 Round Toe Ankle Bootie
  3. Qupid Natasha02 Faux Fur Wedge Ankle Bootie
  4. Fahrenheit Anette01 Round Toe Wedge Bootie
  5. Soda Skool H Military Combat Ankle Bootie
  6. Leopard Print Heels
  7. Wedge Booties

It used to be that over the knee boots branded the wearer as a… let’s say “lady of the night”.  It didn’t help that many of the OTK boots available looked more like stripper shoes than wearable, fashion boots.  But have no fear!  Neither of these things is the case anymore, and you’ll find that there are tons of great, fashionable, and even modest OTK boots available.  You can find heeled varieties, flat boots, leather-look, suede-like… the list goes on and on.  Here are 7 pairs of OTK boots that have caught my eye this season.

  1. Ceasar02 Buckle Over The Knee Wedge Boots (Black)
  2. Bamboo Zoria48 Cuff Pointy Toe Thigh High Boot
  3. Firenze3 Buckle Riding Thigh High Boot
  4. Vickie16H Buckle Slouchy Thigh High Boot
  5. Vevay1 Button Slouchy Thigh High Boot
  6. Qupid Nelson83 Strappy Thigh High Boot
  7. Alaina02 Studded Knee High Wedge Boot
So there you have it.  Some of my favorite boots for fall 2011.  Remember, one can never have too many pairs of boots! 😉

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